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A positive thought every day for 2018. Happy New Year!

December 2018

  1. Happy Birthday, Nene! You should have been 57 today.
  2. Lazy day make a slideshow of yesterday's Reindeer Run.
  3. Packed Monday house as usual. I love Mondays!
  4. Yay! Lunch with Mia, Zelia and Sonia at Eureka!
  5. Willie teaches us some line dances.
  6. Lazy day, chillin' with kittens.
  7. Back to Strong!
  8. Robin's Toy Drive and Stepz new dance studio!
  9. Lovely gathering of my long time Zumba friends!
  10. One of the last real wood fires (going gas after this cord is gone).
  11. Senior Center lovelies lunch at Himalaya with Sonia, Mia, Zelia and Cynthia, too!
  12. When the boss you've never met comes to your class and he's fine!
  13. Back to line dancing in class!
  14. Date Night and a Happy 45th to my baby sister!
  15. Christmas Letter done!
  16. Christmas tree decorated after meeting Nat for lunch.
  17. My wonderful students showered me with gifts!
  18. I was approved for citizenship today on International Migrants Day.
  19. Happy Birthday, Daddy!
  20. Biggest class yet. Still only 21. But still.
  21. Nutcracker! Ayala Family tradition.
  22. Christmas Cookies at Grandma's. Straka Family tradition. Both days joined by Alex.
  23. Tucker is playful. Cats are not amused.
  24. Clam Chowder dinner at the Russell's with Lauren and partial Fitzie's. Marcie is with her dad at Monterey hospital.
  25. Christmas dinner at Gma's. Tucker meets the family. He growled at Abby.
  26. Last Zumba for the week at In Shape Pittsburg.
  27. Fun Open House at the Hyland's!
  28. Working on my DIY project.
  29. Goose chase for stencils. Car-eographing.
  30. Lovely Indian Spiced Lamb Lollipops. Kathy's recipe.
  31. Last day. Looking for a better 2019. Oh and class was 60+, several people told me how much they love my playlists. Never gets old! Heading to the Russell's. Talk to you next year!

November 2018

  1. Happy Birthday to my Irish Twin!
  2. The Klay game!
  3. Dinner with the Fitzies, Hylands and Russells.
  4. Mia's Birthday celebration at the Guadalajara Grill!
  5. When someone in your class asks to take a picture of your playlist.
  6. Fun at Elisa's class!
  7. Best smell...banana bread baking.
  8. Nat home due to Paradise fire.
  9. Back to Chico for Nat but classes canceled for two weeks.
  10. Enjoyed Luis' Zumba class!
  11. My Little Honey Bunch is home from his jeeping trip. Yay!
  12. Gave John a Zumba shirt on Veteran's Day.
  13. Went to Astrid's fun class!
  14. Saw Atzimba for a quick minute!
  15. Beautiful handmade scarf from Tere!
  16. Masks to protect from the smoke.
  17. Friends Thanksgiving at the Meylan's.
  18. Jamming with Bianca and all the lovely ZINs!
  19. Mia's last Zumba class at Redwood City and everywhere!
  20. Yay, Nat's home!
  21. When your daughter comes to your Zumba class.
  22. Quiet Thanksgiving Dinner with Gma, Gpa, my Little Honey Bunch, Abbey and Nat.
  23. Beef Friday with the Fitzies, Russells and their kids.
  24. Didn't do a single thing but catch up on shows.
  25. Another lazy day watching Overboard.
  26. I love that I get to wake up on Monday and go dance with 60 lovely students.
  27. Back to Strong with Tina!
  28. When someone comes to the class you're subbing because you were on the schedule.
  29. Great Thursday class! Ed and the guy from streets of Berkeley came!
  30. Lazy morning with my Little Honey Bunch then lunch with my IBM Girls, Kathy, BeNita and Birdie.

