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A happy thought a day for the next 365 days.

December 2016

  1. Fond memories of my brother, Nene, on what should have been his 55th birthday.
  2. Heading to Hemet to visit our St. Joseph's sisters!
  3. Nice day of games in Hemet with Jackie, Kathy, Charm, Bev, Susan and Chris.
  4. Lost a diamond earring on Friday, found it on Sunday. Thanks, Peety!
  5. The Fall Colors on the trees are so beautiful!
  6. Nice to have Zelia drop in to my Zumba Class at the Concord Senior Center!
  7. Love lazy morning with my Little Honey Bunch.
  8. STRONG by Zumba with Ali is the best!
  9. Moresi's, Bloody Mary and my Little Honey Bunch back to Date Night.
  10. Lunch with little Nat in Chico at Mom's!
  11. Christmas Brunch at Janice's with The Big C crew!
  12. Can't ever get enough of my 24 Monday crew!
  13. Zumba Christmas Luncheon at Sweet Tomatoes. Thank you 24 people!
  14. Practicing with Zelia before VJs class. Fun!
  15. Nat and Kitty are home!
  16. My Little Honey Bunch made pot roast for Date Night at home with the kids. YUM!
  17. What a day! Grand opening of 24 Hour Fitness Supert Sport and the Nutcracker with my loves!
  18. Kitty met her Aunt Lacey and Uncle Ollie face to face. No blood was shed.
  19. Gave little thank you bracelets and notes to my Monday class. So sweet!
  20. My Tuesday Senior classes combined forces and got me an amazing gift for Christmas!
  21. Chicken Pot Pie. Yum!
  22. First Zumba Gold class at the new 24 Hour Fitness Antioch Super Sport! Only 13 came, only 11 stayed but those who stayed were fabulous, fun, smiling and appreciative!
  23. Lunch with Mia, Omar, Arlethe, Adrienne, Zelia, my Little Honey Bunch and me!
  24. Impromptu teaching Zumba and finally getting into the Christmas spirit with decorating and wrapping.
  25. Breakfast and openning presents with my Little Honey Bunch, Nic, Nat and the kittens, dinner at the parent's, watching a family movie and a quick visit from Mot.
  26. Hanging out with Adrienne for lunch after Zumba at Panera.
  27. Hanging out with Mary for lunch after Zumba at Eureka.
  28. Hanging out with Zelia for lunch after Zumba at Eureka. Am getting fat.
  29. Hanging out with my Little Honey Bunch for lunch at Naan & Curry after Zumba.
  30. Hanging out with Marisa and Josie at Starbuck's after Zumba.
  31. Saw lots of old friends at Our Studio at Toby's class!

November 2016

  1. Straka Springs Zumba! Thanks, Katie, Julie and Sharon!
  2. Taught three Zumba classes. FUN!
  3. Another Road Trip to Grass Valley, Auburn, Nevada City. Cute old towns.
  4. Friday morning Zumba and Chinese Buffett with my crew and Date Night at home with my Little Honey Bunch.
  5. Celebrating Mia with good friends, Zumbinis old and new!
  6. Breakfast at Jack's with Gma and Gpa.
  7. Steak and favorite thing!
  8. A sad day.
  9. Sunshine and dance, not all is lost.
  10. Road trip to Sonora, Twain Harte and lunch with Kristin!
  11. Ground Hog's Day Friday! Zumba, Chinese Buffet, Date Night at Moresi's, night cap at Fitzies.
  12. Jam session with Sonia Rodriguez! Can't wait to teach Kizomba.
  13. Practice, practice, practice! Ready!
  14. When your class is busting at the seams because the other location was closed and first timers (to my class) told me how much they enjoyed it and asked where else I teach.
  15. Taking over and filling big shoes at the Senior Center, I got very nice comments...from the ones who stayed!
  16. Always fun class at In Shape Pittsburg!
  17. Got to see my baby sister, Boobie, and then hang out with Mia, Zelia and Adrienne.
  18. Yay! Natalie is home for the week!
  19. Great Jam Session with Carlos Henriquez!
  20. Lazy, rainy day.
  21. When the people waiting in line for your Zumba class tell you how much they love your class!
  22. Loving the progress my Little Honey Bunch is making in his garage.
  23. Elisa's Class at Concord In Shape so fun!
  24. Thanks with my In-Laws.
  25. Thanks with friends, Fitzies, Hylands, Villanos, Russells and all the kids!
  26. Shopping with little Nat and Lina coming to visit.
  27. Hanging out with my girls, Lina and Nat.
  28. Lunch with Adrienne after my fabulous (as always) Zumba class at 24. Eureka. Tried a Penicillin. Did not disappoint. Smoked Whiskey, honey, lemon and ginger.
  29. Lunch with sweet Mary.
  30. Always love watching shows with my Little Honey Bunch.

