Pismo Beach Trip

October 2002

On October 18, Nat decides she's going to learn to ride her bike.

Much to Nic's chagrin, she does!!  He was very supportive, though.  All along he told her, "Great job, Natalie!  That's your best effort yet!"  He was sad, though, as you can see from his little face.

Well, I still have the Jedi thing going.




Nic, Nat, Chivie and Daddy on a dune hike.

Chivie loves all the interesting smells.





Funny tracks.  They don't look human.





Let's go catch a wave.


It's catching us!  RUN!




One good thing about going to the ocean in October is that you have the place pretty much to yourself.





The next day, October 19, Nic gives it another go.


And much to Natalie's chagrin, HE does it!!





Well they had a lot of fun (and a few spills) getting the hang of it.  At one point, Nat forgets how to stop.  "I can't stop!"




Nic's mastering the turns.


Now they can even BOTH go on a bike ride with Daddy.




So what was so hard about this?

Yeah, what was so hard?





Sand play.





Chivie taking in the sights.


Natty in the sand.