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June 2015
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OK, let's try this again. I'm going to post something happy each day for 2015.

June 2015

  1. Last Monday of High School for Natalie!
  2. Always love driving to Berkeley, coming up through the Caldecott and seeing the beautiful Claremont.
  3. Graduation from Clayton Valley Charter High School for my baby, Natalie!
  4. Picture Day at Clayton Valley Dance Academy...always such a madhouse and fun!
  5. Mia's first Power Pump class at Our Studio was awesome!
  6. An emotional last Recital for Natalie at El Campanil in Antioch.
  7. Graduation Brunch for Natalie at Straka Springs with family and friends.
  8. 100° outside, pool 89° - YES...suntanning ensues!
  9. Donut shaped kittenies make me smile.
  10. Love the steady, warm rain.
  11. Toning with Mia and party with Bryan at Our Studio!
  12. Sushi Boat and 5 different rolls!
  13. I got my ZIN 57 DVD!
  14. My shed is back in painting order!
  15. 10 new neon Zumba colored fish at Our Studio!
  16. Kittenie sits on hand while trying type. Oh Kittenie!
  17. Ahhh, Margarita time!
  18. Love to watch Kittenies play in empty boxes.
  19. Friday Friends, Carol and Trina hanging out like old times.
  20. Sunning with my Little Honey Bunch. Ahhhh.
  21. Father's Day Brunch at La Veranda with Nic and Nat and my Little Honey Bunch.
  22. Morning latte on the deck is always a great start to the day.
  23. Pool day with Patrizia and Alex, Sofia and Rowan, and Roxy.
  24. Pleased with better turnout at Zumba Gold Class, In Shape Pittsburg.
  25. Love sharing the stage with Bryan at Our Studio and beautiful Toning class at In Shape Antioch.

May 2015

  1. Ribeye at Moresi's. YUM!
  2. Confirmation and Master Class!
  3. My Tia Veronica and cousin Perla arrive from Mexico!
  4. Loved having fellow ZIN, Diana, in my Zumba Gold class this morning.
  5. My cousin, Perla, and aunt, Veronica, came to my Zumba Class; went to Chef Burger with Thayna, Emely and Athena; drove to Mt. Diablo Summit; stopped by Chacho and Michelle's on the way to drop them off in Larkspur. YES!
  6. Lunch with Adrienne.
  7. Taught two fabulous classes today!
  8. Date Night at La Veranda, Relyks at the Clayton Club.
  9. Shopping with my baby, Nat.
  10. Mother's Day with loved ones, Ray, Karen, Kristin, Little Honey Bunch, Nic, Nat, Chacho, Michelle, Mot, Little, Veronica and Perla. Missed you Lina and Eme!
  11. BART to SFO with Veronica and Perla.
  12. Great day with family, joined at Zumba by aunt and cousin, picked up sister and niece, visited other sister and ailing doggie, dinner with brother and wife.
  13. OSH and Target with aunt and cousin in between Zumba's.
  14. Tia Veronica made flour tortillas!
  15. Marisa's Zumba class, Napa and Napa Valley, goodbye to Eme and Little, Berkeley Rose Garden and Telegraph Avenue.
  16. Goodbye Veronica and Perla; hello Senior Ball and Sharon's 50th!
  17. Lazy Sunday catching up on Housewives.
  18. Funday Monday with my favorite class!
  19. Missed my Zumba girls but back at Giant Chef Burger!
  20. Love Wine Down Wednesday with scrappy girls Elisa, Marcia and Sharon!
  21. Fun to watch Warriors with my Little Honey Bunch.
  22. Zumba with Marisa, Fun Day Friday with T, E, A and A, date night with the Russell's and nightcap at the Russell's. Good day.
  23. Straka Dance Studio almost complete!
  24. Zumbini brunch at Adrienne's with Mia, Sepi, Tammy and me. Sweet!
  25. A hot, juicy, homemade hamburger!
  26. My silly selfies.
  27. The long, long cat reaching for Nic's dinner.
  28. Sangria at PF Chang's with Kathy.
  29. Zumba with Bryan and old times!
  30. Retired by the pool.
  31. Love watching Clayton Valley Dance Academy dress rehearsal at El Campanil!

