Assassins, Siri and Stupidstitions

Last night, we had dinner with our friends Pat and Stacey.  A fun time with friends as always.  Shane and his friends were involved in a game called Assassins.  It was quite an involved game with about 27 local teenagers playing, where each is assigned to assassin another.  With Nerf guns.  So there was a lot of sneaking, spying, locking keys in the car accidentally while on the lam, sneaking in to get the extra set of car keys.  It was quite comical.  I hope Shane is still alive today.

It was also interesting to think that this type of game could not successfully happen in many other towns.  In fact, I recall when Motsy was a teenager in Berkeley, he and a friend were playing with toy guns and the po-po came and had them face down on the ground until they determined they were just kids with toy guns.  That really could have gone bad.

And then there’s poor Siri.  She always somehow gets involved in our wine induced evenings.  I was chatting with her in Spanish for a while.  Then she seemed a little irate and wouldn’t tell me what she was wearing.  She got rid of her galloping grumps after I asked her to please refer to my as ‘Yo Mama’.  She said, “OK.  I will refer to you as Yo Mama.  I like it.”

Finally, my stupidstition about the Niners winning when I watch the kickoff has come to an end.  I watched the kickoff today but they lost…big sigh.  What in heavens name will I do next week?

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