Olema Ranch

April 16, 2004  


Peter, Patti and Zach sitting around the campfire. 



Melayna and Samantha



Nickle Pickle. 



"The Game".  The adults played a baseball game against the kids. 



Pitcher Shuey with beer in hand. 



Cameron, Austin, Kevin, Ryan and Jacko.



Outfielders again. 



Gaby and Nic spectating. 



More spectators. 



Sharon gets a hit and takes off for first base. 



Nat wanted to check out the chickens. 



Hugh Hefner.



Phil, Deb, Shelly, Monica and Patti.



Even my Little Honey Bunch was playing. 






Sharon getting in some reading while the kids play at Hearts Desire Beach. 



Tomales Bay



More beach play. 






Tide going out...the sand bar is getting higher. 



The kids were having a blast. 



They discovered oil. 



Of course, Deb had to get in the water...fully clothed. 






Nic helps Councilman Shuey fold up his tarp. 



AJ and Gaby.  AJ was soliciting donations from other campsites for his dad, the Councilman.  They actually gave him money!









Jack O.



Keith and Monica.  Monica makes an appearance from the van as it stopped raining for a bit.  She left the Ding Dong's there, though. 



The campfire went all day long. 



AJ, Keith and Peter get a Happy Birthday. 



Birthday cake. 



Deb, Shell and Patti



Nic is enjoying the trip. 



Grant, Peter and Nat.



The best part...marshmallows and campfires.



I think Jack O. did give blood by the looks of his shirt. 



Zach was the only one with enough patience to get the Jiffy to pop.