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March 25, 2016

January 7, 2016

January 2, 2016


Neglected Kittenies

March 25, 2016

You know, I take a picture of my cats pretty much every single day. I should be posting them more. What I do is send them to Natalie and it turns the corners of her mouth way up! Here are a few I'll share with you!

Is this a meerkat or a mere cat?


Ollie got sick of my showing off his impersonations, so he did some of me.

Cat Impersonations

Cat Impersonation

Cat Impersonations

That is all.

A Little Privacy Please?

January 7, 2016

You gotta know...

That if I'm about to clean the litter box...

And you usurp me...


I'm going to take a picture of you...

Kitten peeing

Then I sent it to Nat and she sent me this reply:

Peeing Kitten

In other kitteh news...twice yesterday, TK showed a sappy side to her usually aloof and demanding side. She knew I was feeling a little down so she kept head butting me. She did make me feel better. Then later, she sat on my lap while I was watching Housewives. Silly kitteh...

Aloof Kitteh

Beggar Kittenie

January 2, 2016

All the doggies I know have the uncanny ability to get their servants humans to give them food. Milo, Jack, Shadow, Lillie the Lab, Lilly the Pug. All of them. They sit by their food. They look at it, they look at you, they look at it and they repeat this until the human gives in.

Our cat/dog, Ollie (aka Puff), does the same thing. I swear he is Chivie reincarnate!

Beggar Kittenie

Kittenie Beggar

Beggar Kittenie

And...the human caves.

And this one, Lacey (aka TK), does the same thing to demand the litter boxes be cleaned. And you'd better do it or she retaliates by peeing on a baseboard somewhere. She's scoping out the perfect baseboard now.

Demanding Kittenie


Oliver and Lacey

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