October 2016

  1. Love the Oompa Loompa band at Clayton Oktoberfest!
  2. Rib eyes in the cast iron skillet. Love!
  3. Adrienne's first day of retirement and she comes to my Monday class. Yay!
  4. Love being Suzie Homemaker.
  5. Seven of the ten of us are at Bodega on Wednesday night!
  6. Beautiful, beautiful day in Bodega Bay!
  7. Another gorgeous day in Bodega. Took walk with Marcie.
  8. We could have stayed on the deck overlooking the ocean all day!
  9. What a lovely Birthday month dinner with my Little Honey Bunch, Zelia, Osh, Mia and Omar!
  10. Good day of cathcing up on Housewives.
  11. Nice when friends show up to a class you're subbing (Stacey and Zelia).
  12. Watching shows with my Little Honey Bunch, Nic and the kittens.
  13. Fireball with hot apple cider at the last night of Bocce.
  14. Even though stuff happens, you're still grateful for your loves and your health.
  15. Bread rising. Good smell.
  16. Super Master Class with Meli!
  17. Nice to have Adrienne at my Monday class!
  18. Spaghetti Factory Birthday Month lunch with Mary. Thank you!
  19. Homemade Mint Juleps!
  20. Can't get enough Deborah Bread!
  21. Sitting in the hot tub with my Little Honey Bunch watching the meteor shower. We each saw one!
  22. Dinner at Moresi's for my birthday with all four kids home!
  23. Hanging out on a lazy Sunday birthday with all four kids.
  24. Birthday lunch after Zumba with Adrienne. The birthday continues.
  25. Mariscada with Mary. Yum!
  26. Love the smell of baking bread! About my 5th loaf in a week!
  27. Evening Zumba at Straka Springs with Sharon. Fun!
  28. Road trip to Copperopolis, Valley Springs and Angel's Camp with my Little Honey Bunch.
  29. The W, House of Prime Rib and the Buena Vista.
  30. Denica's breakfast on the way home from SF. Last of the month long birthday celebration!
  31. Cute little kids trick or treating and being polite and sweet and one told me to keep the last candy.

