That Kind Of Day

When it rains, it pours.  And even when it doesn’t, it does.

Yesterday, I heard the unfortunate news that a childhood friend had succumbed to Esophageal Cancer.  We visited him in February in Southern California.  His funeral is this Saturday and several of us, his classmates from our Elementary School, are carpooling to the funeral on Saturday.  Rest in Peace Michael (Peety) Peterson.  He would have been 56 today.

In addition to his passing, another of our classmate’s brothers, had been taken off of life support the same day as Peety died. He had had some health issues, and the last stroke he had, caused him to become brain dead.  Rest in Peace Paul Gray.  Our hearts go out to our classmate, Larry, and the rest of their family.

So I get up this morning to begin to make arrangements to drive down but I have no internet connection.  I start troubleshooting and resetting equipment and text my Little Honey Bunch, who is in Atlanta on business all week.  He reminds me that he moved the server to the garage so I head out to the garage to start resetting equipment.


The tank less water heater is spewing gallons of water EVERYWHERE, the garage looks flooded!


I called 411 but I couldn’t think of the water company’s name.  I was going to ask them how to turn off the water to the house.  People, if you don’t know how to do this, LEARN NOW!  So I called my Little Honey Bunch instead.  He didn’t answer but called me back within the minute.  These days, if an actual phone call is made, you know it’s serious.

Anyhow, he talked me and Bug over to the side of the house to turn off the main switch to the house.  Finally, the spewing stops.  I salvage anything that looks soaked.  The outside fridge, the UPS and the computer equipment is all off.  I figure the water spewed all over the electrical outlets and shorted them out and wonder if I’m going to get electrocuted standing in a pool of water with no shoes on.  My Little Honey Bunch said he hoped I didn’t.

So now, in addition to a plumber, it looks like I need an electrician.  My friends come through with names and numbers.  THANK YOU!  The electrician is just at the Pavilion on his way to Pleasanton, so he can stop in real quick.  I show him the breaker boxes but his assistant, walks over to the outlet and resets it and voila, the fridge is back on.  Have I ever mentioned that I once called service for my computer when the keyboard didn’t work and when the technician came out, he informed me that I had the keyboard plugged into the mouse port (Yes, this was in the early 80’s)?  It felt kind of like that.

Then, he made me feel confident that I wasn’t going to electrocute myself so I start trying to figure out why the computer equipment is off.

Well dagnamit, it’s plugged into the UPS that the water heater is also plugged into so that they stay on in case we lose power to the house.  Guess we didn’t figure the UPS would die because the water heater spewed water all over it.  Note to anyone:  Do not place your backup power system where it might get drowned by your busted water heater.

Anyway, he turned off the valve on the water heater, turned the water back on to the house and unplugged the server from the dead UPS to a live socket.  We can at least wash our hands and use the pot and get back on the internet.  And take a cold shower.  My friend says that’s good for you.

He won’t take any money from me…I’ll have to buy him a gift card to somewhere.

I’m currently waiting for the plumber, who may or may not be able to fix the water heater today.  My Little Honey Bunch is the best ever.  He assures me that it’s OK to leave to Peety’s funeral and he’ll take care of things when he gets home.  If we really want a hot shower, I can always crank up the trailer.

So, I’m not frazzled anymore because after all, these are simply first world and live people’s problems.


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