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I made it all the way through 2016 with a happy thought each day. For 2017 I will continue this tradition, making sure there is some positivity each and every day. Happy New Year!

December 2017

  1. When you sub a class and people ask where else you teach.
  2. Reindeer Run 2017 in the books! Allins, Russells, Fitzsimmons, Millers, Hylands, Wanketts, Lujans, Strakas.
  3. Lazy day meandering home with Marcie after breakfast with my Little Honey Bunch.
  4. Have I mentioned how much I love my Monday class?
  5. When you're music dies and lovely ladies in your class pull out their music and finish the class for you!
  6. Cemetery, running into Zumba Eddie, stopping by Philthy Clean Tatt. Love Oakland and Berkeley!
  7. 17 zeeps today in Antioch! And they loved the Feliz Navidad Merenque.
  8. Going to Date Night at Moresi's!
  9. Lunch with R+F girls, dinner with Zumba Girls.
  10. Robin's Open House and Toy Drive. Beautiful!
  11. Packed Monday class and it never gets old when they say, "You know you're my absolute favorite, right?"
  12. When a girl in your class tells you she burns more calories in your Gold class than in the regular class.
  13. Shorter hair, better curls.
  14. I found some angel wings with a heart and, it's my baby sister's 44th birthday!
  15. Zumba Christmas Party at ID&F plus I had 8 whole people in class there this morning.
  16. The Meylan White Elephant lives!
  17. 49er Game at Citrix Owner's Club with Zelia and way to watch a game AND, they won!
  18. When people in your class tell you how much they love your class and how much you have helped them with their health and weight loss!
  19. Happy 94th Birthday, Daddy.
  20. Finally did some Christmas shopping.
  21. Lovely gifts to and from my students at 24 Hour Fitness Antioch! Love them!
  22. Loved watching my Motsy give my little Nat her first tattoo. Roses.
  23. At home with my lovelies.
  24. Niner win, wrapping alongside Nat.
  25. Meeting Baby Hunter and hugging Lillian Pearl for the last time.
  26. Goodbye, Sweet Lily.
  27. When unexpected instructors and friends show up to your class! Thanks Stephanie, Zelia and Stacey!
  28. When a lady in your class tells you she thought you were 40, not almost 60!
  29. Nutcracker with my girls!
  30. Binge watched Season 1 of RH of BH. Lazy day!
  31. Goodbye 2017. Looking forward to a fabulous 2018!

November 2017

  1. When a lady in your class tells you you are her favorite.
  2. Watching my Little Honey Bunch pack for his first Jeep Trip!
  3. STRONG by Zumba with Pamela! Fun!
  4. Strong at Pleasanton Super Sport then MC to raise funds for Puerto Rico in Vacaville.
  5. My favorite meal!
  6. Package from Zumba!
  7. When your class is only 9 people but they have the heart of 100!
  8. Being happy.
  9. When ladies in your class tell you you're their favorite.
  10. Watching Finding Dory.
  11. Dinner with Los Otro Ocho.
  12. Jamming with Dorinda Wexler....FUN!
  13. A beautiful woman in my class today said it was her first time doing Zumba, she was a professional dancer in her country and said I was a great teacher!
  14. Never gets old when people in your class tell you you're their favorite!
  15. Loving the falls colors!
  16. Practicing and recording jams from Sunday!
  17. STRONG with Pamela and Sonia!
  18. I love it when my Little Honey Bunch goes to Costco with me.
  19. Nat's home!
  20. Treats from Hawaii!
  21. Good to see the girls at Senior Center!
  22. Baking with Zelia after class!
  23. Blessings for Thanksgiving! Eme, Jazz, Gma, Gpa, Lilly (the dog), Kristin, Tony, JP, Motsy, Acacia, Nat, Nic, my Little Honey Bunch and me.
  24. Beautiful day! Lunch with Birdie, BeNita and Sherlie. Coffee with Marcie and Kasey. Ran into Adrienne!
  25. Dinner at the Fitzie's, with Villano's and Russell's.
  26. What a lazy, lazy, stormy Sunday with my Little Honey Bunch then getting busy making care packages for the homeless.
  27. 62 at Monday class! WOW!
  28. Natalie sending me pics of beautiful autumn trees.
  29. My ride and die with me at Pittsburg class. Thanks, Zelia!
  30. Sweet group at 24 Antioch today couldn't quit dancing! We danced an extra 15 minutes.