October 2018

  1. Lunch with Kathy at Sunrise, catching on Mom, RIP, and dropping off Adam at Davis.
  2. Lunch with the Gold ladies, Mia and Zelia at Concord Senior Center and I don't have cancer.
  3. Alejandra back from foot surgery!
  4. Elizabeth back to Antioch!
  5. Lunch with Astrid and Elisa.
  6. Lovely dinner at Gma and Gpa's. Tony made the best tritip ever!
  7. Okotberfest with my Little Honey Bunch.
  8. TV catch up from being sick from the corn dog.
  9. Container Store with my Little Honey Bunch.
  10. When ladies in your class want to know where else you teach.
  11. Little Honey Bunch off on another jeeping trip.
  12. Date Night with Marcie at Moresi's. LOL
  13. Went behind the scense at Levi Stadium and saw the guys in the practice yard!
  14. Beautiful day at Half Moon Bay with the Saids, Logan, Zelia and Alda.
  15. Enjoyed meeting and dancing with Christine Vonasek.
  16. Ribeye. That is all.
  17. The smell of beans cooking.
  18. Elisa, who Zumba's in a chair because of her weight, committing to getting healthy. She's been in class every week since she started.
  19. Love sleeping in until 10.
  20. Jam Session with all the lovelies in Benicia.
  21. OMG! Shrimp Boil at the Miller's!
  22. First Birthday lunch of the week with Mary!
  23. Birthday breakfast at Mel's with my Little Honey Bunch.
  24. Hung out with Motsy in Berkeley
  25. In 'N Out. Yum.
  26. Birthday dinner at Moresi's with my Little Honey Bunch, Nat and Alex.
  27. 50 friends and family helped to celebrate my 60th Birthday.
  28. Basking in the memories of yesterday.
  29. Always nice to have Pureza and Sonia as Front Row Divas!
  30. Lazy, late morning with my Little Honey Bunch.
  31. The kid who put candy from their bag into our bowl because it was empty.

September 2018

  1. Saturday in the Park with friends, Matt's last day at Ed' Mudville, after drinks at Fitzies!
  2. Amanda and Diego tie the knot!
  3. Leisurely day coming home from Sonoma and breakfast at the Black Bear Diner.
  4. Subbed Moraga, folks enjoyed!
  5. Subbed Moraga again, folks enjoyed! Plus In Shape class continues to grow...with no outside help.
  6. Happy Birthday, Lexi!
  7. Happy Birthday, Chacho!
  8. Dinner at Limon with Convention Crew!
  9. Binny Jam Session and met Quinta!
  10. When the people tell you your class is the fullest at that location.
  11. Love subbing Elisa's Concord Class!
  12. Subbed Moraga class and so glad to see Walnut Creek people show!
  13. Happy 21st Birthday to my Little Natalie!
  14. Headed to Arnold with my Little Honey Bunch!
  15. Brice Station Wine Tasting with the Russells and Fitzies, lunch in Murphys.
  16. Home again, home again jiggity jig.
  17. Love Mondays and dancing with my Walnut Creek people!
  18. Nice group subbing for Wes in Moraga.
  19. Mojito.
  20. Red Stripes win 2 out of 3 again!
  21. Love hanging out with the STRONG girls!
  22. Chico bar hopping with Little Nat.
  23. Breakfast at Mom's in Chico.
  24. Two mom/daughters pairs in class, both very grateful.
  25. Took a lazy day watching Below Deck.
  26. A lovely woman told me I was 'the cream of the crop' as instrutor. So sweet to hear!
  27. Biggest class yet at 24 Antioch and four of my regulars weren't even there.
  28. Lunch with my girl, Adrienne!
  29. Happy 80th Birthday to sweet Betta!
  30. Morning coffee on the back deck with a view of Black Diamond.

August 2018

  1. First day teaching after Convention. They noticed I was energized!
  2. Back to Bocce!
  3. Back to Strong!
  4. Coco's Party and Team Teaching with Elisa!
  5. St. Joseph's reunion at Mrs. Gray's funeral.
  6. Back to my Fabulous Monday class!
  7. Danced with Robin Cranford!
  8. Nat made her first carnitas and her first pot of beans!
  9. Moresi's for Shelly's 50th!
  10. Evening with the Fitzies.
  11. Enjoying the beautiful sunset with my Little Honey Bunch.
  12. Saw a shooting star from the porch!
  13. When another instructor comes to your class, compliments you and tells you she loves how you don't stop the music.
  14. Chilly night by the fire with my Little Honey Bunch.
  15. Ellen with Mary!
  16. Playing a team we like!
  17. Strong again!
  18. Finally dinner with Kathy and Robert!
  19. Lazy kitten day.
  20. Full house 60+ at Monday class!
  21. Deez puzzling in stuff in the new jeep.
  22. Nat came to my In Shape Pittsburg class with me! Super group!
  23. Nat heads back to Chico.
  24. Fun game with Shack's Bocce Team!
  25. No glitches on the Live Stream! Danced and sweated!
  26. Yay! My Little Honey Bunch is home!
  27. Fun day Monday with the crew.
  28. Food. Food is yum. Gouda burgers from Blue Apron.
  29. In Shape class growing!
  30. When one of your members tells you they like your class the best!
  31. Happy Birthday, P-Rez.