September 2016

  1. Eating lunch in the lovely, sunny backyard with my Little Honey Bunch.
  2. Super Brutez Master Class in Sonoma with Zelia (and Andreu and Rukus)!
  3. An unusual Saturday Night Date Night with my Little Honey Bunch at Moresi's.
  4. Yay, I got my ring back/fixed!
  5. The smell of baking bread...heaven!
  6. Lunch with my sweet friend, Mary.
  7. Happy 56th Birthday to my little brother, Chacho!
  8. Love when instructors come to my class. Thanks, Martin!
  9. My Little Honey Bunch was dancing with me again at the Clayton Club with the Relyks.
  10. Catching up on old shows...most of the day.
  11. Motsy for dinner with his friend, Acacia.
  12. The quiet of 5:15 am, headed to sub at The Big C.
  13. Happy Birthday to my sweet Natalie though I didn't see her, bon voyage to Mot and Lina headed to Amsterdam.
  14. Sweet Zelia, who always supports me and comes to my class.
  15. Reconnected with a lost Zumba friend, Strong at Straka Springs, Bocce with my people. Life is good!
  16. Little Honey Bunch on a boys camping trip but day filled with beautiful Zumba friends and hanging out with my girl, Marcie, for pedi's and dinner.
  17. Beautiful trip to the Castle of Love in Napa with Zelia, VJ and Dina. Topped the night off at Moresi's with the other weekend widows.
  18. Sitting by the pool with my Little Honey Bunch listening to the tales of his Boy's weekend.
  19. When about 7 people walk out of your favorite Zumba class and you are sad but then one of the students calls you and tells you they were unbearably hot and that's why they walked out.
  20. Shopping for my Little Honey Bunch at Nordstrom.
  21. When a student started in your Zumba class, loses tons of weight, and thanks you for being their inspiration!
  22. Love Bocce nights in Mayberry.
  23. The S'More by Johnny Miller at Moresi's tonight. YUM!
  24. Love dinners with my In-laws!
  25. Great day in San Jose with Zelia for Meli's Birthday Master Class.
  26. Ice Cream with Cap'n Crunch. Yum!
  27. Bone Marrow Burger at Eureka with my sweet friend, Mary. Yum! (Lot's of posts about food...)
  28. Helped a neighbor out who broke her wrist.
  29. STRONG by Zumba at Straka Springs!
  30. Beautiful flowers arrived for helping neighbor!

August 2016

  1. Getting picked up from SFO by my Little Honey Bunch then hanging out with him the rest of the day.
  2. Started a relaxing Tuesday with a Mimosa, learned La Bicicleta.
  3. Had one of the best classes at In Shape Pittsburg!
  4. Love supporting fellow instructors. Went to Priscilla's class at In Shape Antioch (used to be my class). She was fabulous!
  5. STRONG by Zumba demo with the 24 Antioch Crew after Zumba. FUN!
  6. Rib Cook-off with my Little Honey Bunch, the Fitzie's and Zelia.
  7. My favorite meal, Filet Mignon, mashed potatoes, broccoli.
  8. Ding Dongs.
  9. Teaching Zumba Gold at the Senior Center with my Zumba Mami, Mia.
  10. Love my In Shape Pittsburg class where to people come to dance, laugh and enjoy each other. No drama.
  11. Love the sounds of Nic and Nat's conversations and saw 20 shooting stars!
  12. Date Night at La Veranda with the Fitzie's.
  13. Lazy pool day with Zelia and Marilyn, then hot tub and 10 more shooting stars with my Little Honey Bunch.
  14. Fabulous ZIN Jam Session with Meli and Claudia!
  15. 45+ smiling, happy people at my Monday morning class! Love that class!
  16. Love from Puff after I rescued him from a high ledge with a ladder.
  17. Missed my Little Honey Bunch. Glad he's home from Boston.
  18. Beto, creator of Zumba, live streamed, for the very first time, an entire class!
  19. Me and my Little Honey Bunch dancing at the Clayton Club till all hours with Crossman's Country. YES, he was dancing!
  20. Visiting the cemetery and seeing Motsy's art work featured at Studio Grand in Oakland.
  21. Lost a diamond from my band but not distraught.
  22. Found the diamond from my band. A million to one.
  23. Cooking fool...carnitas, beans, banana bread.
  24. Two Zumba classes with Zelia...first mine at In Shape Pittsburg then VJs at In Shape Concord.
  25. STRONG with Marisa and VJ at Straka Springs.
  26. Lunch with Marisa, Bryan and Josie after Zumba!
  27. So good to see old friends!
  28. Lovely to have Nat home for an overnighter.
  29. After my wonderful as always Zumba class, lazed around catching up on shows.
  30. More STRONG with Mia, Zelia and Chelita!
  31. Wine Down Wednesday at Moresi's with my Bodega Girls!

