Oli's Ice skating Birthday Party



My nephew, Lexi (Nena's son), and daughter, Celina.



Lina's handiwork on Boobie's hand.



A dragon on one of Oli's friends.



Cousin Oli (Celia's daughter center) the birthday girl and her friends show off the henna tattoos Lina did for them.  Better than face painting!



Natalie wants to try ice skating right away.  Here she is with Boobie and me. 



Nic isn't sure he wants to try skating.  He's checking out the vending machines with Daddy.  By the way, Iceland hasn't changed in 30 years!



After a while Nat says, "Don't hold on to me."  She's off. 



OK, Natalie's having too much fun.  He's going to try it!



It is fun!



He's trying it!  Me and Nena help him along.



My sister, Eme (Celia), passing out goodie bags. 


By the time we were leaving, Natalie was attempting twirls!  (Pay no attention to the BFCB at her left - Big Fat Cellulite Butt.)