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I need your input.

Is it appropriate to let your 16 year old daughter (who you trust) stay at her 19 year old boyfriend’s (who you trust) house, “with his parents there as chaperones”, even though you have never met them and they deleted you from Facebook, because of an idiotic thing you said to said boyfriend in a fit of rage? He won’t come here anymore and it’s too late for her to come home from SF as a new driver.

My viewpoint apparently doesn’t fucking matter or is old fashioned or something as I don’t know shit because I was pregnant at 16. I will abide by the wiser majority. (Looks like I don’t need Facebook to say inappropriate shit.)

What say you? Please email me your thoughts as I never got comments working here or on my WP Blog.

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  1. Administrator says:

    Some of the comments I received:

    …don’t think it’s wrong to believe it inappropriate.

    …I would have felt the same way with my girls.

    …my parents trusted me, too (coming from a friend who had a baby at 16).

    Guess I’m not crazy after all.

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