Another boat-in, tent, shore camping trip under our belts with what I believe is a record number of boats and people!  I think I got everyone's names but as Steve pointed out, I needed boat names too!  This year there were 55 people, 14 families, 2 dogs, 8 boats, 3 Michaels, 3 Natalies, 2 Nicholas', and 2 Scotts. 



Pat, Stacey, Shane and Lauren aboard 'boat'



Bob, Mitzi, Bridget and Matt aboard 'boat'



Steve, Beth, Christopher, Cassidy, Hayley and Hunter aboard the 'It'll Do Lounge'



Joe, Marcie, Kasey and Molly aboard 'Boaty Boat'



Brett and Karen



Jim, Gina, Nelson and Noah



Igg, Saralin, Michael and Natalie (and Leo) aboard 'boat'



Tom, Kirsten, Sam and Jenna (and Max)



Kevin, Hannah, Kelsey, Jake and Nicholas



Scott, Roxanne, Tyler and Natalie aboard 'boat'



Michael, Evelia, Erika and Joshua



Deborah and Grant



Mike, Rosy, Nicolas and Natalie aboard 'Boatumus P. Straka I a.k.a. Boaty Boat'


Didn't catch the last name!

Dave, Kristen, Kaitlin and Madison aboard 'the boat with the sharp prop'





These were the first 7 boats to arrive.



Shane and Nic tryout the the Taco. 



Nelson and Kasey give it a go. 



A frightfully, horrifying, heart stopping thing happened when a dead tree branch fell on top of Nic and Shane as they were sitting in a double chair playing their Gameboys.  Shane was a little scratched and quite shaken but was OK!  We were all quite shaken.  The branch fell and ruined Pat and Stacey's tent which was patched up for the remainder of the trip with duct tape.  Here, the boys are moving the branch off of the tent.  The rangers were called in and they recommended the Russell's, Fitzsimmons' and the Straka's move their tents.  We did.  Russell's and Straka's Up to the fire road.  Fitzie's to the exclusive Frog Island.  Glad there were no fires! 



Fishing was quite the attraction.  I think Natalie Allin caught 13 fish total!  Joshua Wolfram caught one large enough for his family to have for dinner one night.  Here is Molly with her catch (which she wouldn't touch). 



 My little honey bunch. 



Grant Meylan and the other kids brushing their teeth at the fire pit. 



Natalie and Lauren pestering Deborah.



Up in Shantyville, breakfast is being prepared. 



Marcie and her lone tent on Frog Island. 



Deborah, as is her custom, engages the kids in waterplay. 



Natalie Straka is officially a member of the Diapie (how the heck do you spell that?) Club. 



Now Max is in on the waterplay. 



We had to evacuate camp so the park personnel could chainsaw the rest of the dangerous branches so we're off for a day of water play. 






Ready for tubing!






While minding our own business, lounging in a cove, the Allin's launched a sneak attack with water guns and water balloons!



Joe's not going down without a fight.



He fires back!



Here is Boat Island 2006.  From left the boats are Hyland's, Lujan's, Johnson's, Russell's, Straka's, Fitzie's, Allin's.  We played in the cove for about 6 hours!



Here's everyone. 






At one point, Boat Island was creeping too close to shore so everyone grabbed on and kicked Boat Island back out. 



Grant living the life!



Pat and Stacey living the life!



Beth and Deborah do a little acquainting. 



Hey look!  No electronics!  Shane tries out the fishing. 



Shore play. 



Erika and Natalie.  They kind of resemble each other, eh?  I guess it's because their parents are similar.  Skinny little white boy dads with wacky haired Hispanic moms. 



Michael, Erika and Mike. 



Dr. Deborah tries to figure out the 8 year old drama. 



Not sure what show these guys are watching. 



Molly and Fuzz are ready to pack it in. 



So are Deborah and Stacey!



Not these two die hards. 



Christopher at the camp fire. 



The slow shutter speed makes for some wacky effects. 



Getting his second wind. 



Joe and Kevin.  Sorry about the flash, Kevin! 



I think Max may have had the most fun of all.  He would go in the water, chase it, play splash with the kids, come out and roll around in the big, tall grass.  He was a burred, matted mess.  Is he shaved yet!?



Looks like they're in a theatre. 



Finding any shade possible.



Any kid who wanted to fish glommed on to Joe. 



The Three Natalie's.  Straka, Johnson and Allin. 



Natalie Straka's first fish ever!  Nic caught one, too, but I didn't get a picture. 



Mike holding the little guy so Joe could save him. 



Stacey, Roxanne and Saralin lounging on Big Mable.  The water is ambient or their "average surrounding" or "encircling" them. 



Water play. 



Not a good trip for boat anchors.  Dave accidentally cut the line to Pat's anchor.  They dredged for it as Pat was determined to find it.  Pat pulls it up at one point but loses it.  Mike Straka keeps his eye on where he thinks it landed.



The Jet Ski towing the girls on Big Mable.



Bob, Igg and Joe watching the anchor retrieval attempts. 



Aqua Lung, a.k.a. Salmon Boy a.k.a. Michael Wolfram dove for the anchor.  He came up with it once only to discover it was the one that Pat's boat was currently attached to!  That got a good laugh!



In the end, Michael DID find the severed one, much to Pat's delight!






Rosy takes a little siesta. 



As does Hunter. 




But the Mother of the Year Award goes to Mitzi!!!  One night, she came back from putting Bridget down and joined Bob and everyone else at the campfire.  She asked Bob where Matt was, he said he thought she had him.  Wish I would have had a movie camera!  They look at each other, jump up and frantically look for Matt.  It turns out he had fallen asleep in a chair playing his game boy. 



Heading out on the 4th for the fireworks display at the dam.  It took a little while.  Lujan's boat wouldn't go.  Turns out HIS prop was tied up with Johnson's anchor line!



Erika, Lauren, Molly and Natalie. 



An amazing number of boats on the water, a great show and a great night ride!



Night effects. 



Happy Birthday to Stacey!!!



Michael and Nic watching the show. 



Tyler and Christopher as water buffalo. 



Mitzi at the campfire.  Matt was not forgotten this time. 



Pat pitches his tent.  Literally. 



Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  These guys were tormenting Nic.  They said, "Why?" to anything he said.  I guess it was funny if you weren't Nic. 



Well, that's all I have.  If you have any photos you'd like to include, send them to me.  If you want me to send you any in high resolution, send me an email and I'll send it to you!  If you would like a CD with all the pics, let me know.  You can also go to or and print/buy the copies you want.  Contact me at



Oroville 2005


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