Pismo Beach

September 26 - 29, 2003


Exploring the Campground

What ducks?  The Quack Quack Club Gang came walking by.  Chivie didn't appear to care.  That's Grandma and Grandpa's new Airstream, Streamer, in the background.


Grandma found this hideout a couple of years ago.  Nic and Nat showed it to Emily.






Here comes the Quack Quack club again.  They think the kids are going to feed them. 











We went on a little hike.  The kids were worried that I would get lost.  I wonder why?






Beach Capades

Nic takes the boogie board and places is it in the sand to wait for the wave.



Here it comes!


I'm doing it, I'm doing it!












George had to take a picture with the Strange Rover.


What is it about the beach that makes people want to start digging?






Even Daddy (and George) got in on the digging.






The hole got so deep that Daddy had to build steps into it.


Sand Angels












George and Daddy checking out the wind surfers






Nat the clown


Chivie took up residence on Maggie's mat with Grandma and Grandpa






Dune Hike

We took a little hike over the dunes from the campground to the beach.




Took a wrong turn...


...but got back on track.



We made it...there's the ocean!


Are we there yet?



Checking out the sand dabs.







Nickle Pickle.


The horse traffic is much nicer the the motorized traffic.


For the first time, the girls all hung out together!  Penny was still a little afraid of Chivie but she got over it.