Miguel Angel Perez

Bachelor of Fine Arts

 Communications Design

Pratt Institute

Brooklyn, New York

May 14, 2004

Mot is walking in on the right.
...all smiles.
Wonder where he got that hair?
James Earl Jones and Joan Rivers (not pictured) were presented honorary degrees.
The Graduate. 

Joan Rivers was in pure Joan Rivers form.  Some of the comments she made:  "It's going to be shitty for you guys, but take every opportunity you can."  "You all have God given talent...so your parents wasted their money sending you here."  She gave an example of a struggling artist, Barbra Streisand and started with:  "I knew that bitch when she had all the a's in her name."

Here's a series of Mot's friends. 
This is Celina, Mot's boss (same name as his sister!). 
Friend Eli, who videotaped the event. 
Another young friend. 
A friend from Japan.  He was in full Japanese dress, shoes and all. 
Celina's daughter. 
More friends. 
Another bouncy bubbly little friend who wants to live in Berkeley.
At a Pratt gate. 
Felicia and Miguel
Mot on his street, Clermont Avenue.  His place is just a few doors down. 
In his room, working on his computer. 
Mama and Mot with the Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop and the Empire State on my head. 
Summer and Mike, parents of Joanna, Mot's friend from Berkeley. 
Relaxing at the B&B. 
Flip side of the room. 
Mot and Mama in the subway. 
Nena in the subway. 
Mot on the train. 
New York had some interesting signs. 
This is why Picasso intrigues me.  How did he get to this....
...from this?
Outside the Metropolitan Museum. 
We met another friend for lunch on Saturday. 
We met an old friend, Tierra, and her daughter Valentina for lunch on Sunday. 

Tiny (Tierra) loves New York.  She works as a designer for Mudd Jeans.   

Mot's friend, Jasmine, joined us for lunch, too. 

Nena, Mot, Tiny, Val and Jasmine. 

Sunday we moved to the Millennium Hilton which happened to be directly across the street from the WTC.  This old cemetery is also directly across the street.  It's a wonder the stones were still in tact. 
Where the Towers were.