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July 18, 2017


Catching Up With The Kittenies

July 18, 2017

So, by now on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably seen that we have a new kittenie. It's my Grand Kitten. Natalie got him at the beginning of her sophomore year at Chico. She was in a two bedroom apartment she rented with Brett (the BF at the time). Then a few weeks into the school year, B joined the Army and Nat moved into a house with 9 other girls and couldn't take the cat. So guess who ended up with it?

Yup. Us.

So we decided to introduce them slowly. When he first arrived, Natalie kept him in her room for a day. Then we put him in my office with the glass doors for a day so all three cats could see each other with the protection in between them.

Then we opened the door. Puff (Ollie) was like, "I, I don't know about this, man." But it seemed like they were going to get along.

Then he met TK (Lacey).

And today, eight months later, she still hisses at him. She is a mean, old lady to him. She terrorizes him and puts him in a corner. Even though he's twice as big as her. One of these days, he's going to figure out he can kick her butt! Doesn't he look like a Jackelope?

Reminds me of when Motsy finally 'fought back'. Lina being three years older than him was bigger than him for a while. As older sisters do to their little brothers, she, well, wasn't very nice to him. I always told her, "One of these days he's going to be bigger than you!" Sure enough, one day he couldn't take it any more and pushed her. She actually fell back and hurt her ankle. She was never mean to him ever again. Ah...sibling love!

So, it's taken a while for Kitty (yes, that's his name, Kitty) to warm up to me but the other day, he sat with me and watched Housewives with me.

Kitty and Rosy


Oliver and Lacey

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