Lush Date, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013 by Administrator

I can’t believe it’s been about 2 1/2 years since I last tried to quit drinking alcohol during the week (post here)!  Today, I just didn’t drink.  No gin and tonics, no wine with dinner.  I expect to be down 5 pounds tomorrow morning.  OK, maybe by the end of the week.  If this streak continues.  Oh, you don’t consider one day a streak?  Well for me, it most certainly is.  I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t have a drink.  Probably when I had my gall bladder out 12 years ago and I was on some medication that if I drank, I would die.  I still think they were just pulling my leg.  Or maybe it was the medication I was taking when I had surgery for gingivitis.  I don’t know…you know how I am with medical terms.  In any case, it’s been a LONG while.

I’ll check back in when the streak has ended or if my body has gone into shock from lack of alcohol — whichever comes first.

I Made the Kids Breakfast

May 2, 2013 by Administrator

I made the kids’ breakfast on a school day.

That wouldn’t be so unusual except that I stopped making them breakfast and packing them lunches or doing their laundry when they were in Kindergarten.  This will either result in them lying on the couch in their psychiatrist’s office starting the session something like this, “I first started hating my mother when she quit making my lunch…..” or; they’ll be the only kids leaving the nest who will know how to do these things.

Actually, don’t tell anyone but I have been making Nic’s breakfast all this school year.  He starts later and I have the time and I am his mother after all so don’t judge me.  I have NOT been making Nat a breakfast however, since she has a Zero Period and starts school at the butt crack of dawn (which we discovered this week during STAR Testing, that it is a good thing we’re not driving in and out with the hoards).  She does get herself something nutritious like oatmeal, though.

Today, I made Nat breakfast because she is home sick.  I was headed down to get myself something and remembered there was a sick child here.  So I made her some egg whites and a coffee and served them in bed to her.  Maybe this will be what sticks in her mind and that conversation with the psychiatrist won’t happen.

I felt kind of bad about Nic’s breakfast.  Yesterday, I sliced a toasted cheesy bagel and loaded each half with a fried egg and cheese and by the way, it’s always a portable breakfast that he takes ‘to go’.  It was too much for one sitting so we saved half of it.  Today was his STAR Testing day and I wanted to make sure he had a good breakfast.  He said he would just have the other half from yesterday.  So I nuked it.  Bad idea.  Have you ever had previously toasted then nuked bagel?  Chewy impossible.  So he only had the egg and the latte.  And I felt bad.  Because it was STAR Testing day.  His last STAR Testing ever.  And he only had one puny egg.

Big sigh…SORRY, NIC!

You know you’re from Clayton when…

April 16, 2013 by Administrator

(A friend wrote this for another friend’s going away party. So cute and so true!)

the Blue Store is tan

you know who Skip and Ed are

the Oktoberfest is in September

you think your house suffers more than anyone’s during a wind storm

the newspaper is always current and it comes for free, every two weeks….in the mail

you can always find a parking spot

you know the town mayor, baseball coach and lawyer, because it is the same person

you only know people whose phone number starts with 673 or 672

the “do the right thing” campaign worked for the kids, but not for a couple of the town elders

you think the beautiful town in the Hidden Valley commercials looks a lot like Clayton

you drive by a police car and it’s empty

you like an “ugly” bumper sticker

the local restaurant takes reservations only for Super Bowl Sunday and St. Patrick’s Day

you won’t let your kids walk alone because we are only the 3rd safest city in California

you miss Long’s, Yardbirds, slot car racing, the Clayton card shop and the scrapbook store

you try downplay Clayton but know we have the best view of the mountain and most spectacular sunsets; who cares if it takes 20 minutes to get a Target — and that’s in good traffic

it’s common to see a zebra

you and all your friends have the same photo of your kids in front of the growth chart at the pumpkin patch

the annual Art and Wine Fair has none of one and a lot of the other

you reminisce about that day it snowed

the best place outside of New York to see Cats the musical is in your friend’s backyard

all the local gossip is true, even the stuff you think shouldn’t be

the fountain only works on special holidays

you KNOW where the hell Skipolini’s Pizza is

you finish saying hi to everyone you know and that quick trip to Safeway has just cost you an hour

some of the best concerts can be heard from your backyard

the local country club restaurant would rather have no customers than non-members

the 4th of July parade has more people in it than watching it

your friends throw you a going away party because you are moving to Walnut Creek

Drivers and What Not

March 14, 2013 by Administrator

Last night’s dinner conversation on Nat’s 15 1/2 birthday was comical. First, the reason I know  she’s 15 1/2 is because that’s all she’s been talking about since she started the getting your driver’s license process.  We got an appointment one day after she was 15 1/2 because it was the first available appointment. Otherwise, we would have been here yesterday.

Anyway, she’s super excited. We were discussing when she would actually drive. She and my Little Honey Bunch were trying to coordinate their schedules. She wanted to drive Friday afternoon.  He said he wasn’t available.

me:  I’m available.

them: giving each other knowing looks and silence.

me:  Wait a minute here!  Do you mean to tell me you want Deez to teach you to drive instead of me?  The person who wanted to be a race car driver when she grew up?

nat:  Yes. Deez is a little calmer than you.

me:  I’m the one who has already taught two children to drive!  How many children have YOU taught to drive?

deez: And how many of those children have totaled three cars?

