Ayala Visit

August 17, 2002

My sisters and one of my brothers came to visit along with their children.  Here are some Polaroid's Mot took. 

Jasmine Natalie Nena & Natalie Chub Dog
Eme and Jasmine Oli Little Lina
Little Lexi Eugenio and Boobie



My brother, Little, and son, Mot.


Little hasn't seen Nena in 5 years!




Lina and Mot cooking.


Nephew, Lexi, and brother, Little.  Looks like someone cloned Little!


Chivie's best friend, Boobie. 





Boobie, Little, Nena, Mot and Bob.






Little and Nena.


Eugenio, Boobie and Chivie on the hill.




Lina eating, Mot taking Chivie's close-up. 


The Webb's arrive.  Lina meets her cousin Jasmine.  Paul, Lina, Jasmine, Eme, Nena, Boobie and Oli.




Our parents oldest and youngest grandchildren.  Celina and Jasmine. 




Eme and Little. 



Mot with Jasmine.


Eme and her baby, Natalie and her baby. 




Boobie and Jasmine. 



Natalie and Oli wouldn't stop making funny (UGLY) little faces for the pictures. 


Mot's turn to make a funny face. 




Freedom and Lina (and Boobie).



Lexi, his friend, Amy and Amy's new best friend, Natalie. 


Oli and Nicolas rumbling.




My three hairy children.  Lina, Natalie and Mot.



Cousin Its. 


Me and my babies (Nic didn't want to be in the picture). 




Here's everybody (minus Nic, who didn't want to be in the picture). 

From top left:  Mike, Paul, Bob, Eugenio, Little, Lexi, Boobie, Oli, Jasmine, Eme, Natalie, Amy, Mot, Freedom, Lina, Nena and Me.