October 2017

  1. Dancing demo at St. Francis. Fun!
  2. When two instructors come to your class and bring their fabulous energy. Thanks Zelia and Mia!
  3. OMG! Best freaking class I subbed ever! Coco's 24 Vallejo class is the best...and my brother and his wife came.
  4. Bodega Bay scrapbooking trip begins! YAY!
  5. Walking on Doran State Beach. Lovely!
  6. Deborah made Gumbo. Yum!
  7. All ten Bodega Girls at once!
  8. Riding in Ruby, our new addition, with my Little Honey Bunch.
  9. Strong with Mia and Zelia!
  10. Theresa Caputo with Boobie and Kathy!
  11. When a lady from your 24 class loves your class so much, she gets a free pass to your In Shape class.
  12. Last Red Stripes Bocce game of the season!
  13. Lazy, lazy day all by myself. Connor moved out Wednesday, Nic at work, my Little Honey Bunch at Habitat, Lina in Miami.
  14. Chico, baby! Nat's performance at the Volley Ball game!
  15. Loud drive home from Chico in Rocky with my Little Honey Bunch.
  16. My Monday 24 class always starts my week off beautifully.
  17. Even though I only had 8 people at my Tuesday 24 Antioch class, I know it's people who love my classes and I go all out for them.
  18. Glad to have my ride or die, Zelia, with me in class!
  19. Bittersweet, a lady who has supported me since day one at Antioch SS is moving. She's said my class is her favorite and she's going to miss me. I'm going to definitely miss her.
  20. Both my girls are back home today!
  21. Super day of dancing, friends and family!
  22. Life is good! We're going to the Nutcracker after all.
  23. Happy Birthday to me! Sweet Zelia and Elisa's surprised me at my class this morning. Just what I always wanted...ZINs to come to my class. And Motsy visited.
  24. Birthday hug from Marisa.
  25. ZIN Yani visits my class!
  26. Zumba Mami Mia visits my class!
  27. Three shooting stars in Arnold!
  28. Wine tasting in Murphys with Los Ocho!
  29. Me and my Little Honey Bunch won the Arnold Cabin Air Hockey (?) Tournament.
  30. Dear in the woods!
  31. Sushi with Sonia!

September 2017

  1. Packing up camp. Bittersweet.
  2. Grand Opening of Iris's Dance and Fitness Studio. Got to dance with many local instructors and Cecilia Mills! Gee dropped off a congratulations cake. How sweet!
  3. Lazy pool day with the Fitzie's.
  4. Iris and Rosy for Memorial Day Zumba!
  5. Lazy day catching up on Housewives.
  6. Sweet visit with Sharon and Shelly!
  7. Had a blast at Bocce with Declan's team. Went late but won!
  8. Dinner with Marilyn, Zelia, Treva, Naomi, Barbara and Peggy.
  9. Date Night with my Little Honey Bunch.
  10. Watching movies with Marilyn.
  11. Sitting in the rain, under the umbrellas with my Little Honey Bunch watching it hit the pool.
  12. Sitting by the fire with my Little Honey Bunch again.
  13. Comforting Kitty after he was traumatized by the thunder and lightning.
  14. Bocce fun always!
  15. Day of dancing at Iris's Dance and Fitness Studio!
  16. Day of dancing with Tennisha at her Salsa Jam!
  17. Lazy day while my Little Honey Bunch went on a long ride.
  18. So nice to have people come to your class and bring fabulous energy! Thank you Zelia, Pureza, Sonia and all the others!
  19. Sitting by the fire with my Little Honey Bunch and owls hooting in the background.
  20. When the people in your class get sad that the cool down song is on because they know the class is over.
  21. 3rd win in a row for the Bocce Red Stripes!
  22. Zero in new class today, but I'm going to give it a couple of months.
  23. Slept in like a teenager! Got up at 11:00.
  24. Nice to meet all the instructors from Iris's Dance & Fitness Studio!
  25. Never ceases to warm my heart when I get to my 24 Hour Fitness on Monday morning and there are 50 people waiting for my class! Always a fabulous way to start off the week!
  26. Toby and Amandria's classes with Zelia. Super fun!
  27. Lazy day after Pittsburg In Shape class.
  28. When you're about to throw in the towel but a lady in your class says, "This was my first time in your class. I LOVED it! I hope you are here forever!" Sign.
  29. Lovely chicken burgers with my Little Honey Bunch on a home Date Night.
  30. Oktoberfest!!!