Damn, he’s quick!  Touché, Little Honey Bunch, touché. 

So now I feel compelled to explain this. Motsy did in fact total three of our cars, but it wasn’t his fault.   This is kind of like my ‘Incidents‘ explanations. He needs to be able to plead his case because totaling three cars sounds kind of bad. 

First, there was my ’85 Golf. He was driving home in the rain, in a raging downpour, hit a huge, invisible puddle at the Berkeley curve, which sent him into a hydroplane.   This was before cell phones so he had to hop a fence a find a pay phone in Emeryville to call us to get him.   The car was beyond repair. I did run into our childhood neighbor, Tony Seuss, and he said he’d take it off our hands. We gave it to him and he actually fixed it and got a few year’s use out of it.  The rain’s fault.

Then there was the ’95 Blazer.  He was minding his own business driving across an intersection in Berkeley when he got t-boned by a car being chased by the Berkeley Police.   Totaled beyond repair. Took the insurance on that. The funny thing about this is that somehow in the commotion, the suspects, a male and female ended up on a roll of film Mot had developed with pictures of the totaled Blazer.   They left a disposable camera behind and Mot picked it up. The suspects were all cheesing and taking pictures of themselves in the stolen car they were in.  Anyway, not his fault.

Last (that I know of), there was Old Blue, my Little Honey Bunch’s dad’s old ’77 Chevy pickup with a three on the tree. Motsy was innocently driving it when the transmission decided to go out. My nephew ended up taking Old Blue, fixing him up and getting a few more years out of him.  So, again, not his fault.

I’ve always refer to him as the accident magnet. I was kind of relieved when he lived in Brooklyn and took the subway everywhere. He can’t really total a subway train. At least not by driving it.  He asked to drive Silky once and I told him, no, because I didn’t want it to be ‘not his fault’ on my beloved Silky.  After realizing we really didn’t like New Guy, my Little Honey Bunch suggested we let Motsy borrow him.  Reputation precedes him, I guess.


March 6, 2013 by Administrator

I am a Mexican, in case you didn’t know. A real Mexican, though. Like, with a green card. Like, not an American citizen. Like, I can’t vote or go to jury duty.

However, I have been in this country for 53 years. Why I haven’t I gotten my citizenship?  Probably so that I keep myself amused going to renew my green card and my Mexican passport.

Today, I am at the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco, getting a Mexican passport. I hope.

After my Little Honey Bunch decided to take the family to Europe this summer, I realized I had to get my traveling  papers in order.

I procrastinated (Yeah, me.  Can you believe it?) and didn’t get around to looking into citizenship until like, yesterday.  So apparently it takes an average of six months to go through the process and probably not guaranteed, especially after they see the ‘incidents’ on my application.

So, Plan B. Get a Mexican passport. I looked them up on the interwebs, (and can you believe it was all in Spanish?) called, managed to make an appointment (all their English speaking people had gone home) and managed to get here on BART without incident.  Unlike my adventure a few years ago when I renewed my Green Card (click here for story).

I get to the place and of course there’s a line out the door. “Is this the line for the 1:00 o’clock appointments?” “Si.”  Damn it.   It’s 12:30, I go to the back of the line and wait. A funny Mexican homeless guy is working the line for money.   People ask me questions. My shit stirring self says sweetly, “I’m sorry.  I don’t speak Spanish.”

The line starts moving, one guy checking everyone’s papers, sending people away to Kinko’s down the street, who don’t have copies of their originals. Don’t these people read the requirements before they come?  And further, why does everyone bring their entire family when it is clearly stated to come alone?  SMDH!

I get to the front of the line and pull out my documents and I almost get sent to Kinko’s because my birth certificate was on two pieces of paper. He kindly fixed it for me though.  I guess he felt sorry for the poor excuse of a Mexican who couldn’t speak Spanish.

He gives me a number and I sit and  wait to be called.  My number is D270. The counter says they’re on D212. I’m going to be here a while. And I’m hungry.

Anyway, this office is much different than the green card place.  Everything is in Spanish.   After watching rug rats for a while, I decide to entertain myself by blogging my day.

I can’t do the math but I’ve been waiting inside (with number) since 1:45. It’s now 2:40 and they are serving number D260. I think I’m getting close!

I think I’ll finish this for now and Pinterest until my number is called. If anything exciting happens after this, I’ll post again.

Ta, ta!


Guns, Politics and Drugs

January 16, 2013 by Administrator

You know how much I try to be a Politics Free Zone, but I just can’t keep my two cents to myself any longer.  I want to strangle all the morons posting over on, as usual (On any subject…really where do they get these people?).

Anyway, my somewhat political rant is this:  NEWS FLASH, PEOPLE!  CRIMINALS TO NOT OBEY GUN LAWS!

