Borrego Springs Desert State Park

March 3 - 11, 2001

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I just love the desert.  It's so beautiful...

cactus.gif (5082 bytes)

desert2.jpg (120240 bytes) prehistoric.

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Three inches of rainfall a year in the desert.  I think we were there for all of it!

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Natty's favorite place on earth.  Next to her Daddy. 

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Grandpa and Grandma always graciously offer to sit at the table with the babies...and Mike and I get a break from them!

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More fuel for my "strange bathroom" phobia!  A park employee found this in one of the bathrooms.  Yikes!

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There's a three mile self guided tour through Palm Canyon which starts out looking like lots of rocks.

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You come across some beautiful scenery.

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Then you finally come to the breathtaking tip of the namesake...the oasis of palms! (Is that redundant? Oasis of palms.)

canyon6.jpg (137874 bytes) There's still a little way to go, across the water and over giant rocks.  You get to a little clearing where Indians used to live.  Beautiful and well worth the hike! canyon8.jpg (127983 bytes)