Vacation Adventures

Once upon a time, my Little Honey Bunch went on vacation to Tahiti only to be stuck in a monsoon (typhoon – whatever – something bad).  He spent 5 days of the week holed up so as not to be swept away.

On our very first trip to Eagle Lake, we were in Old Blue (’77 Chevy Pickup with a three on the tree).  The alternator went out five miles before reaching the turn off to Eagle Lake.  We were towed into Susanville but it was after hours and all the repair shops were closed AND, there wasn’t a room to be found anywhere in town.  There was some sort of soccer tournament.  We slept in the cab of the truck on a side road.

On a business trip to Denver, I decided to join him.  We were lounging at the pool when a big, black cloud starts approaching us at full speed!  We jumped into the pool just in time to avoid a swarm of bees.

On our very first trip in Motory, we went to Death Valley and were pummeled by a sandstorm.

On a later trip to Eagle Lake, we took Aunt Phyllis’ canoe on top of Blazy.  Open side up.  As we were setting up camp, a thunderstorm ensued.  Watching as the canoe was filling up with water, we wondered what our best course of action was.  Wait until it filled up with rain and crushed in the top of Blazy or take it off and be in danger a lightning bolt hitting the shiny aluminum.

On another trip to Eagle Lake, someone shot out Big’s passenger window while parked at the Marina.  Trip to Susanville to get that repaired.

On another trip to Eagle Lake, Big got a flat tire.  Trip to Susanville to fix the tire.

On a trip to Borrego Springs, Sharkey’s tires shredded on the freeway.  Luckily, there are four tires across the back and luckily, there was a repair shop right off the freeway and we got it fixed within a couple of hours.

Today, on our very first trip to Europe, a plane crash lands on the runway and all flights are on hold (see story on KTVU about the 777 crashed and on fire).

Our vacation adventures continue to not disappoint.

On the bright side, it doesn’t appear anyone was injured.  On another plus side, we are in First Class so we are waiting patiently, in a quite civilized environment with free booze and food (well, free because you paid $10,000 for each ticket).  It’s actually very cushy but kind of boring.  Not very good people watching in the First Class lounge.  I’m just waiting for Jagger or somebody to show up.

So you may be wondering why we ever leave the house?  Character building, my friends, character building.

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