July 2018

  1. Pool day/party trifecta! Finished the weekend with Marilyn then my Little Honey Bunch.
  2. Another day with Nat home.
  3. When a lady in your class tells you the only thing she didn't like about it was that she sweated too much.
  4. My heart is happy! Great class at In Shape Pittsburg for 4th of July!
  5. We jumped in the line at 24 Antioch! LOL
  6. Hit Berkeley for a second to give Boobie some cowboy boots. Love it!
  7. Eagle Lake bound!
  8. Shooting star at the campfire.
  9. Nat arrives at Eagle Lake!
  10. Egg and Bacon tacos. Thanks, George!
  11. Em arrives at Eagle Lake!
  12. Saw a shooting star again at the campfire!
  13. Hamburgers and a little rain. 30 year Eagle Lake tradition.
  14. Bike ride to Christy Campground. Always beautiful.
  15. Headed home! Can't wait to get into my bed.
  16. Back to my lovely Monday morning crew at 24 Walnut Creek. 60+! Lots of compliments. Never gets old when people ask where else you teach.
  17. Subbed Elisa's Concord class, joined by fellow ZIN Zelia!
  18. Had lunch with Adrienne at Fat Maddie's!
  19. First Bocce of the season, won all three matches, are in FIRST place!
  20. After Strong, pool day and movie night!
  21. Sweet Amanda V's Bridal Shower.
  22. Breakfast at The Buttercup with my Little Honey Bunch.
  23. Ran into Bea and Julie at the Nail Salon.
  24. Off to Orlando!
  25. Enjoying the Orlando pool!
  26. Openning Ceremony at ZINCON2018!
  27. Super fun Fitness Concert with Gente de Zone, BIP, Locos Por Juana.
  28. Master Class with Beto at DJ Gringo's Session. Masquerade Party was too fun (I fell, ambulance, stitches...).
  29. Home, sweet, home after delays and what not.
  30. Took a day of rest.
  31. Class with Elisa.

June 2018

  1. By the firepit with my Little Honey Bunch.
  2. Early Father's Day celebration with the Straka Clan.
  3. Pulled off a surprise Birthday Party for Zelia's 50th!
  4. Harry and Kitty playing through the door.
  5. Found a new Strong class! Tuesdays, 4:30, 24 Walnut Creek SS with Tina!
  6. Warriors win their 3rd in a row! Hoping for a sweep on Friday.
  7. Hearts that lift you up.
  8. Remebering Gene on his birthday. RIP
  9. Dancing with Toby!
  10. My Little Honey Bunch is so talented.
  11. Happy 50th, Miss Deborah!
  12. Got to dance with Elisa!
  13. Nice pool day AND Nat's surprises us and pops in for a couple of days.
  14. I love when Elizabeth comes to class!
  15. Strong crew, super class.
  16. St. Joseph's Elementary Reunion. Eleven of the classmates there. Kathy, Sue, Dino, Bev, Patsy, Larry, Billy, Arthur, Charm, Chris and me.
  17. Grilled ribeye!
  18. When your Monday people are delighted you are going to be there on Tuesday to sub.
  19. When your subbed Tuesday class wants you to do it every week!
  20. Leisurely morning, lovely Zumba.
  21. When you make a new dish and your Little Honey Bunch says, "I could eat this everyday!"
  22. Oakhurst sunset with Troy, Jay, Joe, Marcie, my Little Honey Bunch and me. Goodbye to the Wickware's!
  23. Shooting star while sitting out with my Little Honey Bunch!
  24. Another lovely, lazy pool day.
  25. Shopping with Zelia!
  26. Nat's 3rd tatt with Mot at Philthy Clean.
  27. Shopping with Nat!
  28. When your daughter comes to your Zumba class!
  29. Pool Party! VJ, Atzimba and Ayo, Zelia, Elisa, Marilyn, Treva, Cindy, Cynthia, Sepi and me
  30. The pool party continues...Zelia, Marilyn, Treva, Cindy and me!

