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January 2019
February 2019
March 2019
April 2019
May 2019


A positive thought every day for 2018. Happy New Year!

May 2019

  1. No more In Shape class but took Jessica's Aqua at In Shape Concord. Fabulous!
  2. Many from the now closed In Shape joined me at 24 today. Best turnout yet!
  3. Lunch at Chow's with Betta, Norma and Janice.
  4. Double yolk in one of my eggs!
  5. Super Master Class with Coco, John, Tavio and Jammer Jarred!
  6. Subbed In Shape Concord and Zelia AND VJ joined me, and Maureen came because she saw me on the schedule!
  7. Just created my first Aqua Class Lesson Plan! Come on, Guinea Pigs!
  8. When people come to the class you're subbing because of you.
  9. Taught my very first Aqua class, even though it was only practice.
  10. Dim Sum with Adrienne and, my Honey Bunch is home AND, the Warriors won!
  11. Nat's LAST Chico Expressions Team Dance Performance.
  12. Mother's Day Breakfast at Beatnik's in Chico then a visit from Motsy for dinner.
  13. Curry Bowl is open and delicious!
  14. Tweaked Aqua Class plan and will try it out on Thursday.
  15. Visited Elisa's class at In Shape Concord with Mari, Marisa, Raquel and Benito then went to Pamela's class at 24 Walnut Creek.
  16. Second Aqua class with Marilyn, Michelle and Treva. Getting better!
  17. Several new people at Moraga with very nice compliments.
  18. Road trip to Chico and Date Night at Pourhouse.
  19. Little Nat is a graduate (sort of).
  20. Lunch with Mia, Zelia and Cyntia! New Italian place at the Willows. YUM.

April 2019

  1. In Shape closing, new opportunities presented.
  2. Strong with Sonia at Straka Springs.
  3. Half an hour extra of Line Dancing!
  4. And again!
  5. Happy 40th to Motsy!
  6. Savannah Sipping Society
  7. Celia Cruz
  8. Happy 6 years of teahing Zumba Gold at 24 Walnut Creek SS.
  9. Happy 10th birthday to Lacey (TK) and Puff (Oliver).
  10. Filet Mignon. Yum. That is all.
  11. Largest number yet at Antioch.
  12. Date Night at Moresi's and the Clayton Club after. Always delightful.
  13. Jam Session with the lovely Ahaja.
  14. Super fun Aqua Training the Ashley B!
  15. As always, kicking off the week with my fabulous 24 Walnut Creek class.
  16. Yummy lunch at Pacific Catch with Kathy.
  17. Second to my last class at Pittsburg In Shape and Little's 51st. Happy to you, to you, to you.
  18. When I gave Leti a Zumba shirt, she was so grateful.
  19. Rare lunch with my Little Honey Bunch.
  20. Visit to Mountain View Cemetery. Estela Rivera is born.
  21. Brunch at Gma's.
  22. Indian Spiced Lollipop Lamb Chops. YUM!
  23. Went to Marisa's 2nd to last class at In Shape Pittsburg and then to her class at 24 Hour Fitness. Two and a half hours of dancing!
  24. My last class at In Shape Pittsburg with guest instructors Mari and Stephanie.
  25. Enjoying the Celia Cruz Telenovela on Netflix.
  26. So many of my Walnut Creek people come to Moraga.
  27. San Francisco for our 23rd Anniversary.
  28. Yummy breakfast at The Grove.
  29. Chillin with my Little Honey Bunch.
  30. Last LAST class at In Shape Pittsburg.