July 2016

  1. Steak Tar Tar on Date Night. YUM!
  2. Dance, Zumba Friends, food, sun, swim then a shooting star whilst in the hot tub with my Little Honey Bunch!
  3. Friends and Family for more BBQ, hanging out and swimming.
  4. Third BBQ of the weekend and sitting on the porch with my Little Honey Bunch watching the fireworks.
  5. When you sub a class and the students ask you if you are going to take it over because they loved it!
  6. When you're friends come to the class you're subbing. Thanks, Caren!
  7. When a fellow instructor's mom comes to your class and has a big smile for the whole class! Makes my day!
  8. Date Night and Cowboy watching.
  9. Dancing with Meli and 30 fabulous ZINs!
  10. Lamb Chops with Fitzie's.
  11. Can't get enough of my Monday morning 24 Hour Fitness class. They rock!
  12. Lunch and shopping with my girl, Nat.
  13. Three hours of Zumba and Gumbo with friends.
  14. Fellow instructor, Stephanie, coming to your Zumba class! Her first time Toning.
  15. Fun day of moving Nat and Brett into the Chico apartment.
  16. All day shopping and putting together funiture with my Little Honey Bunch, Nat and Brett.
  17. Driving home with my Little Honey Bunch and Little Natalie for her last two weeks at home.
  18. Glad I'm not a fat ugly miserable bitch who comlained and got my Thursday Zumba Toning class taken away from me because she's a fat ugly miserable bitch.
  19. Three Zumba classes and an afternoon of catching up on shows.
  20. Two pennies waiting for me at In Shape Pittsburg.
  21. Bocce has started!
  22. Teaching a 5:45 am class wasn't half bad.
  23. Steve and Kass' Master Class!
  24. After the Bodega Girls Pool Party, sitting in the back with my Little Honey Bunch, we saw the biggest, brightest, longest, shooting star ever! You could even see the starburst at the end!
  25. Fresh baked bread.
  26. Heading to Zumba Convention!
  27. Oh my Cuban Coffee Cortadito at Zaza in Florida!
  28. Seeing 7,000 Zumba Instructors at the Kick-Off session ready for Convention!
  29. Frankie Dante Came to my Zumba Toning Boost Session and SANG HIS SONG! El Pirulin.
  30. Timbaland came to my STRONG by Zumba Session and we danced to his new song!
  31. Beautiful closing ceremony with Yulissa doing a routine for 7,000 instructors! She is from San Francisco and has Down's.

June 2016

  1. When the pool reaches 87°!
  2. Bread Pudding and Rum Sauce. Yum!
  3. Dance, swim, Oakhurst with friends.
  4. Another CVCHS Grad! Congrats, Scotto Meylan!
  5. Lazy pool afternoon with my Little Honey Bunch.
  6. Full class at 24 Hour Fitness!
  7. Subbed for Marisa at In Shape with 30 smiling, sweaty faces!
  8. Hello from P-Rez in a Lincoln.
  9. Decent turn out for Toning class.
  10. Watching Warriors with my Little Honey Bunch and Lina.
  11. CVDA's Love is in the Air Recital at El Campanil. Miss Nat dancing.
  12. Riding in the open air jeep to meet the Bridge to Bridge bikers.
  13. Lunch with Sonia.
  14. Lunch with Delmy, Bryan and Josie.
  15. Lunch with Adrienne.
  16. When your kids turn into Mama Bears and protect you when you are threatened.
  17. Back to our Date Night rotation!
  18. Fabulous ZIN Jam Session with Meli!
  19. My Little Honey Bunch on a plane but friends coming to watch the game with me!
  20. First day of Summer and a fabulous Pool Day!
  21. Subbed Yani's class at In Shape and Priscilla's class at The Big C. Fun, fun, fun!
  22. When people from your class in Antioch love your class so much, they make the trek to your class in Pittsburg. Makes my heart sing!
  23. My Antioch Zumba Toning class doubled in size from 3 weeks ago. 10 to 20! AND, a first timer to my class told me after class what an inspiration I am! (You know, cause I'm 57, birthed 4 kids, lost 30 lbs with Zumba.)
  24. Congrats to Motsy! Had a solo art exhibit in Oakland.
  25. Friends, friends, friends! Early afternoon at VJ's with In Shape friends and late afternoon with Mia and oldest Zumba friends. Congrats on your Graduation, Arlethe!
  26. Salsa, salsa, salsa! First time Jamming with Tennishia. LOVED IT!
  27. Looking at Lina's pics from her cruise and Miami visit.
  28. Zumba class with Stephanie Blades, Zumba Toning class with Yanitza, jump into the pool!
  29. Having Josie come to my class at In Shape Pittsburg was devine!
  30. Homeless guy finds my checkbook and credit card and calls me.

