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February 2018
January 2018


A positive thought every day for 2018. Happy New Year!

February 2018

  1. I love it when Elizabeth, Eddie, Tere, Raquel and Benito come to class. Such great energy!
  2. Nat stopped in for a minute!
  3. Zumba, hanging out with Mia, Zelia, Sepi, Pureza and Sonia, topping off the day in the hot tub with my Little Honey Bunch and two shooting stars!
  5. Binge watched RHONY.
  6. Visit from the Area Manager to my class, then off to Coco's Birthday Class.
  7. My new favorite drink, vodka, fresh squeezed grapefruit and lime over ice.
  8. My girl, Marcie, came to my class! YAY!
  9. Little Honey Bunch back from Boy's trip and sitting out in our beautiful backyard by the fire.
  10. Super Zumba with Toby, Eddie, Eva and Cheri!
  11. Last Zumba with Toby in the East Bay! Marilyn, Zelia, Eva, Eddie, Cheri and Elizabeth!
  12. A heart shaped brownie from Beta. Awwwww!
  13. Sound system out, luckily got a text and took my portable!
  14. Beautiful red roses from my Little Honey Bunch!
  15. Best class yet in Antioch. 20!
  16. Date night at Moresi's with my Little Honey Bunch!
  17. Dinner with the Fitzie's.
  18. Brunch with the in-laws and a quick visit from Nat.
  19. Best Zumba day...morning Kristine and Susan came, then lunch...evening trek to Mia's first Zumba Class at Redwood City.
  20. The girl who comes to my Zumba class on her lunch hour even though she can't stay the full time.
  21. Tere comes to my In Shape class! Yay!
  22. My new Zumba HiTops arrived.
  23. Tachi Sushi. Yum!
  24. On a cold day, snuggled up to my Little Honey Bunch.

January 2018

  1. Driving to teach at 24 Hour Fitness WC, I saw three couples on walks, holding hands!
  2. What a fabulous giant moon!
  3. Good turnout for first class at In Shape Pitts. 16.
  4. Happy with 18 for first class at 24 Antioch! Hope it keeps up.
  5. Ice skating with Nat and Laura!
  6. First Jam Session and first friends dinner of the year!
  7. Lazy day catching up on shows.
  8. Glad to have my crowd back at 24!
  9. Back to Rodan + Fields Business Presentation.
  10. Decadent morning, lazing with my Little Honey Bunch before Zumba at In Shape.
  11. When my Little Honey Bunch leaves early and leaves a kiss on my head while I'm still in bed.
  12. Leslie, Lucy, Mary and Zelia back in class!
  13. First Date Night of 2018 at Moresi's Chop House.
  14. Love going to the RV Show with my Little Honey Bunch.
  15. Back to 55 at WC!
  16. Lazy morning.
  17. Nat's back and having my Little Honey Bunch's Birthday dinner.
  18. Watching shows with all the Kittenies.
  19. Seeing grade school friends at a celebration of life for the father of one of our classmates.
  20. Women's March in SF with Catherine.
  21. What a Jam Session! First with Erica Dixon.
  22. Lunch with my girl, Zelia.
  23. In n Out with Elizabeth and Eddie after class!
  24. Zelia back with me at In Shape Antioch. Yay!
  25. When you start your cool down and the class is like, "It's been an hour?! It's over?!"
  26. Livestream with Gina Grant with appearances by Armando and Heidi, and Rony and Betsey!
  27. A beautiful day with Susan, Carol, Trina and Amy. Dim Sum and 4th Street and Philthy Clean.
  28. Baby Number One stopped in.
  29. Dancing and lunch with Sonia!
  30. What a beautiful moon just in time for Nic's Birthday.
  31. Happy 22nd Birthday, Bug!



The Happiness Project is a one-sentence journal, a five-year record.

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The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project