May 2018

  1. Happy May Day.
  2. Wow...biggest class at In Shape - 26! Maybe I won't call time of death.
  3. Made the yummiest Jalapeno Cheese bread!
  4. Strong and lunch with the Friday morning crew!
  5. Chico State Expressions Showcase. Great job, girls!
  6. Lovely day with my Little Honey Bunch traveling home from Chico.
  7. Mondays are my fave!
  8. Spotted today, an ElCo and a '66 Chevy.
  9. Nice chat with Viv.
  10. Happy Mother's Day to all the Latinas who celebrate today!
  11. Mountain View Cemetery.
  12. Music in the Park with the gang and the Villano's last. Bittersweet.
  13. Hanging out at Philthy Clean Tattoo on Mother's Day with my kid and sisters and friends.
  14. Dancing with Mia!
  15. Goodbye Villanos! We'll miss you!
  16. Spotted today, '66 Chevy and an ElCo.
  17. When a lady from my Walnut Creek class comes to my Antioch class because she missed me.
  18. Oakhurst with the Fitzies.
  19. Royal Wedding and Royal everything.
  20. My Little Honey Bunch and Nat home today!
  21. Love my 24 Monday crew!
  22. Berkeley with Nat, Boobie and Mot. Nat got her second tatt.
  23. 30 freaking people at In Shape! Finally! I hope it sticks.
  24. Chillin with the kittens.
  25. Strong Friday with Elisa and Astrid.
  26. Yard work with Harry and my Little Honey Bunch.
  27. Burgers with friends!
  28. I got to team teach with my Zumba Mami, Mia!
  29. Nice compliments from subbing Moraga.
  30. Nice dinner with sweet Robin at Moresi's Wine Down Wednesday.
  31. Hello, Nene!

April 2018

  1. Lazy day figuring out the Zumba Cruise!
  2. Visiting Timmy with Bev.
  3. Spending time with Harry.
  4. Zelia back at In Shape Pittsburg with me.
  5. Happy Birthday, Motsy!
  6. Excited about the cruise!
  7. Flying to Miami!
  8. Dancing with Beto Perez, creator of Zumba, at the port in Miami.
  9. Dancing until 3:00 am.
  10. Mexico from afar. Hola Costa Maya!
  11. Saw a shooting star behind Beto while he was dancing on stage.
  12. Last day at sea with beautiful Zumba people.
  13. Beautiful day at South Beach Miami with friends.
  14. Flight delayed but so excited to see my Little Honey Bunch tonight!
  15. Home sweet home.
  16. Back to my Zumba class!
  17. Little, Happy to you, to you, to you. Happy to you, to you, to you.
  18. Missed my beautiful In Shape people!
  19. Training with Zelia!
  20. Strong with Elisa!
  21. Girl Power Master Class and lunch with Zelia, Osh, Omar, Mia, Sepi, Cynthia, Iris, and my Little Honey Bunch!
  22. Nat is home for dinner. Yay!
  23. Love when friends come to class. Thanks, Pureza!
  24. Small but good class. 13.
  25. Love when Zelia comes to class. Great energy!
  26. When you sub a class and people ask you where you teach.
  27. Happy 22nd Anniversary to me and my Little Honey Bunch.
  28. Beautiful day at the Clayton Art & Wine Festival. Lots of locals.
  29. Antioch 24 with Pamela, Mari, Marisa and Zelia! Five instructors in the house!
  30. Five year anniversary of teaching Zumba Gold at 24 Walnut Creek Super Sport! Adore this class!

March 2018

  1. Filipino Food at Island Pacific Supermarket. YUM!
  2. Wine with Fitzies and Russells.
  3. Zumba Jam with Bianca, then Miggy, Efren and Joe!
  4. Visit from Nat.
  5. When people from your fabulous class tell you they wish you taught more classes at that location.
  6. Feeding the neighborhood kitty, Harry.
  7. Ahhhhhhhhh.....Bodega Bay!
  8. Beautiful sunset in Bodega.
  9. Beto Live Stream!
  10. Beautiful hike to the beach.
  11. Tacos in Half Moon Bay. Happy Birthday, Omar!
  12. Prince Harry is still coming around. Nic tucked him because it was raining.
  13. Gotta love my faithful at 24 Antioch!
  14. Beautiful rain shots.
  15. Nat's home for Spring Break!
  16. Saw an Elco, then a '66 Chevy on Mel's brthday.
  17. Lovely St. Patty's Day dinner withe the Fitzies and Russells.
  18. All day job blogging 30 scrapbooking trips. Lovely memories.
  19. When the 60 people in your class tell you how much they enjoy you!
  20. Patience and consistency are key to class growth. Thank you 24!
  21. Biggest class yet at In Shape.
  22. Lacey and Ollie had a much shorter ride to the vet! Less yowling!
  23. Strong then lunch at Charbird. YUM!
  24. Oakley Master Class! Danced every last minute!
  25. Very lazy Sunday with my Little Honey Bunch.
  26. Fab Monday Zumba with Zelia, Sonia, Pureza and the rest of the gang, practicing with Zelia and seeing VJ and the In Shape girls for the beginning of Iris' class.
  27. Chinese Buffet, Antioch.
  28. First top down drive of the season in beautiful, sunny California.
  29. Big white blooms on the pear trees.
  30. Date Night at Moresi's and fireside on a beautiful evening.
  31. Friends BBQ, VJ and Bill, Zelia and Osh, Fred and Tatiana and So So, Marilyn, Cindy, Treva and Harry, the cat.

