Secret Society of Glasscutters

March 5,6 & 7, 2004


The weekend is under way!

I didn't get photos of Friday night.

 Evelyn scrapping the night away with Patty D. taking a little snooze in the background.


With this kind of determination, it's no wonder Deb got  36 pages done!

There's Susan in the background checking out Ann's scrapbook.


Patty's back in action.  There are Lisa and Evie.


Sharon and Deborah take a little Margarita break.


Here's the whole room in action.  Can you believe we got 7 tables in!  Actually 8 with Sharon's card table and room to spare! 


Here we are taking a little Mojo Mud Pie break.

Rosy, Susan, Lisa, Deb, Evelyn, Ann, Patty & Sharon. 

On Friday night, Jeanne, Shelly and Kate were also there.  Mary D. stopped in on Saturday. 


We heated up the hot tub even though nobody had who needs suits!!  Clothes started flying.  Then the boobholders went!  No one wanted wet boob holders...



You need a little history on the 'glasscutters'.  You see, a member, who shall not be named, made a comment about the boobs of an acquaintance (who does not live in Clayton).  She said, "So what's up with Soandso's boobs?  They look like weapons, way high up, pointy and glasscutters".

The rest is history. 

So here we are, the Secret Society of Glasscutters.  Of course, the ONLY reason any of OUR boobs resembled glasscutters is because they float so well!!

GREAT TIME...thanks for the laughs! XOXOXO