Friday Friends

This page is dedicated to my 'Friday Friends'.

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Wendi, Evelyn, Rosy, Susan, Wendy & Keva

This is our first Mom's Day out when we went antiquing in Martinez in 1999.

Too bad we didn't get any photos of our second outing to WPLJ's!

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These multi-colored flowers are like us!





And how could we forget Keva's Going Away Party?


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Rosy, Carol, Wendy, Sylvia, Kristine, Dr. Susan, Audrey, Trina, Susan

Wendy's slumber party with our inner Barbies in May of 2001.  This was the eve of my 'incident'.  You know, when I called 911 for a hangover.

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Wendy, Kristine, Susan, Rosy, Trina, Evelyn

Pumpkin Patch Playgroup October 2001.

Susan, Wendy, Rosy, Evelyn, Christine

What a wonderful surprise! The girls surprised Rosy for her birthday in October.

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Wendy, Trina, Susan, Cheryl, Carol

At Kristine's Going Away Party.

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Rosy, Wendy, Susan, Cheryl, Carol

Second shot.

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Rosy, Cheryl, Christine, Wendy, Susan, Sylvia, Lola (and Mara)

November 10, 2001







November 30, 2001

Mara, Gretchen & Natalie

Ocbtober 25, 2001

Lauren, Gretchen, Natalie, Joanna & Mara

Lawrence Hall of Science

February 15, 2002




Wendy's Surprise Party

March 29, 2002

March 29, 2002

March 29, 2002




Mother's Day, May 10, 2002

Alameda Beach, August 13, 2002

Gretchen's Birthday Party, September 6, 2002




October 25, 2003

Gregg's Birthday Dinner

Mike & Rosy

Michael & Carol




Mark & Trina

Evelyn & Bob

John & Susan




The boys having an after dinner cigar...



...except for Mike, who was hanging with the girls.




Mrs. Wendy

Mrs. Susan

Mrs. Evelyn




Mrs. Trina

Mrs. Carol

Mrs. Rosy




We were ALL supposed to be showing cleavage!


Gregg gets in on that action...




Evie shows Carol some moves...


...and now Gregg.


Playgroup at Susan's.  Summer 2003.  Carol

Kris & Chris

Susan & Evie



Kids came in from swimming.

Hike up Black Diamond.  September 2003


Wendy, Gregg and Gretchen's Going Away Party

November 30, 2003

The guests of honor, Wendy & Gregg


Michael & Mark


Kristine & Mike










Mary Margaret & Gretchen


Cheryl & Carol


Jeanne & Alfred


Lance & Christine








Hayden & Natalie


Nic and Daniel


Jake, Sophia & Joseph


MM, KK, Catherine & Gretchen








MM & Gretchen...what's with the fingers?




Evelyn, Jeanne & Christine


Jake, Aaron, Mason & Daniel








Jake, Aaron, Mace Dog & Daniel


Hayden, Nicolas & Sophia comparing cards


Lauren, Mara & Catherine play hide and seek


A nice calm as a movie get put on...








Nicolas, Daniel & Nicholas


Joanna, Joseph & Aaron


Gregg, Mike & Michael


Kristine & Jeanne








Wendy admiring the photos


Gary (drinking water?)


Jeanne & Alfred admiring photos


Gregg chatting with John








Watching Pokemon


nice and quiet


Kristine, Carol & Wendy


Gregg's gets mushy








So does everyone else...


and the tears start flowing...


some fond memories...


more tears...








more memories...


and the 'pushy' one who got this group together!


Rosy's self portrait...


Wendy can't hold back the tears as Carol tells her story.








Thank you, Susan, for putting together the California Friends momento!


The girls.


Gregg, Wendy and their entourage.












And of course, the kids...


goofy kids!