May 2016

  1. Hello everyone at the Clayton Art and Wine Festival!
  2. Back to my lovely class at 24 Hour Fitness Walnut Creek Super Sport. Love them!
  3. Lunch again with my Zumba Mami, Mia, at Eureka. Can't get enough bacon, egg, jalapeno burger!
  4. Hanging out with VJ after her class.
  5. How delighted I was to have a wonderful lady in my class today, who gave me positive feedback after class, and then finding out ... she was my boss! Made my day! No, my year! No, my Zumba teaching career!
  6. Back to Mainland Date Night after my Little Honey Bunch got back from being in Boston all week!
  7. LOVE watching Natalie perform. Expressions in Chico.
  8. Mother's Day spent with my M-I-L, S-I-Ls, F-I-L, B-I-L, two of my kids and my Little Honey Bunch.
  9. Watching a great basketball game with my Little Honey Bunch.
  10. Bringing Ollie safely home from the vet.
  11. Sunning and swimming in my beautiful back yard.
  12. When a girl takes your Zumba Toning class then tells you she loved it so much, she is going to join the gym! She was on a temporary pass.
  13. Co-teaching Bryan's class with Marisa and going for over 90 minutes!
  14. Hot tubbing with my Little Honey Bunch.
  15. I love how excited my Little Honey Bunch gets when I'm going to try a new recipe. Then loves it!
  16. Relaxing with Champagne after two Zumba classes.
  17. Relaxing with a Moscow Mule after three Zumba classes.
  18. It never gets old when a person, new to your class, asks you what other times you teach and tell you they LOVED your class.
  19. YAY! Natalie is home from her first year of college!
  20. Date Night at home!
  21. Love traveling with my Little Honey Bunch...on our way to Alex's Graduation.
  22. Happy Graduation to Alex Shockley from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa!
  23. Lovely dinner at Montage with the adults.
  24. Traveling home with my Little Honey Bunch and leg room.
  25. Back to my Zumba classes!
  26. Once again, a new student told me how much they enjoyed the workout and my playlist. Zumba Toning In Shape Antioch!
  27. Moresi's Date Night with my Little Honey Bunch.
  28. Chilling in my pool.
  29. Friends and BBQ and swimming and fire pit.
  30. Chilling with my Little Honey Bunch by the pool all day.
  31. Three Zumba classes, Marisa's then Bryan's then Yani's.

April 2016

  1. Lunch with Zumba friends, Patrizia, Zelia and Eddie.
  2. Wonderful walk around Lafayette Reservoir and lunch with some of my oldest Clayton friends.
  3. Lazy Sunday catching up on Dancing with the Stars.
  4. Two fabulous Zumba Monday, first my 24 class then Bryan's 24 class.
  5. Wishing my little artist a happy 37th birthday!
  6. Dancing in your very own Dance Studio.
  7. Warriors win and watching it with my Little Honey Bunch!
  8. Zumba with Bryan and Zelia, Zumba with Binny and Efren, Date Night with my Little Honey Bunch, time with Mary and Doug at the Clayton Club and Nat home for the weekend. Life is Good!
  9. Showstoppers Competition with the CVDA competition team then shopping with Nat.
  10. Practicing new songs in my very own Dance Studio.
  11. Monday Gold class at 24 always starts my week off right!
  12. Happiness is when fellow instructors come to your class, even though it's the second and third for them. Thanks Bryan and Marisa!
  13. Happiness is getting my Zumba order!
  14. Happiness is several people telling me how much they loved my class after I subbed.
  15. Hanging out with Mia at her Step class then lunch.
  16. Fabulous Zumba with Marisa and Bryan, fabulous Poppy Hike with Catherine, fabulous dinner with friends.
  17. Meeting Miguel's mom and grandma, spending a little time with Lina, impromptu wine tasting with my Little Honey Bunch.
  18. Taught my favorite class at 24 Super Sport, joined Bryan for his at 24 Concord, lazed in the evening watching more dancing...With The Stars!
  19. Impromptu shopping at the mall with Sonia Roscoe after a great class with Marisa.
  20. Remembering my mommy. It's been 21 years and I still miss you.
  21. Lunch with my baby sis, Boobie, and long time friend, Donna.
  22. Date Night in with my Little Honey Bunch.
  23. Flyingn to Paradise!
  24. Pool side on a lazy Sunday in Maui.
  25. Driving through a bamboo forest.
  26. Swimming with the giant sea turtles.
  27. Romantic dinner for our 20th Anniversary at Humuhumunukunkukuapua'a.
  28. Beautiful drive to Lahaina.
  29. Beautiful Luau at the Grand Wailea!
  30. Goodbye beautiful Maui!