This is not to say I am pro NRA.  Much the opposite.  Pretty much against guns in the home since my son’s 15 year old friend was accidentally shot by another friend while showing off his dad’s gun.  If you are an intruder in my house, Honey, you’re going to get an iron skillet upside your head.  Much like La Chancla.

This comment on Claycord (one of the ones I actually didn’t want to strangle) kind of sums it up:

I’m a white male gun owner… the NRA doesn’t represent the vast majority of us in any way, shape, or form. They were once a good organization that focused on gun safety but they’ve transformed into a severely fascist political organization with strong racist undertones… they’re basically an arm of Stormfront or the Aryan Nation at this point.

So back to my initial point, the criminals are not going to obey the laws.  Stricter laws, taking away ‘the right to bear arms’ is not the answer.  Although I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone needs an assault weapon.  Won’t a simple handgun keep you ‘safe’?  Tighter control is necessary, background checks and all that.  But have you taken a look at who’s is doing the mass shootings lately?  It is not criminals.  It’s folks who are mentally unstable, who have been bullied, who do not have criminal records and therefore can easily get guns.

We’re barking up the wrong tree here, People.

I don’t know what Obama is proposing that has the NRA’s panties in a bunch but I sure hope is has less to do with ‘taking’ away guns and more to do with figuring out how to protect us from the ‘non-criminals’ doing all these mass shootings.

There you have the guns and politics piece of my rant.

My other rant is on Lance.  Who the hell cares about him (or Barry, etc.) doping?  I say they were all on the same playing field anyway since probably, they were ALL doping, right?

OK, that’s my rant for the day.  Off to make an Enchi-sagna for my Little Honey Bunch.

The Mall

January 16, 2013 by Administrator

So yesterday, I decided I had to go to the mall to get some outfits for our Hawaii trip.  None of the cars were available so I hopped on my Yamaha 275 motorbike.  As I was approaching the mall, I realized I didn’t have my helmet on.  I didn’t want to get a ticket so I pulled over, parked the bike and walked the rest of the way to the mall.  The road was deserted, especially since the rock quarry was closed, but I could see the bright lights of the mall beckoning ahead.

I entered the mall through a lower deck and climbed the stairwell up to the main level.  The stairwell ended but there were no doors to the mall.  It was a dead end.  I thought, “This is weird.”  I reached for my cell phone but then realized it wasn’t there.  Oh crap, I better go home and get it.  Dusk was falling as I started to walk back to where I left my motorcycle.  I was getting a little scared so I picked up the pace.

I must have parked the bike further than I thought.  I couldn’t see it.  Panic started setting in as it got darker and the deserted quarry with it’s ominous looming boulders stared at me in menacing silence.  I broke into a run and then I saw the bike, it’s bright white, pink and purple colors gleaming against the darkness of the quarry.  Running up to it relieved, I was about to get on when I realized it wasn’t my bike.  This one had pretty ribbons on it.  Mine does not.

I tried not to panic and decided that my best bet was to go back to the mall, find a pay phone and call home.  It was pretty dark by now.  I headed back towards the mall.  Again, I could see the blaring stadium like lights of the mall but they seemed miles away.  I better hurry.  I broke into a full on run again, frightened and frequently looking behind me.

The quarry was completely dark and scary and I could swear eyes were watching me.  I ran as fast as I could at one point stumbling but using my hands to help me up.  Hands bleeding in full panic mode, I was sure I was about to be attacked by someone or something when all of a sudden, Pitbull’s ‘Shake Senora’ is blasting.

Sweaty and frightened I look around, calming down as I hit the off button on my alarm.

So what’s up with that, Dream Analyzers?

P.S.  We have no plans to go to Hawaii.

P.S.S.  I never go to the mall willingly.

The Masses

January 2, 2013 by Administrator

No, I did not become a born again Christian and go to church.  I’m referring to the masses of people who make a resolution to exercise and show up to the first exercise class of the year.

Unless it’s to my class.  The masses totaled 7.  My faithful 4, 2 college girls who have been coming regularly while home on break (muah!) and one new lady who said, “I loved your class!  Why aren’t there more people here?”  Honey, I wish I knew.

Seriously, I want to know.  Like I requested in my Gloomba Post, let me know!

I’m not that disappointed.  I went in not expecting the masses.  But in the back of my mind, I thought, “Wow, wouldn’t it be great if more people came?  It would also be a wildly wonderful surprise if any of my fellow Zumba instructors showed up for a drive-by.”  But alas, it was not to be.

I want you to know, too, that I have asked the owner of CVDA to start looking for a replacement for me.  At least for some of the classes.  I can’t stop teaching completely, I love it too much!  I do think a variety might bring more people in, though.

Anyway, I’m moving forward, posting flyers in local businesses, working on new routines and staying positive!

Zumba love!


Christmas Letter

December 10, 2012 by Administrator

Yes, it’s time for the dreaded Christmas Letter.  I decided to let my cat write it this year.  Stay tuned.

Elaine Benis

December 7, 2012 by Administrator

You know that episode of Seinfeld were Elaine thinks, “Is it possible that I’m not as attractive as I think I am?”  That’s me right now but it has nothing to do with looks.