Fall 2000

Hanging around and stuff    line.jpg (2095 bytes)

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The Bug and Umpess in her natural upside down state.

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Pooshta Louise, the little conductor.

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Here's a preview of Halloween.  Jessie and Buzz can't wait to go to a costume party. 

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line.jpg (2095 bytes)   School days

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This was Orientation Day.  I stayed at school with Natalie for a couple of hours.

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Nicolas and Blanket's first day of Pre-K.

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This is Natalie's actual 1st day of school.   She doesn't look so sure about it all.

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Everything turns out fine, of course.   She found some horsies to sort. 

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Natalie with Mrs. Julie at her 3rd Birthday Party Celebration at School.  School is turning out to be a pretty fun place!

Pumpy's (Natalie's) Birthday Party  line.jpg (2095 bytes)

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What is it Grandma!!!???

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Mines and Emily are princesses!

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Thank you Grandma!


line.jpg (2095 bytes)   Superhero and the bird

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Mason and Mary Margaret tow Natalie.  Mason is a superhero. 

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In my spare time, I spy on hummingbirds on my hill.  Can you spot him?

Sentimental Babies  line.jpg (2095 bytes)

superbye.jpg (100338 bytes) When Mike went to pick up his new car (Xie), the babies weren't sure they would see Supery ever again if Mike traded him in.  So, they said their goodbyes.  They gave Supery hugs...and kisses.  (When nobody was looking, so did I.) superkis.jpg (85144 bytes)

line.jpg (2095 bytes)   Lake Tulloch Camping Trip

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Natalie and Karina at our Lake Tulloch trip.

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The Bug with a Bug.

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The crew at Lake Tulloch.  Uncle Bob, Andrew, Cherie, Clay, Jacque and Aunt Lee.

Hanging around again...   line.jpg (2095 bytes)

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Mama and her little babies.

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Upside Umpess and the Bug again.

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