San Diego Trip

August 14 - 21


We started our 2 day trek in Sharky to Phyllis and Doug's 50th Wedding Anniversary bash at their home in El Cajon.



Daddy took us on a tour of the neighborhoods he grew up in.  Here is one of the homes they lived in 313 Southern Road, El Cajon.







Doug and Phyllis Brunson's 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

August 16

The bash begins with the best of the bashers -- Mickey and Kris.



Nic's got a loose tooth.  One of Uncle Doug's sisters, Mary, is whose head you see right above Nic. 


Uncle Doug (left), perhaps wondering what he has gotten himself into inviting 76 adults and 17 children!?






Cousins Larry & Scott (can't see) begin roasting their parents.





Doug in the middle with two of his siblings, Phoebe (lower left) and little brother Bill (upper right).  That's about all of the Brunson side I could keep straight.


Frannie with Karen and Mike.









Grandpa and Grandma


Mollie, Debbie, Phoebe and the only photo I got of our lovely hostess, Aunt Phyllis. 


Uncle Doug and Scott (Debbie and Therza)






Phyllis and Doug's home and garden are lovely.











Here's the rock fountain we've heard so much about.


Photos from the attic.  Doesn't the guy in the top photo, top, second from left look like Andy Shockley?







A bunch of Straka/Brunson's.  Karen with her three nephews, Larry, Gregg and Scott.



"I did not set that fire, you did!"






Therza and her youngest, Mollie.  OK, now I'll test my memory on the Straka side.  Therza is Neva's (Ray's mom) sister, Marlis', daughter.  YES?  Ray's first cousin.







Wild Animal Park

August 17

Here we are at the Wild Animal Park.  It was a pretty cool place except for the unseasonably hot weather.



Daddy looking out over Africa -- or was it Asia?




August 18



I only got one picture at SeaWorld of the guys checking out the starfish in the Tide Pool.  Grandma joined us at SeaWorld.  We did get in an Otter and Seal show, a Killer whale show and the Dolphin show.  We wanted to be in the SOAK ZONE cause it was so hot, but we never made it close enough.







San Diego Zoo

August 19

We arrived at the Zoo and took the 50 minute bus tour first thing through the Zoo.  Here's T looking at a tall giraffe.


We got excellent seats on the top deck of the bus before it got too hot.  We were warned that this Rhino had his own SOAK ZONE and to beware when walking by him. 












Buggar posing with his favorite animal in the park, the Gharial Gator.


T checking out the Giant Panda.  He's not so giant!


People movers in the Zoo?!  What did they do before these?  Get exercise?






Tony liked the Skyway.



Bug wasn't so sure (neither was Mama). 






Daddy, don't forget, 20 foot SOAK ZONE. 



A great day at the Zoo.  We decided we needed to come back and spend at least a week at all three places.  The pooped little tourists with their souvenirs. 


Going Home

August 20

Wednesday, we start the 2 day trek home


Nic lost a tooth!  This time, there were no dumpster mishaps and the tooth fairy found us even though we were traveling!