March 2016

  1. Getting a Facetime call from Little Nat.
  2. The blossoms falling from the trees looking like snow.
  3. Making a flyer for Maylene.
  4. Brined Jalapeno Bacon in my Bloody Mary!
  5. Bianca Ayala's Jam Session and Master Class!
  6. Remembering, practicing and recording new songs from the Jam Session!
  7. 24 Hour Fitness class continues to grow. 55 today including another instructor, Iris!
  8. Watching shows with My Little Honey Bunch, Nic and the kittens.
  9. Had the time of my life at Dirty Dancing with Deborah, Sharon, Shelly, Elisa, Julie, Patti and Katie!
  10. Rib Eye. Have I mentioned how much Rib Eyes make me happy?
  11. Date Night. La Veranda.
  12. Shopping with little Nat.
  13. Sunday morning Zumba with little Nat at Emely's class.
  14. Dinner with my Little Honey Bunch, Nic, Connor and Puff. TK upstairs asleep. Nat and Brett in LA.
  15. Happiness is old friends, Sherlie, Shelley and Donna, getting pampered after their chemo treatments.
  16. Happy to be Cinderella driving around in my convertible with the top down on a beautiful, sunny California day.
  17. Didn't have green beer but enjoyed watching everyone else! Missed the Fitzie's!
  18. Date Night at Moresi's and running in to the Russell's.
  19. My friend Robin put together the nicest Memorial for her husband, Geoff. RIP.
  20. Sunday drive with my Little Honey Bunch.
  21. When your 20 year old finds you cyring your eyes out and wraps his arms around you.
  22. Taking pictures of all my favorite trees.
  23. Body Pumping with Mia.
  24. Auditioning at a new club!
  25. Dancing with Marisa and Bryan with a capacity crowd at 24 Hour Fitness Antioch!
  26. Having Nat home for the weekend and sitting down to dinner with my Little Honey Bunch, Nic, Connor, Nat and Brett.
  27. On this Easter Sunday, I am realizing how many loving family and friends I have been blessed with. Texts from grade school, high school, IBM, Zumba, Bodega, Bocce, neighbors,and kid's school parents friends. All who are life long friends and who are loving, caring people. Then there are all my wonderful family and in-laws, near and far. My heart is full.
  28. My Monday morning class at 24 Hour Fitness always makes my day! One lady told me it was getting too crowded. Compliment in my book.
  29. Back to back classes with Marisa! In Shape Pittsburg at 8:30 and 10:00 at 24 Concord.
  30. Listening to opera on my way to teach Zumba.
  31. Spending the day at Zumba with Iris, Patrizia and Zelia, then to Berkeley with Donna and Zelia. Looking forward to Toby's Zumba class tonight. Lovely day!

