Natalie's Birthday Party

September 13, 2003


Rachel and Melayna take a little break from the jumpy.  It was pretty hot outside!




Cousin Emily and Natalie take a break, too.







Goofy little faced Nat.







The entourage sings...


Happy Birthday dear Natalie...


I wonder if she remembered to wish?






Rachel and Dominic


Katie and Emily R.


Ryan and Kyra






Melayna and Hank



Emily V. and Natalie








Four peas in a pod.  Lisa looks just like her mom and Mike looks just like his dad...funny how that works.








My sister, Nena (Maria) and George, Mike sister Lisa's husband.



Ryan and Hank liked Chivie.








Ann and my brother-in-law, Bob.








Me, my sisters and my dog.  I look scary cause I just got my eyes lasered (as Melayna says, drilled) and they're bloodshot and I can't wear makeup.  BOO!


Were Nic and Joe here?  I think they spent the entire party in Nic's room with the door locked. 


All the party goers.  From left, Hank, Kyra, Melayna, Rachel, Katie, Emily V., Emily R., Ryan, Dominic and Natalie.








Nic reads one of Nat's new books to her.  What a nice brother!