St. Joseph's Class of 1972

July 3, 2004

Best looking bunch of 46 (some 45) year olds I've ever seen!

Top:  Michael Peterson, Lucien Freeman

Middle:  Rosy Straka (Ayala), Larry Gray, Michelle Freeman (Fleury), John Bowman

Bottom:  Timothy Smith, Beverly Croshal (Kelleher), Arthur Serna


Michael Lucien Rosy Larry Michelle John Timothy Beverly Arthur

Fi, thank you for the CD holders.  They arrived an hour before everyone else arrived!

  Mrs. and Mr. Freeman -- so glad you guys made it!

Susan, we saved space on our plates for that potato salad!  We missed you...hope all is OK. 

  I guess Art was the only one who didn't grow after the 8th grade...OK neither did I!

Mike, Lucien and Art.

  Bev has some card game going.

 Bev, Mike Peterson, Arthur, John and Michelle.

  Larry and Jackie, Mike Peterson's wife (behind Michelle) are in on this game. 
  There's Jackie.  Am I spelling your name properly!?
  Peety and John.  What cracks me up is that I could pick these guys out in a line up.  They look the same!
  Mike, Lucien and John. 
  Tim and Art.
  Michelle and Lucien.
  John and Bev...
  Bev and Arthur...
  Arthur and Mike!!
  Larry and my Honey Bunch, otherwise also known as Mike. 
  Mike and Jackie.  So glad you made it!  Looking forward to playing golf (at the spa) in San Diego!
  John and Bev taking photos.