February 2016

  1. Driving down the hill to a beautiful, clear day.
  2. Knowing you will always be a Mama Bear no matter how old your kids get.
  3. Lunch with Ellice and Donna!
  4. When someone comes to your class for the first time and then tells you after how much they LOVED it.
  5. Basted eggs at Giant Chef Burger. YUM!
  6. Super fun Zumba Toning Master class at Our Studio!
  7. Super Bowl Fun with Mia, Omar, Arlethe, Kathy, Robert, Robin, Thayna, Emely, Victoria my Little Honey Bunch and me (and Nic and friends).
  8. When Lina comes to my Zumba class then I have lunch with her and Motsy.
  9. Watching basketball with my Little Honey Bunch. And the Warriors win.
  10. Staying optimistic about the In Shape class growing! 12 today!
  11. Happy about my Our Studio class! 16 today!
  12. Power Pump with Mia and Zumba with Emely!
  13. Tons of Zumba and dinner with friends.
  14. Being my Little Honey Bunch's Valentine.
  15. Happiness is driving with Silky's top down in February in sunny California.
  16. Best attendance so far at my class at Our Studio...happy!
  17. Gettin happy texts from Nat in Chico.
  18. Love when my class likes the new songs.
  19. Musical cacaphony going on. My Little Honey Bunch in the garage with electric, Nic in the kitchen on acoustic, Nic's friend on electric in the music room.
  20. Lazing in the sunshine in Benicia, watching the ships and trains from my sister-in-law's backyard.
  21. Watching a Bond flick with My Little Honey Bunch, Bug and the Kittenies.
  22. Zumba Convention 2016 schedule is live!
  23. It's the best feeling when students come to you after class to tell you how much they love it!
  24. Wine tasting, lunch and Bodega Bay with my girls!
  25. Beautiful walk in Bodega Bay.
  26. Happy 40th Birthday to my sweet first born, Lina.
  27. Ahhhh...a massage by Olga.
  28. Finding new, good eats. The Tea Room, Petaluma. Yum. Bacon Omelet.
  29. When you're subbing and everyone claps, thanks you for a wonderful class and tells you they love your music.

January 2016

  1. My stomach ache wasn't a flu so I was able to get up and dance at Bryan's Zumba class in Antioch for his birthday. Thirteen instructors shared the stage for a fabulous birthday Zumba! Bryan, Ronza, Araceli, Angie, Grace, Gaby, Beatriz, Stephanie Blades, Stephanie Nelson, Marisa, Dulce, Jabris and me!
  2. Waking up in a leisurely fashion with my Little Honey Bunch at my side.
  3. Happy to see a full house full of Zumba enthusiasts on this first Sunday of 2016!
  4. My first Monday Zumba Gold class of the year at 24 Hour Super Sport Walnut Creek and it was a full house!
  5. Rain. I love the rain we so desperately need in California.
  6. It's beautiful to wake up to children in the house. Even if they are 18.
  7. What a delightful treat to have one of my students from 24 Hour Fitness show up to my drop in class at Our Studio!
  8. Breakfast and shopping with a friend is a Friday morning well spent.
  9. Zumba Master Classes are the best!
  10. Putting away Christmas with my Little Honey Bunch.
  11. A toast to Laura's birthday with Champagne!
  12. Getting caught up on Dancing with the Stars.
  13. Love watching the cows while crossing over Kirker Pass.
  14. A Moscow Mule on my Friday.
  15. Spending a lazy morning with my Little Honey Bunch on his birthday.
  16. Strolling through the RV Show with my Little Honey Bunch.
  17. Getting my sweat on at Emely's Zumba class!
  18. Lazily catching up on Housewives after a fabulous Monday morning Zumba class at 24.
  19. Hot Buttered Rum. Yum!
  20. Watching a little boy run through puddles while his mother looks on in delight.
  21. What a nice feeling when people come to your class specifically for you.
  22. This will be one of many but yeah, Date Night! Tonight La Veranda.
  23. Crab feed at a friend's. YUM!
  24. 25 hawks spotted on the drive to and from Chico.
  25. Finding signs from my dead people.
  26. Making a Chicken Pot Pie!
  27. Lazing in bed in the morning with my Little Honey Bunch with the warm sunshing streaming in.
  28. Cat texts from Nat.
  29. Moresi Mule at Date Night.
  30. Night cap with Fitzie's and Villano's.
  31. Being able to wish Nic a Happy 20th Birthday.



The Happiness Project is a one-sentence journal, a five-year record.

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The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project