Heather Farms Field Trip

May 14, 2003



Here's the group looking at the habitats in the pond.







The docent points out animal tracks.


Lunch time...


...for moms, too.






Nicholas, Kyle, Arthur, Shane and Steven



Kyle, Shane, Nicolas and Grant







We're learning about different plants types.









This one smells good!


Deborah is teaching Shane and Nic about the different parts of the poppy. 







Wandering through the Rose Garden.







Partial Room 14.  Gabby, Ryan, Clarice and Shane.


Another part.  Rachel, Megan, Nicolas and Grant.


Alex and Riley were Miss Cross' group.  Here are Nicolas, Grant, Gabby, Shane, Megan, Clarice, Rachel and Ryan.







Rachel took this photo of Clarice and Gabby in the car.