April 2015

  1. Zumba's Zumba for Dogs April Fool's!
  2. Thinking about my Littel Red Headed sister on her 57th birthday.
  3. Steak and Eggs for breakfast at Giant Chef Burger.
  4. Cuban Reggaeton with Efren and Royland. Nice!
  5. Remembering the birth of my baby number two, Motsy, 36 years ago today!
  6. What can I Monday Zumba Gold class makes me happy.
  7. Love when the family snifs around the kitchen while dinner is cooking proclaiming, "That smells so good!"
  8. First Zumba Gold class at In Shape Pittsburg was good with 12 people for a first class.
  9. Happy 6th Birthday to the Kittenies!
  10. Reconnecting with old Vegas!
  11. Menopause the Musical with friends. SO FUN!
  12. Home sweet home!
  13. I love Pop Tarts!
  14. Kittienies antics always make me smile.
  15. Wine Down Wednesday at Moresi's with the lovely Scrapbooking Group!
  16. Got a unexpected sweet visitor, Texas.
  17. Always nice to have Date Night with friends, the Fitzie's.
  18. YES...laying by the pool!
  19. Lovely drive to Napa with my Little Honey Bunch.
  20. Remembering my sweet mother. I miss you, Mom.
  21. New recipes that make my family happy.
  22. Third Zumba Gold class at In Shape Pittsburg had fabulous energy, I learned 4 new choreos and I organized my office. Feeling accomplished!
  23. Numbers back up for In Shape. 18. Whoo-hoo!
  24. Visit with my sweet sister, hubby and their ailing baby dog.
  25. Heading to The City for our 19th Anniversary dinner. Espetus is up.
  26. Sunday Brunch at The Grove with my Little Honey Bunch.
  27. Back to my favorite class!
  28. El Aguila with my Zumba Girls.
  29. I love that I have a pool to relax by after a tough day.
  30. Bacon flavored popcorn. YUM!

March 2015

  1. Hearing from Boobie.
  2. Can't get enough of my Zumba Super Gold class at 24 in Walnut Creek!
  3. Missed my Zumba girls at Our Studio. Good to see them again!
  4. Lovely turnout at Moraga.
  5. Love having Patrizia and Alex in my morning class!
  6. Moresi's date night with my Little Honey Bunch.
  7. Happy Birthday to Lita, Antdog and Emely!
  8. Platinums and double platinums all around!
  9. You'll hear this every Monday...I LOVE my Zumba Gold class at 24!
  10. I am blessed with family, health and home.
  11. Thinking about my doggie. It's been 7 years. I miss her still.
  12. So NICE to have my Little Honey Bunch home from a business trip.
  13. And then go to date night at La Veranda followed by Clayton Club!
  14. Dinner with good friends the Villano's, Fitzie's and Russell's.
  15. Love a lazy, Housewives watching, Sunday.
  16. Happy that my baby is the bright star she is even though I'm sad she didn't get into her top school.
  17. The smell of beans! Reminds me of Mom's.
  18. Getting inspired by taking another instructor's Zumba Class (Iris).
  19. So glad to see 26 whole people at my first class at In Shape Concord!
  20. Date Night at Moresi's with a lovely, left over soda bread bread pudding. YUM!
  21. Carnitas Tijuana with Toby, EJ, Marilyn, Treva, T, E and A.
  22. My favorite Breakfast Pizza and Passion Fruit Bellini at Lazy Dog with Allan, T, E, A and Angel.
  23. Can't stop loving my Super Gold Class!
  24. Costco Breakfast Bun. YUM!
  25. Gentle sound of the pool waterfall.
  26. Woop! Got more people in my second week teaching at In Shape!
  27. Hanging by the pool, sipping Margarita's with friends.
  28. Watching my baby perform.
  29. Happy Birthday, Gpa!
  30. Our Studio...a happy place.
  31. So nice to see old faces in my Tuesday morning class at Our Studio.