August 2017

  1. Taught first class since getting back from Convention. Great energy even though only 9 people came.
  2. Getting caught up on Housewives being lazy.
  3. Fun night of Bocce playing our friends.
  4. Dinner with the Fitzie's including the girls!
  5. Music is the Park is always such fun people watching.
  6. Seeing Mrs. Coverdale at a going to college party for her kindergarteners!
  7. Sitting by the firepit with my Little Honey Bunch.
  8. Sitting by the firepit again, with my Little Honey Bunch.
  9. When new members in your class tell you how much they loved it!
  10. Won two out of three at Bocce. A first!
  11. Straka Family Reunion!
  12. Meteor shower gazing with my Little Honey Bunch from the hot tub. Saw 7!
  13. Good to see one of my first Zumba friends, Maylene, at Claudia's Jam Session.
  14. Another night by the fire, another couple of shooting stars.
  15. Lunch with sweet Kathy Hillaire!
  16. ZES Joy Smith teaches Elisa's class, then Yani and Zelia come to mine! THEN, Moresi's for Shelly's birthday.
  17. Just me and four of the boys at Bocce. We won two out of three again! It's the shirts!
  18. Lunch with Raquel at our sweet friend, Teresa's house. Yummy Paton Pisao, fried catfish, salad, fruit!
  19. Good to see everyone for Marilyn's Going Away Party!
  20. Breakfast at Mel's with my Little Honey Bunch.
  21. The Eclipse! Plus, I still had a full Monday morning class.
  22. Best turnout for my Antioch class. 23!
  23. Getting excited for tent camping at Eagle Lake.
  24. Went crazy and deleted a bunch of haters.
  25. Test taking with Zelia and Yani.
  26. Off to Eagle Lake!
  27. Beautiful campsite, waking up to the lake.
  28. Shooting stars by the, the lake and my Little Honey Bunch. Heaven!
  29. Hammocking with a book.
  30. My Little Honey Bunch serenading me with the guitar at camp.
  31. Last campfire under the stars.

July 2017

  1. Tag team cooking with my Little Honey Bunch then the spa under the stars and moon.
  2. Firepit night with my Little Honey Bunch under the stars and moon.
  3. Another firepit night with my Little Honey bunch under the stars and moon.
  4. Super 4th subbing at 9 then dining with friends.
  5. Never gets old when you sub a class and people ask you when you teach because they enjoyed your class so much.
  6. Lunch with Bry.
  7. Saying goodbye to Kathy.
  8. Shooting star from the hot tub.
  9. Kristin and Tony's surprise wedding!
  10. Nat's home, safe and sound.
  11. Super turnout at Antioch (24!).
  12. Love Wednesdays with Zelia!
  13. Watching a show...a lady says, "My birthday is August 20." Then a guy says, "Mine is August 13!" Hi Mom and Baby!
  14. New Red Dragonfly in the yard.
  15. Lovely dinner at Pasta Moon in Half Moon Bay with Zelia and Mia.
  16. Eleven girls at Half Moon Bay at Mia's beautiful house!
  17. When your 24 Antioch people show up to your 24 Walnut Creek class!
  18. Running into VJ at In Shape Concord.
  19. Fabulous Zumba Summer Jam at In Shape with instructors me, Yani, Stephanie B. and Dulce with 60+ participants!
  20. When a lady who is new to your class tells you you are the only instructor she's been able to follow.
  21. Shopping with Nat.
  22. Chilling in the pool with my Little Honey Bunch.
  23. Chilling in the pool with Zelia, Marilyn, Alda, Cindy and my Little Honey Bunch.
  24. When someone comes up to you after class and thanks you profusely for a wonderful class and for playing Latin music! She said my class was the first one she's been to where actual Latin music was played.
  25. Heading to Orlando!
  26. Hanging out in the pool with all the California ZINs!
  27. Opening Ceremony with touching stories as always.
  28. A Fitness Concert where everyone danced instead of standing there with their phones until Daddy Yankee came on.
  29. Theme Party did not disappoint!
  30. Bittersweet closing session...
  31. So good to be home with my Little Honey Bunch!

