Lawlor's Going Away Party

June 10, 2004

John, Susan, Joanna, Nicholas and Mara are off to their new adventure in Hawaii.  Once again, it was my pleasure to host the going away party.  The Adams' even flew in from Atlanta and were able to attend.  All of the following were here:

John, Susan, Nicholas and Mara; Laura Ploetz; Sylvia (Wailun couldn't make it), Christopher, Brenda and Karina Ong ; Evelyn (Bob couldn't make it), Hayden and Lauren Wullner; Mike, Rosy, Miguel Perez, Nicolas and Natalie Straka; Cheryl Childs (Gary couldn't make it), Jake and Jared Siegrist; Jeanne (Alfred couldn't make it), Aaron and -- drawing a blank here--; Kristine (Michael couldn't make it), Mason and Kaitlin Goodman; Gregg, Wendy and Gretchen Adams; Michael, Carol and Mary Margaret Koby; Mark, Trina and Sophia Cantrell; Mark, Cassie, Brian, Grace and Ethan Hull; Christine, Lance, Daniel and Catherine Gee.

Coincidentally, the Goodman's, Adams' and Lawlor's were staying at the Embassy Suites that evening!  Most of the girls also had a chance to get together at All Fired Up in Martinez on Monday, June 14.  We kind of crashed Deborah Meylan's birthday party.  I'll be posting photos of that event shortly.  Unfortunately for us, Susan and family were in Vegas!

It was a bittersweet gathering.  Although it was wonderful for the gang to be together, the cloud of sadness hung ever so close.  It brings tears to my eyes now as I think back....

I'm so glad, Susan, that you were a part of my life.  Thinking back on Nicholas' 3 year old Birthday Party at Gymboree, to our outing to Martinez, our girl's night out at WPLJ's, all the throw up fests at Wendy's, countless playgroup outings...what's that saying?

Some people come into your life and quickly go

Some people come and leave footprints on your heart and you are never, ever the same....




1.  Laura, Sylvia and Evelyn.  Looks like really juicy gossip!

2.  Susan and Mike.  Susan is already getting sad. 

3.  Cheryl, Christine and Jeanne.

4.  Karina and Chivie.

5.  Here we are before Wendy gets here!  Christine, Sylvia, Carol, Susan, Cheryl, Jeanne, Evelyn, Rosy, and Cassie. 

6.  Another shot. 

7.  The Adams' arrive!

8.  Mark, Mike, Michael and Gregg.

9.  Susan.

10.  The kids were certainly entertaining themselves.

11.  "You wanna piece of me(at)?  You wanna piece of me(at)!?"

12.  Nicolas, Nicholas and Daniel buried in the Game Boy. 

13.  Awwww!  Susan and Johnny.

14.  Here we are watching the Atlanta video. 

15.  It was very entertaining!

16.  The boys are still buried in the Game Cube. 

17.  Gregg, Susan and John. 

18.  Mike and Mark. 

19.  Gregg, Susan, Michael and Mary Margaret. 

20.  Cheryl, Mason, Kristine, Kaitlin, Jeanne, Carol, Evelyn, Wendy and Trina

21.  Self portrait...Rosy and Susan. 

22.  Wendy and Gregg and their funny little tribute. 

23.  They found it amusing!

24.  Mama Cass and Ethan. 

25.  Mike, John and Gregg.

26.  Jeanne and Susan

27.  Reminiscing. 

28.  Christine and Lance. 

29.  Susan and Evie.  (boo-hoo-hoo)

30.  Rosy (and Mot)

31.  Remember Barbie Night? 

32.  Yes, owners do look like their dogs (thick!). 

33.  "..and the plural of 'y'all' is 'all y'all'..."

34.  Goof balls...a bunch of girls, including Chivie. 

35.  DOG PILE!

36.  Come on, Chivie, wear the pink bandana!

37.  Isn't she cute!

38.  "I don't wanna wear it, I look stupid.  All the other pitbulls will laugh at me!"

39.  Mary Margaret 

40.  Still!!!!

41.  The goodbyes....