Kindergarten Farm Field Trip

May 2, 2003

Arrival at the Farm.  The farmer explains rules and so forth. 



The children listening intently.






Kyra and Natalie feeding a little goat.


Now Natalie, Kyra and Brad pose with the goat.


Posing with a goose.







Brand, Natalie, Dominic, Andy and Kyra









The little one is not so slobbery.


Ryan, the main man, eating lunch with the girls!

From left:  Katie, Jenelle, Melayna, Kyra, Ryan, Natalie and Rachel






Miss Mary found a little friend.


Now the girls find him


Natalie planting her seeds with Mrs. C's guidance. 






Natalie and chickadee.


Kyra and the chick.


Melayna and the chickie.







Nat, Krya and Chickie.