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Nic's 6th Birthday Party

Nicolas, Logan, Cameron, Scott, Natalie, Grant, Max, Blake and Emily

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Playing pin the horn on the 'dinosaur'.  Nicolas wasn't sure what this guy was, but was sure it was not a triceratops, protoceratops or a pentaceratops.  OK...

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Nicolas devised this game.  Make the Dinosaur Extinct.  All the kids loved it! 



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Happy Birthday to you!!!

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Got 'em...

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Daddy and Aunt Lisa serving cake.

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Cha, cha, cha!

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Being the pokiest little guy on earth, Nicolas was left in the dust when I announced it was present time.

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As is typical, everyone wanted Nic to open their present first!

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Well, the computer game gifts were a hit. 

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All the gifts were great!  Today, we spent hours playing shark.

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I've got to go clean the spa...