The day has finally arrived and Natalie waits for her guests. 


The girls arrive and they had the greatest time catching bugs in the Secret Garden.


Here comes Emily to join the bug catching.


This was before Jenelle and Kimberly arrived.  Here are from left Rachel, Kartini, Delaney, Allison, Emily, Natalie, Paige and Marianne.


After the bug catching, we sit down for some pizza.  (We DID wash our hands first!)


Don't talk with your mouth open!


Some of the girls sat in the playhouse to eat.


Daddy joined us, too. 


After Pizza, we played house in the play house.  Jenelle was the mom.


The play structure hasn't seen so much action in recent times. 


Now we came in for cake.  Marianne.


















Daddy lights the candles.






The cake was yummy thanks!


Delicious!  May we open presents now?


Here's the whole party!  Clockwise from top left:  Kimberly Dennis, Natalie Straka, Kartini Pratiwi, Paige Anderson, Allison Macaulay, Jenelle Stephens, Delaney Walls, Emily Rowland, Rachel Shamblin and Marianne Banducci


They had to make silly faces...


...and more... more.


Jenelly wore the wrapping.


We opened presents and opened up doll furniture and Polly Pockets.  The girls could have played Polly Pockets for hours!


Thank you had a great time!  Love the dog!


Thank you, Nat!


Thanks, Polly Pockets are fun!


Group hug -- bye, bye!