June 2017

  1. Lunch with the City of Concord ladies, Mia and Zelia!
  2. Chicks Donuts!
  3. Super Fun Master Class with the City of Concord Instructors, Mia, Zelia, Elisa, Sep, Cynthia and me!
  4. Happy Graduation, Bridget!
  5. When people in your fabulous Monday class tell you they're going to come to your Antioch classes on Tuesday and Thursday because Monday's class is just too crowded now.
  6. Saw the three baby deer crossing Peacock.
  7. Lunch with Zelia for her birthday!
  8. Antoine, an instructor from LA, came to my class. He was fabulous!
  9. OK, so Dubs didn't sweep, but there's still a chance!
  10. BBQ at Martinez Waterfront park.
  11. Practicing new songs and a couple of extra hours of exercise.
  12. When you sub a class and people ask you after where you teach your regular classes!
  13. Good to have Eddie, Raquel, Benito, Tere and everyone else in class today.
  14. Good day of dancing with my In Shape crew, practicing Quakes Half Time routine with Zelia and finishing off with Zumba with Gina.
  15. Kathleen Yung.
  16. When you're subbing and one of your regulars tells you, "I saw you on the schedule so I came!"
  17. Hot pool day and night.
  18. Hot pool day, two.
  19. When a lady in your class says, "Out of all the Zumba classes and instructors, your's is the BEST!" It's not true and BEST is in the eye of the beholder, but it's nice that I'm someone's BEST.
  20. Fab class at 24 Antioch. Thanks Eddie and Elizabeth!
  21. Motsy and Acacia visit.
  22. Lunch with Adrienne and Mia, dancing with Mia and Zelia!
  23. Steve Boedt livestream then practice, practice with Zelia, Viviann and Martin!
  24. Dancing a Halftime show at the Avaya Stadium!
  25. Sorting through crates with my Little Honey bunch.
  26. My Little Honey Bunch fixing Lina's ouchie.
  27. Subbing Elisa's class then teaching mine.
  28. Ribeye.
  29. When a lady who has been going to the same Zumba classes as me since 2009 tells me, "I LOVE your class!"
  30. Three Zumba Summer Jams! Robin & Dee, Mia, Miggy!

May 2017

  1. Lazy, warm Monday catching up on Housewives. My usual Monday MO after my fabulous Monday class.
  2. Always nice to have friends support you in class. Thanks, Eddie!
  3. And more friends who support! Thanks, Zelia!
  4. When your friend who takes your Zumba class tells you he thought your were 35 or 40 (and you're about to be 59). And he's gay so it's not that kind of compliment. LOL
  5. First time going to Robin's class. SO FUN!
  6. Road trip to Chico with my Little Honey Bunch, Nat performance and FUN porch party!
  7. Morning breakfast in Chico with Nat and my Little Honey Bunch.
  8. Still the best feeling when people tell you they love your class!
  9. Good two class day!
  10. Bug got a job! Starts Friday.
  11. Motsy came to visit!
  12. Nat home for the weekend!
  13. Sarah's DVC performance with Nat.
  14. Got to see all four babies on this Mother's Day.
  15. Nic had a beer after he got home from work...his third day.
  16. Two Toning Tuesday!
  17. Hot Zumba Nights at In Shape Pittsburg. FUN!
  18. Best Little Honey Bunch ever! After Nic's first full week of work, he did all Nic's chores for him.
  19. Filling the new pantry with my Little Honey Bunch.
  20. Sightings at the Villano's: Olsons, Hylands, Russells, Fitzie's, Riveras, Macaulays, Verderames, Gina, Rachel, lots of neighbors. Happy Graduation, Emma!
  21. Straka Springs is open!
  22. Taught 5:30 am, 11:00 am, going to celebrate Iris' 6th Zinnaversary at 7:30 pm!
  23. When you tell your class you're 58 and they tell you they thought you were in you early 40's.
  24. When your student tells you how much she loves your class but can't come during the summer and can't wait to return in September.
  25. When you're feeling down and your kitten senses it and gives you hugs.
  26. Always happy hanging out with the Fitzie's and the Russell's.
  27. Music in the Park. I love Clayton!
  28. Visiting with my Zumba Mami, Mia, in Half Moon Bay.
  29. Super 50+ class at 24 Walnut Creek. They always start my week off right!
  30. Practicing with Zelia and VJ!
  31. When another instructor comes to your class. Thank you, Zelia!

