Last Day of School 2003

Mrs. Starbuck, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Coverdale open their gift certificates.




Mrs. Coverdale sings one last flag song with the kids. 







Janet and Angela (Mrs. Starbuck)


Natalie and Melayna hamming it up. 






The Kinder Olympics are in full swing.



More hamming.






Natalie's last time lining up in the Kindergarten line.


Hey, last year, Nat was the little pesky sister lining up in her brother's class.


Dominic and the boys.






Mrs. Starbuck and Mrs. Coverdale with Jack O's little sister, Kaitlin.


Room 1 a.m. and p.m.


Mrs. Davis is accompanying them on the piano.






Out to pizza.


Mrs. Coverdale is off for her son's festivities at the middle school. 


The Bug's class has a little fun.






Room Moms Rock!


Mrs. Starbuck and Mrs. Davis get aprons from Room 1 p.m.


Last lesson of the year.







I'm sure going to miss Mrs. Coverdale, Kindergarten and Room 1.  What a great year!







Meanwhile, back in Mrs. Fuller's class, the kids are still doing word wall with less than an hour to go before the year is over!


Grant, Mrs. Fuller and Nicolas


A few minutes to spare, better keep reading!