March 2019

  1. Katie came to class after a couple of years I hadn't seen her. She said I looked 10 years younger. LOL
  2. Good times with friends at VJ and Bill's.
  3. Lazy Sunday.
  4. LOVE Mondays!
  5. Finally got to VJs Barre Class.
  6. Good sore! Ouch!
  7. Happy Birthday, Mary!
  8. Lunch with Betta and Janice after class in Moraga.
  9. Road trip to Chico to hang out with Natalie.
  10. Breakfast with Nat and Alex.
  11. Member at 24 says, "You make me so happy!"
  12. Dinner with 8 of the Bodega Babes! Lobster, Lamb Chops, Filet Mignon! YUM
  13. Yay! My Little Honey Bunch gets home!
  14. Thursday class isn't canceled.
  15. Got to see Patrizia!
  16. Sunshine!
  17. St. Patty's at the Fitzsimmons.
  18. Sushi with Sonia!
  19. I wish I could make everything right for my babies.
  20. Full house at In Shape Pittsburg AND Nat AND Millie came to class!
  21. Saw Nat's new tattoo that Mot did on her yesterday.
  22. Lunch with the Moraga girls!
  23. Dinner with Zelia and Mia!
  24. Visiting the fam at the Cemetery.
  25. Packed house as usual with new ladies who asked where else I teach. Never gets old.
  26. Strong at Straka Springs with Sonia and Zelia!
  27. Harry goes to the vet and is good for another year!
  28. Line dancing for half an hour after class!
  29. Happy Birthday to Gpa and Date Night for us at La Veranda.
  30. Turkey Burgers!
  31. Cream cheese banana muffins.

February 2019

  1. Moraga class is fabulous!
  2. Happy Birthday, Fitz!
  3. Dangit! At least we were with friends.
  4. Love when a new person comes to class and loves it!
  5. Loving Strong with Tina!
  6. Love my visits with Patty.
  7. Zumba with Zelia, dinner with lovely Robin after visiting Pureza at her mom's rosary. RIP.
  8. Dim Sum with Adrienne!
  9. My shiny new backpack came.
  10. Binge watched Orange is the New Black.
  11. Pennies from Heaven.
  12. USA goodies from Tina!
  13. I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag...
  14. Roses from my Little Honey Bunch even though he's in London!
  15. My Little Honey Bunch is home!
  16. Citizenship and Valentine's Day celebration at Moresi's and the Clayton Club.
  17. Finished binge watching Orange is the New Black.
  18. Got sick. Had to sub out my favorite Monday class at the last moment. Bed all day.
  19. Better. Taught second to last class at Senior Center. They're so sweet!
  20. Zorba!
  21. Penny from Daddy.
  22. Road Trip! Fort Bragg, here we come.
  23. Beautiful day on the jeep trails.
  24. So long new friends and old friends. See you again!
  25. As American as Apple Pie, from Catherine.
  26. Happy Birthday to my first born!
  27. Biggest class at In Shape Pittsburg. Finally!
  28. Biggest class at 24 Antioch. Finally!

January 2019

  1. Trying a new approach for 2019. I'll only repost, retweet, repeat - positiveness.
  2. Lazy day of doing absolutely nothing.
  3. My Little Honey Bunch made Chile Verde!
  4. When you sub a class and people actually like you!
  5. When you sub another one and the people ask you to take it on permanently (current instructor giving it up).
  6. Watching football in fuzzy socks with a fuzzy Kitty.
  7. Got my notice from immigration for the swearing in ceremony! February 13. And, my Little Honey Bunch's first day at work!
  8. Little Harry not feeling well. Doubled up his blankies.
  9. Had a blast doing line dances after class and Harry is OK!
  10. Sushi!
  11. Five of my ladies from Walnut Creek cam to Moraga, where I was subbing!
  12. Nice to see the Saturday people while subbing for Iris.
  13. Jam with Diego and Michiko in Ceres, dinner with the Villanos, Hylands and Fitzsimmons!
  14. Nice group while subbing at In Shape Concord.
  15. Happy Birthday to My Little Honey Bunch!
  16. More line dances added after class!
  17. Board and Brush with the Bodega Babes!
  18. Lunch with Kathy at A Sweet Affair. YUM!
  19. Celebrated Emily's graduation from Davis!
  20. Watching Playoffs, updating my website. Quiet day.
  21. Enjoying Nat's Cake in a Cup.
  22. Awww. Raquel came to my Senior Center class.
  23. Line Dancing for half hour after class. Again.
  24. Hanging out with the brown dog.
  25. Lunch with the beautiful Hawaiian sisters, Betta and Norma.
  26. My Little Honey Bunch got back on his bike!
  27. Saw a '66 Chevy and 2 Elco's. Hello Nene. Hello P-Rez.
  28. Walked Milo in the hood. Goofball.
  29. Back to Strong with Tina!
  30. When one of your lovely students tells you, "I never miss your class. I drop everything to make sure I make it here every Wednesday."
  31. 2 Ingredient Chocolate cake for Nic's 23rd!



The Happiness Project is a one-sentence journal, a five-year record.

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