April 2017

  1. Road trip to the Almond Orchard. New route, new scenery.
  2. Harris Ranch breakfast!
  3. Missed my beautiful students at 24 Walnut Creek. Good to be back!
  4. Catching up on Dancing with the Stars. Lazy in between classes.
  5. Motsy's 38th Birthday!
  6. How nice for Josie to come to my class then spend a little time together after.
  7. Nice day with Mary.
  8. Good day with Zelia, Marilyn, Treva and Cindy!
  9. Meli Jam. FUN!
  10. Sleeping with Kitty.
  11. Watching shows with my Little Honey Bunch. And the kittens.
  12. Good aqua class with Tom.
  13. Beautiful class today and joining me, one of my oldest Zumba Friends, Josie.
  14. Practicing with Zelia.
  15. Love dinners with good friends!
  16. Watching the first Warriors game of the playoffs with my Little Honey Bunch. And some cats
  17. Happy thoughts for you, Little!
  18. Bloody Mary. Happy.
  19. Still never gets old when not, one, but two people, tell you you are their favorite.
  20. Great day hanging out with Elisa, Mia and Zelia.
  21. Good to see the Gold ladies....lunch at The New Mecca, then dinner with the Villano's.
  22. Black Bear in Vacaville with little Nat.
  23. Great start to the day with an aqua class with Yvonne and Marilyn.
  24. Bitter sweet to dance for the last time in the East Bay with Mia. We'll get you out here again!
  25. When people in your class tell you, "I love your class! You have the best music!"
  26. Moresi's with my girls, Deborah, Shelly, Marcia, Sandy and Melinda! And then Shoe.
  27. Most people yet at my Antioch class! 30!
  28. Friday night dinner at Moresi's celebrating our 21st Anniversary. Then a little after fun at the Clayton Club.
  29. After hanging out at the Clayton Art and Wine, dinner with the Hyland's, Russell's, Fitzsimmons, and Villano's. Good friends, good wine, good fun!
  30. Pouring beer and people watching at the Art and Wine with Marcie and Joe.

March 2017

  1. Bodega Bay, Ginochio's Lunch, Bodega Point, Sonoma Coast Vineyards for wine tasting. Best part, they added a hot tub to our house!
  2. Love the new hot tub at the Bodega house.
  3. Trail hike to the beach turned up lots of treasures.
  4. Rainy day in Bodega makes for watching movies and one of my favorites, Sweet Home Alabama.
  5. My Little Honey Bunch made Chile Verde for my return.
  6. It never gets old when people come up to you after class and tell you you are their favorite!
  7. So many people's birthday today! Mary, Lita, Anthony, Emely. Happy Birthday!
  8. Even though only 10 people come to Wednesday class, they slay! So much fun today.
  9. Good times with Mary at Chinese Buffet for lunch.
  10. Jamming with Bianca!
  11. Jamming with Carlos!
  12. Marilyn, "Bringing chicken salad." Brings: Chicken salad, teriyaki, rice, chicken, brisket, coffee cake, lemon bars, green salad.
  13. Still not old when people tell you you are their favorite!
  14. Bloody Mary. YUM!
  15. Subbed Zelia's class with the Mormon Tongans. They were so much fun!
  16. Biggest class yet at Antioch SS. Love that it's growing!
  17. Date Night at Moresi's with my Little Honey Bunch!
  18. Me and Fitz helped my Little Honey Bunch change the awning on Sharky.
  19. Lazy Sunday hanging out with kittens.
  20. When you're Zumba mentor shows up to your class and does a few songs!
  21. When old friends come to your class. Thanks, Eddie!
  22. When the young girl in your class tells you she thought you were 40. And you're almost 59.
  23. Saw my long lost sweet Katie at Costco. 80+ year old student who has been out with a bad back for a few months.
  24. I kind of enjoy going to Safeway with my Little Honey Bunch.
  25. Road trip! Valencia, first stop.
  26. Borrego Springs is BLOOMING! Never been more people here.
  27. First time doing the Palm Canyon Hike in 5 years! So beautiful!
  28. Tried an Aqua Aerobics class at the resort in Borrego Springs. I LOVED IT!
  29. Back to Slot Canyon. Beautifulness all around!
  30. Water Aerobics again!
  31. Taking pictures of the beautiful wildflowers in the desert.

