Natalie's 5th Birthday Party


The table awaits the princesses.


The girls play in the playhouse for a while.




Ready for 'Pin the Tiara on the Princess'.

Kristiana, Haylee, Kyra, Rachel, Clarice and Natalie



I don't think Rachel is peaking!


Rachel, Belle and Natalie




The scarves, sunglasses, purses, tiaras and perfume bottles were a hit with this bunch!

Kristiana, Kyra, Natalie, Rachel, Clarice and Haylee.



Happy Birthday to you!


Make a wish!




Doesn't Nat's hair look like Pigpen's fumes?



The lovely Rachel.


Chocolaty Clarice. 




Princess Kyra.



Kool Kristiana.


Heavenly Haylee.




Rachel, Clarice and Haylee.



Oh, yippee!  Presents!


THANKS, Kristiana!




A little bit more play time. 

Kristiana, Natalie, Kyra, Clarice, Rachel and Haylee. 


"I never get to have any fun!"  Doesn't she look like an alligator?

Antoine, the white alligator, to be exact. 

My sister, Eme (Celia), and her daughter, Oli (Olivia). 




Uh-oh.  Can you hear those milk glands gushing?



Daddy is pretending these are his umbrella. 

Pass the Jasmine, please. 






Natalie tries on the outfit Kyra gave her and wants to go bowling in it!!  (Bowling is her only 'disco' experience.  This is how she thinks you're supposed to dress!)