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December 16, 2017

December 8, 2017

December 1, 2017

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My Citizenship Status

December 16, 2017

Citizenship App

Citizenship App

Citizenship App

I blame 45.

Rise, '66 Chevy, Favorite Things

December 16, 2017

Last night, I was driving home from a Christmas Party, radio on. The unmistakable sound of Herb Alpert's trumpet comes on. Before I realize what song is playing, I remember the Herb Alpert song, Rise (click to listen), that was released in July of 1979, 2 months after my brother, Nene, died.

He never got to hear it and I always thought he'd like it. I used to go and sit at the cemetery and play it for him. Lost in that memory, all of a sudden, a '66 Chevy pops onto Clayton Road from Mt. Zion. Gasp! Hello, Nene! I tried to get a picture of it but it turned off on Marsh Creek.

1966 Chevy

Bringing my thoughts back to the here and now, I realize the song is one of my mother's favorites. My Favorite Things (click to listen). I felt all warm and loved and hugged. They are always here with me.

Herb Alpert

Motorcycles and Pennies from Heaven

December 8, 2017

The cemetery was calling me so I went Wednesday, December 6, after class. As you know, Baby died when he crashed his motorcycle on December 5, 1986. The cemetery was exceptionally beautiful. Figs on the tree, warm sunshine under the Weeping Willow.

Pennies from Heaven

So I'm just sitting there and a funeral procession rolls by. The hearse then like a billion motorcycles. Really?

Pennies from Heaven

Hi, Baby!

Pennies from Heaven

Then, my Zumba friend, Eddie, rolls up. Small world. He's seen me there before as he visits his son here, too. I always stop and pay my respects to his baby, Marcel.

Pennies from Heaven

Since I'm here, I decide to surprise Motsy at his Tattoo job. He painted the murals outside of Philthy Clean Tattoo Parlor on University and 10th in Berkeley.

Pennies from Heaven

He did a couple that are inside, too. It was his day off but at least I got to see his work in person!

Pennies from Heaven

Going back to my car, I see this little guy waiting patiently for his human. I wish my cats were this calm in the car.

Pennies from Heaven

Back to the burbs. I HATE the Caldecott. I just know one day it's going to cave in.

Pennies from Heaven

So I'm on 24 and I see some guys stopped on the side of the road. I think, "That looks like Nic." Then as I'm passing, I say, "That IS Nic." So I do a Speed Racer three lane change to the shoulder and then back up to where the boys are. Someone on the freeway motioned to Kyle that his tire was low so they pulled over to investigate. His hoopty doesn't have a spare so he's trying to call AAA. Before they can dispatch someone, a 'Freeway Patrol' stops and offers to help. Did you know there was such a thing? Is this only for the Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga areas? Never seen them before. Anyway, the nice young man said he could put air in the tire so they could at least get off of the freeway and figure out what to do. Nice!

Pennies from Heaven

Today, my sweet friend, Mary, gave me this little case she hand made for me. My initials, feathers a dragon fly and it's for......

Pennies from Heaven

my pennies. THANK YOU, SWEET MARY!

Pennies from Heaven


Reindeer Run 2017

December 8, 2017

Every Christmas, a group of friends gets together to do a little wine tasting, catching up, eating and just having fun. Sometimes we go to someone's home, sometimes to a winery and the last couple of years, we just set up shop at a park in the Wine Country. People walking by us at the Sonoma Square actually stopped to take pictures of us and our setup.

We started the day by meeting for breakfast the at the Sunflower Cafe on the Square. Yummy Benedict's! And the livers get to work. Screwdrivers, Bloody Marys, Bellinis....

Reindeer Run 2017

Then across the street to set up for a day of drinking, eating, shopping, stopping at the Whiskey Bar, playing Corn Hole. The ones who hadn't started drinking yet took the cars to the hotel and walked back. Wise choice.

Reindeer Run 2017

Here we all are. Saralin, Igg, my Little Honey Bunch, Stacey, Mitzi, Bob, John, Carolyn, Steve, Tom, Beth, Joe, Pat and the fatso, with Kirsten seated. The camera really does put on 50 pounds, doesn't it? OK, fine. My fat self is in denial.

Reindeer Run 2017

OK, maybe I'm not that fat in real life.

Reindeer Run 2017

Good bottle of wine for a Reindeer Run.

Reindeer Run 2017

Marcie brought along the picture of the first Reindeer Run some 20+ years ago. With just the Hylands, Wanketts, Fitzsimmons and Russells.

Reindeer Run 2017

Me and my Little Honey Bunch.

Reindeer Run 2017

Here's a shot of just the girls. (top) Mitzi, Beth, Carolyn, Marcie, (bottom) Beth, Saralin, Kirsten and me.

Reindeer Run 2017

After this, we packed up the rest of our stuff into the last cars. They took those back to the Hotel and Ubered back. We then walked to the Sonoma Grill and had a fabulous dinner with everyone except Igg and Saralin, who had to get back to their compound. Finished up and walked back to our hotel, stopping at Safeway and picking up Oreos and other candies and more wine. I think that was Steve's idea. Back at the hotel, the plan was to go in the hot tub. Luckily, me and my Little Honey Bunch fell asleep. The others were apparently in the hot tub until all hours of the morning with the threat of being kicked several times because of the noise level. LOL. Marcie took a video. I'll have to get that from her and post it. We tried to figure out how many bottles of wine we consumed. Maybe, I don't know, 30, 40? All I can say is I'm glad we walked. NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!

Noticed in the morning that the Hotel (El Pueblo Inn) had shiplap ceilings. Cool.

Reindeer Run 2017

Off to the Creekside Cafe for breakfast in the morning. Yummy Huevos Rancheros! Then my Little Honey Bunch and Joe took off to Sacto to look at Jeep and Marcie and I headed to Larson to pick up my long lost wine shipment and then home. Another lovely Reindeer Run in the books!

Reindeer Run 2017

December? How'd that happen?

December 1, 2017

So, first, I just want to wish my brother, Nene, a Happy 56th Birthday in Heaven. This came up in my FB memories today. A picture of him with his girlfriend, Kathy. I just noticed the Virgin Mary is holding his head in her hands.

Nene and Kathy

What could have been....

Anyway, yesterday, I went to Montanas Market for pinto beans, tortillas and tamales. My almost 60 year old self rolls up in my ragtop Mercedes and as always, I bring my backpack with me. Security Dude proceeds to tell me to leave my backpack at the cashier. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? I told him, "No. My computer and my life is in here. That's why I don't leave it in the car. I'll shop else where. Thank you very much." Really? REALLY? Anyway, Nic said he was right to do that. It's their policy. So I went to the Montanas by Costco. No one stopped me.

But REALLY? Does this look like a shoplifter?


When I was driving home, the hills and the moon looked SO pretty. I had to grab my big girl camera and take some pictures. This is Black Diamond path as seen from my back deck.

Black Diamond

The moon was sparkly and beautiful. Not quite full.


And the pigeons were flying around. I'm pretty sure they belong to somebody. Probably homers. I've never seen them roll.


And, big news, I printed and signed my Application for Naturalization (to become a citizen). I took some practice tests and got 100%. Now I just have to pray I did the right thing by telling the truth, the whole truth and not get deported because of 'The Incidents'. Probably not deportable offenses, but who know with Deplorable in charge. Pray for me. (No, I did not turn over a religious leaf. I'm still a Recovering Catholic.)


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