February 2017

  1. When they say you are their favorite.
  2. Happy that my Little Honey Bunch volunteered at Habitat for Humanity. Some people still care enough to help the less fortunate.
  3. Date Night at home with my Little Honey Bunch.
  4. Sitting in the spa with the one I love, feels so fine...
  5. Super Sunday with Super Friends! Congrats, Patriots!
  6. Monday morning Zumba followed by lunch with Adrienne.
  7. I love it when my friends come to support me. Thanks, Eddie!
  8. Biggest class yet at IS Pitts.
  9. Got to see my girls, Adrienne, Mia and my girl, Lina!
  10. Live class with Beto!
  11. Sweet Baby Shower for Amanda and Pat in Atwater.
  12. Filet Mignon. Nuff said.
  13. It never gets old when one of your students tells you they love your class and your music.
  14. Happy Valentine's Day to all my loves!
  15. My Little Honey Bunch couldn't NOT get roses. So he got me some.
  16. Lunching and shopping with Kathy in the Dub C.
  17. Taking a drive out Morgan Territory with my Little Honey Bunch.
  18. Dancing with Zelia.
  19. I did it again...Creme Brulee French Toast!
  20. Went to Lecille's class. So fun!
  21. I was really sad because I thought no one was going to show up, but then 12 did!
  22. Good to see Zelia and Cynthia and lunch at Lima.
  23. When you're subbing at The Big C and new students came to your class and want you to keep teaching.
  24. Date Night at Moresi's and the Clayton Club. LOVE people watching there!
  25. ShowStoppers Competition with Nat to support CVDA.
  26. Dancing with myself! New choreos for tomorrow.
  27. Walnut Creek is still the best. 50 lovely peeps!
  28. Antioch SS and The Big C classes rocked today!

January 2017

  1. New Year's Day on a lazy Sunday with an Eggs Benedict breakfast.
  2. My heart is happy! Full house of almost 50 people at my first Zumba Class of the year at 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport Walnut Creek. Now off to Bryan's class.
  3. First Tuesday class at Antioch Super Sport. Looking forward to growing with the word of mouth from people who really enjoyed it!
  4. The biggest class I've had at In Shape Pittsburg just when I was thinking about giving it up -- 16!
  5. After a disappointing first days at 24 Antioch, people are starting to learn about the class and show up! I had 23 today including some old friends!
  6. Our traditional Chinese Buffet after Zumba.
  7. Started out the day at Norma's Baby Shower and finished it celebrating Bryan's birthday. Lovely.
  8. Always love watching Warriors with my Little Honey Bunch. Especially sweet when the win!
  9. Stormy blues gone for a little bit while teaching my fabulous Monday class.
  10. SO happy with the 2nd Tuesday class at 24 Antioch Super Sport! 22 people who came and stayed for my class on purpose! And, I got lovely comments.
  11. Ecstatic! Even more that #4 above - 19. Happy!
  12. Thursday Antioch SS growing.
  13. Been on hiatus from Date Night but got back to it tonight. Morese's and the Clayton Club!
  14. Great Jam Session with Meli and a bunch of great ZINs in Benicia.
  15. Quiet day of watching football with my Little Honey Bunch on his 58th birthday.
  16. Good to see Pureza in class and then lunch with Adrienne and Sonia!
  17. TK finally didn't hiss and growl at Kitty when he came near her. Progress!
  18. My Little Honey Bunch and Nat off to Chico to move from her apartment to her new house.
  19. Spending the last evening at home with Nat.
  20. Got to see old IBM friends I've known for 37 years!
  21. Good to see everyone at my mother-in-laws 75th Birthday Celebration.
  22. Took a ride with my Little Honey Bunch to take little Nat some things she forgot and had lunch with her in Vacaville.
  23. Nice to see family get back together with family.
  24. Nicest thing ever is when people in your class tell you you are their favorite!
  25. White Russian. Yum!
  26. The sun is shining and my little hula doll is dancing.
  27. Starbucks date with Catherine after Friday morning Zumba.
  28. Lovely dinner with friends Russells, Fitzsimmons and Hylands.
  29. Fun Jam Session with Bini!
  30. When you sub one of the bests class, and people liked it and compliment your playlist.
  31. When you think no one is going to show up but then 18 end up coming.



The Happiness Project is a one-sentence journal, a five-year record.

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