Lake Oroville Camping Trip, August 18 - 21, 2004


The attendees:


Mike, Rosy, Nicolas and Natalie Straka

Pat, Stacey, Shane and Lauren Russell

Joe, Marcie, Kasey and Molly Fitzsimmons

Bob, Mitzi, Bridgette and Matthew Hyland

Ulf, Suzie, Kristina and Melissa Schoell

Michael, Evelia, Ericka and Joshua Wolfram

John and Izumi Fitzsimmons

Steve Lujan and his 4 children, I met Christopher and Cassidy


This was our first trip to Oroville.  I had been camping here 25 years ago but don't remember much about it.  The Russell's and Fitzsimmon's invited us on their annual trip.  It was a lot of fun!  Five boats and a jet ski made the trip,too.  No dogs, which was just as well.  It was way too hot to have Chivie go, especially since we had no hookups and air-conditioning at camp!  My sister, Boobie, came and stayed with her and apparently was VERY sad when we left her behind.  Boobie said she finally stopped sitting at the door, staring at it but swears she had tears in her eyes...sniff, sniff.  Poor Chivie. 


After launching the boats, there's a ways to go through Houseboat Cove and the no wake zone to get to the lake.  We stopped just outside the cove and the kids (and parents) jumped in to cool off.  It was in the high 90's so jumping in was no problem.  I wasn't even too concerned about the Lake Ness Monster.  I imagine he's still up at Eagle Lake. 

Here are Nic and Shane floating around on the Crusher.

Boat hopping proved to be a valuable talent.  Nat hopped on over to the Russell's boat to play with Lauren. 

Shane hopped on to ours.  And the boats are off.  The Hyland's on the left and the Schoell's on the right. 

Russell's pulling one of the kids. 

Now Nic and Shane are going to get towed on the Crusher. 

OK, enough of the Crusher, let's try the Triple Blaster!

Lauren joins them for this ride. 

Now Nat and Lauren watch their brothers getting towed around. 

Time to head back for the day.  We're heading into Houseboat Cove.  There were some amazing houseboats!

After dinner, we headed over to group camp.  Here are Bridgette and Kristina playing a game of cards.

Natalie is wooshing a moth away.  There is some sort of super duper, heavy duty, double Yu-Gi-Oh dual going on here. 

The kids have had their fill of roasted marshmallows and the adults get to enjoy the fire.  Starting from the right here are Stacey, Suzie, Ulf, Pat and Bob. 

Suzie, Stacey and Mike

Evelia, Michael, Izumi and John

Mitzi and Bob

Co-Pilot and Co-Co-Pilot

We found a little cove with a waterfall to play in.  Here are the Russell's and the Fitzsimmons' boaty boats (we are in our Boaty Boat).  The other two headed farther up toward the river.  Have I ever mentioned my canyon boulder phobia?

Stacey jumps into the water as the kids look on . 

The kids were trying to create a dam.

Lauren, Natalie and Ericka.

Some floating Straka's.

The canyon was beautiful!  You like the Captain in the mirror?

Now it's the Russell's turn to pull a Triple Blaster full of kids.

Natalie abandoned her family and boat in favor of the Russell's.  Now she wants a boat with a cuddy like theirs.

Bridgette, Lauren, Nic (behind Lauren) and Shane.

There's Molly, Marcie, Izumi and John on the MariStar.  (Hope I'm spelling Izumi's name right!)

Switching of the riders. 

We headed back toward the bridge and Houseboat Cove where Shane and Nic did a bunch of jumping into the water. 

Another evening at the campfire.  Here are Kasey and Molly. 


When the Lujan's (sp?) arrived, Christopher had a game boy.  Guess who was drawn to him and never left his side?

Kasey and Marcie

The sight of all the boats pulled in was pretty cute.  This wasn't even all of them.  Boatumus P. Straka I (a.k.a. Boaty Boat) and Denny were parked down at the parking lot.  Steve didn't bring his boat but did have a jet ski. 

Time for the Straka's to head out on Saturday so we came to say our goodbye's before everyone else headed out to the water.  Here are Ulf, Marcie and her niece and friend. 


The Schoell girls patiently wait to get going. 

So long, Joe, Marcie, Ulf and Bob!  See you back on the hill...

Sharky at his campsite. 

Well, we made it home.  Chivie was angry with us at first and wouldn't speak to us when we got home.  She just went off and pouted.  She finally forgave us for leaving her but then wouldn't let Mike out of her sight!