Rosy and I went to see Theresa Caputo yesterday in San Jose.  Thanks again, Rosy, for going with me.

The show was great.  Although she calls it an Experience because she wants the audience to get from it what they will.

There, of course, will be skeptics and you can say…well, that was a vague statement or whatever.  So for instance, when she started while still on stage said that ‘if your father died from cancer’ and pointed to the right far corner of the theater where I was sitting…I took that at a sign.   But you could say that many people there on the right side of the theater had a father that died from cancer.   Little things like this.  But it was when she came down into the audience and was talking to people and starting to read for them.   The events, details, innuendo, and things no one else would know but these people was pretty awesome to see. 

But due to the size of the audience, I can’t imagine how she was able to hone in to one specific spirit.  Yet she was able to and sometimes another spirit would chime in and ‘piggy back’ off a reading.  Really cool.

She worked her way across the front of the theater stopping and reading for several people… down the left side, twd the front where she spent a good amount of time w/ this lady who was ‘stuck’.  Apparently she felt the ‘odd man out’ from her family and Theresa was trying to get across to her they were all there and happy and saying that it doesn’t matter what made her feel like that, that on the other side, they are all together and none of that matters anymore and she should try to let it go. 

Moving on… down the left side of the theater… good readings…. Then in the back of the theater from the left, facing where Rosy and I were sitting…. She says… who’s grandmother died from Alzheimers and wasn’t able to communicate.   I perked up, but several rows in front a lady stood up and she said she had the same situation.  She asked where you there w/ her when she was dying … yes.  Then went on to say, she wanted to thank you for letting her go.  She heard you say ‘it’s ok to go’ and kiss her goodbye.   Now, I’m thinking of Lorri. 

Then she asked… looking directly at Rosy and me “Who’s brother was killed in a motorcycle accident… was ejected.” 

Rosy stood up and Theresa came over to us.  He just wanted to say there was nothing anyone could have done for him, he didn’t have a helmet on.  (which is correct since he didn’t and his spine was severed)  his passenger was ejected.  

Then the family behind us was ‘piggy backing’ off now and they were talking about their son who died in a car accident and that many in the family had a tattoo of him or in remembrance of him and that the father hadn’t done it.  He hadn’t, only because he couldn’t figure out where he should get it.   Theresa said the boy would have been thrilled if it were a huge tattoo across his back… Not saying that that’s what he should do… but that’s what she’s reading.  Funny.  She talked to them for a good long time. 

Then turned down to her right where I was sitting and said ‘who’s father died?’  I raised my hand from my thigh to my shoulder and the family behind kept talking about how they have  a father who died and how he was buried, yadda yadda yadda.   That could have been Bill… but the other spirits were louder and the family behind were acting as if they were having a private reading.

It was a good event.  I’d love to go one on one w/ her.  

Then on the way out, Rosy… gauge to all spirits…constantly finding pennies (from heaven)… as we are waiting in line for the ladies room, notices a plaque on the wall, right where we’re standing w/ the exact same date that Paul died (her first husband).   Little signs.  Read them as you will.