February 2015

  1. I love it when the team I'm rooting for wins the Super Bowl!
  2. My Monday morning class at 24 Hour Fitness never fails to make my day with the smiles and the compliments.
  3. A lazy day catching up on shows. Ahhhhhh.
  4. Mariscada. Best thing I ever ate! At Taqueria La Plaza in Concord!
  5. Sweet Zumba class at Our Studio!
  6. Looking forward to Date Night with my Little Honey Bunch.
  7. Sounds of the rain beating down on the roof.
  8. Happiness is being SO tired. From dancing all day!
  9. Watching my youngest dancing her heart out.
  10. Thai Chicken Curry. Yum!
  11. Great class at 24 Hour Fitness in Moraga.
  12. Getting early Valentine's Day roses from my Little Honey Bunch.
  13. Having lobster for an early Valentine's Day dinner with my Little Honey Bunch at Moresi's Chophouse.
  14. Quiet Valentine's night home alone with Bug. Durn out to dinner. My Little Honey Bunch is on a plane. Thinking about how my mom always called me to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day. Warms my heart.
  15. Love basking in the 75 degree, February, California sunshine.
  16. Me and Bug watching TV shows while Deez is in Madrid and Durn is at dance.
  17. A quiet day at home alone.
  18. Burritos with my babies while Deez is in Madrid.
  19. Taking Mia's Zumba class...where it all started for me. De ja vu.
  20. Date night with Emely, Noelia and Nancy.
  21. Hugging my Little Honey Bunch after a LONG week of him being in Spain.
  22. Brunch with Gma, Gpa, Lillie, Lisa, George, Kris, Tony, Nat, me and my Little Honey Bunch, but missed Bug.
  23. Happiness is almost 50 people coming to your Zumba class because they like you.
  24. Thank you for coming to my class today, Beatriz! Made my day.
  25. Being able to stay in bed all day when the flu strikes.
  26. Happy 39th Birthday to my first born, Lina!
  27. Excited about Natalie's competition...starting tonight!
  28. The girls' performances at Dupree Competition were fabulous!


January 2015

  1. Looking back over my 2014 365 Project, I feel happy to have great family, friends and my health.
  2. A happy day for our good friend, Pat. Happy 51st!
  3. Happiness is waking up next to My Little Honey Bunch.
  4. Putting away Christmas with everyone helping out. Loved it!
  5. Happy to be back with my Super Zumba Gold class!
  6. Bittersweet last Toning class at In Shape Antioch. So happy to know I was appreciated!
  7. Watching shows with my Little Honey Bunch.
  8. Happy to see my Zumba mentor Mia, kicking butt at the first Zumba Toning class at Our Studio!
  9. A song that comes on the radio that reminds you of a time long ago.
  10. Rib eye. Rib eye's make me happy.
  11. Watching the fulfillment that exudes from my Little Honey Bunch when he starts a project makes me happy.
  12. On an unusual ride over the hill at commute hour, I am happy I am one who is lucky enough to not have to do this everyday.
  13. A student, new to my Zumba class tells me at the end of class, "I am in love with your class! I love your music. I love the pace. I am in love!" Best thing to hear! Happy!
  14. Happy to be having dinner with two of my bestest friends, Deborah and Shelly!
  15. Love to cook a lovely dinner for my Little Honey Bunch's birthday.
  16. Family dinner at Moresi's for my Little Honey Bunch's birthday. LOVE!
  17. Baby cows frolicking along side their mama on Kirker Pass.
  18. The surprised look on Marcie's face when she walked in for her 50th surprise party.
  19. Zumba Gold Class at 24 continues to grow. Love them! They are Super Gold!
  20. A nice, hot cup of tea with sugar, lime and milk to soothe my sore throat.
  21. Going back to where it all began almost 7 years ago...Mia's Zumba class.
  22. Watching Baby Athena take her first steps alone!
  23. My Little Honey Bunch getting home after a week on business. Bliss.
  24. First Master Class at Our Studio sold out and was fun, fun, fun!
  25. Lazy Sunday watching my Little Honey Bunch work on the living room project, then make dinner, too.
  26. My fabulous Zumba Gold class at 24 Hour Fitness told me they love starting their week with me and...the class continues to grow! People are finally realizing Gold isn't for Old and that it's super fun!
  27. Happy Zumba again. Had a person who came to my class because she liked my style at the Master Class.
  28. My Little Honey Bunch kissing me goodbye in the morning when he's going to SF and I'm still half asleep.
  29. Pitbulls. Pitbulls make me happy! With their big smiles and especially when wearing a fur coat, ganster leaning out of his car window.
  30. Giant Chef Burger with the girls after Zumba makes me happy!
  31. My Baby #3 quietly turning 19 at home with me and my Little Honey bunch. Happy Birthday, Bug!



The Happiness Project is a one-sentence journal, a five-year record.

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