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Welcome to Eagle Lake 2001!

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The campers

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Nicolas, Natalie and Emily found the comfiest place at camp.

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About 10 years ago, Amanda (left) met Stephanie (right) at Eagle Lake and they've been friends ever since.   Stephanie's family couldn't make it to Eagle Lake this year but Amanda invited her to come with them.  

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Here are Natalie, a new friend, Leesha, Emily and Nicolas.  I wonder if Emily will invite Leesha to Eagle Lake in 10 years?


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Getting up on the ski bob was quite a challenge for Amanda and Stephanie.

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Eventually, they made it on.

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Only to be dumped in the cold lake. 


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Walking the dog.

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Walking the dog?


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The kids building sand castles.  Pat, Amanda, Natalie, Stephanie and Emily. 

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Sisters Emily and Amanda with cousin Natalie.

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Natalie seems to be having a disagreement with the seagulls.


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I'm pretty sure this is the last year Natalie can take a bath in the dishpan.

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Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

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