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Keva's Going Away Party

September 9, 2000

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The Attendees:

Gregg and Wendy Adams

Michael and Kristine Goodman

Sean and Wendi King

John  and Susan Lawlor

Wailun and Sylvia Ong

Gary and Cheryl Siegrist

Mike and Audrey Slaughter

Mike and Rosy Straka

Mark and Keiwa Tomlinson

Bob and Evelyn Wullner


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Yummy BBQ dinner...

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The games begin...with Gregg acting as host.

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You did it WHERE??!!

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Evelyn gets a Chippendales flashback!


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Wendy cheers him on...more money, honey!


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Keva performs a beautiful dance.  We are all in awe....

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Wendy sings, we dance... ultra romatic!


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Susan and Evelyn present Keva with a copy of the scrapbook we gave Wendi and a collage of the group.  Rosy has to find a box of kleenex.


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And the partying begins....

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You go girls!!  Woooo Hooooo!!

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Looks like a replay of Mom's Night Out!


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Goodbye...we miss you...

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