February 2018

  1. I love it when Elizabeth, Eddie, Tere, Raquel and Benito come to class. Such great energy!
  2. Nat stopped in for a minute!
  3. Zumba, hanging out with Mia, Zelia, Sepi, Pureza and Sonia, topping off the day in the hot tub with my Little Honey Bunch and two shooting stars!
  5. Binge watched RHONY.
  6. Visit from the Area Manager to my class, then off to Coco's Birthday Class.
  7. My new favorite drink, vodka, fresh squeezed grapefruit and lime over ice.
  8. My girl, Marcie, came to my class! YAY!
  9. Little Honey Bunch back from Boy's trip and sitting out in our beautiful backyard by the fire.
  10. Super Zumba with Toby, Eddie, Eva and Cheri!
  11. Last Zumba with Toby in the East Bay! Marilyn, Zelia, Eva, Eddie, Cheri and Elizabeth!
  12. A heart shaped brownie from Beta. Awwwww!
  13. Sound system out, luckily got a text and took my portable!
  14. Beautiful red roses from my Little Honey Bunch!
  15. Best class yet in Antioch. 20!
  16. Date night at Moresi's with my Little Honey Bunch!
  17. Dinner with the Fitzie's.
  18. Brunch with the in-laws and a quick visit from Nat.
  19. Best Zumba day...morning Kristine and Susan came, then lunch...evening trek to Mia's first Zumba Class at Redwood City.
  20. The girl who comes to my Zumba class on her lunch hour even though she can't stay the full time.
  21. Tere comes to my In Shape class! Yay!
  22. My new Zumba HiTops arrived.
  23. Tachi Sushi. Yum!
  24. On a cold day, snuggled up to my Little Honey Bunch.
  25. Shopping with Nat. Sunshine.
  26. When it's your first borns birthday.
  27. Oh my goodness. Best turnout at 24 Antioch. 23!
  28. Best turnout at In Shape Pittsburg! 18.

January 2018

  1. Driving to teach at 24 Hour Fitness WC, I saw three couples on walks, holding hands!
  2. What a fabulous giant moon!
  3. Good turnout for first class at In Shape Pitts. 16.
  4. Happy with 18 for first class at 24 Antioch! Hope it keeps up.
  5. Ice skating with Nat and Laura!
  6. First Jam Session and first friends dinner of the year!
  7. Lazy day catching up on shows.
  8. Glad to have my crowd back at 24!
  9. Back to Rodan + Fields Business Presentation.
  10. Decadent morning, lazing with my Little Honey Bunch before Zumba at In Shape.
  11. When my Little Honey Bunch leaves early and leaves a kiss on my head while I'm still in bed.
  12. Leslie, Lucy, Mary and Zelia back in class!
  13. First Date Night of 2018 at Moresi's Chop House.
  14. Love going to the RV Show with my Little Honey Bunch.
  15. Back to 55 at WC!
  16. Lazy morning.
  17. Nat's back and having my Little Honey Bunch's Birthday dinner.
  18. Watching shows with all the Kittenies.
  19. Seeing grade school friends at a celebration of life for the father of one of our classmates.
  20. Women's March in SF with Catherine.
  21. What a Jam Session! First with Erica Dixon.
  22. Lunch with my girl, Zelia.
  23. In n Out with Elizabeth and Eddie after class!
  24. Zelia back with me at In Shape Antioch. Yay!
  25. When you start your cool down and the class is like, "It's been an hour?! It's over?!"
  26. Livestream with Gina Grant with appearances by Armando and Heidi, and Rony and Betsey!
  27. A beautiful day with Susan, Carol, Trina and Amy. Dim Sum and 4th Street and Philthy Clean.
  28. Baby Number One stopped in.
  29. Dancing and lunch with Sonia!
  30. What a beautiful moon just in time for Nic's Birthday.
  31. Happy 22nd Birthday, Bug!



The Happiness Project is a one-sentence journal, a five-year record.

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