Last Day of Kindergarten

June 14, 2002


Nic at one of the stations.

Nic and Logan

Nat hones in on the action.




Nic trying to get a picture with Mrs. C.

Last time lining up in the Kindergarten line.

Tone, the preschooler sneaking in line with the Kinders.




Room 1 a.m. and p.m. got to so this segment together.

We discovered people we met this year in last year's pictures.  Like Jack Kindrick, Max Renner, Mat D'Angelo and Alex Long. 

More of both.




Nic actually DID sing in class!


The three best Kindergarten teachers!




Hey, it's Max Renner's mom serving pizza.  Nat hones in on the action again.

Nic having pizza with Hunter, Steven and Justin.

Mrs. C and Nic.




Here are Joy,Simone, Lisa and Shelley presenting Mrs. C with her year end gift...

...and flowers.





Some of the parents looking on.  Lisa, Joy, Simone (Cole), Shelley, Linda M., April, Randi, Suzanne, Kim and Sean.

More mommies.  Linda G., Sumi, Suzie, April and Steven.

More parents and teachers.  Brittany's dad, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Starbuck, Misha and Marcie.




Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Starbuck get their gifts, too. 

Nic's last run around the kick ball diamond.

The last song.  Nat places herself right in the center of the Kindergarteners.  I guess she's preparing for next year. 



You Look Ridiculous

June 12, 2002

My pictures came out way too dark.





If anyone has any good ones to share, let me know!

Nic is the Rhino down on the left.






Keep smiling...





Phew...glad that's over!





Meanwhile, back at Walnut Country Preschool, their festivities are in full swing. 

Daddy makes an appearance.


Rachel and Natalie




Lunch with Mrs. Schuler

June 7, 2002

The kids who got over 50+ pats on the back were treated to lunch by Mrs. Schuler, the Principal.  Here are Clayton, Emily and Kassidy. 

Here's Mrs. Schuler ordering with Nic.


Nic, David, Kassidy and Mrs. Schuler.




Mother's Day Celebrations

May 10, 2002

Here are Erin and Nic coming out to retrieve their mothers and seat them in the class room.





The 2001-2002 Room 1 a.m. Kindergarteners.


Front:  Samantha, Megan, Kyle, Jana, Ryan, Kimberly, Ben

2nd:  Justin, Hunter, Nic, Valerie, Graham, Erin

3rd:  Brandon, Lindsay, Taylor, Kristina, Alec, Clayton, Kasey, Steven

4th: Haleigh, Catherine, Brittany, Emily, Logan, David, Kassidy, Kevin

Missing: Blake and Myles

Look at the faces in the back!










Mrs. Coverdale gets a little gift from the class.





RUSH...over to the preschool.  It was hard being in two places at the same time this year!





Toni with the little Mother's Day gift for me.

Tone and her teachers, Mrs. Donna, Mrs. Caryn, Mrs. Linda and Mrs. Julie.







Farm Field Trip

April 26, 2002

Nic's first ride on a school bus.

Brandon, Clayton, Blake, Justin, Steven, Graham and Nic

All the Kindergarten Classes.




"Has anyone seen a peacock around here?"

Myles, Nic, Blake and Graham.

Mrs. C, Nic, Blake and Graham.





Blake and Nic.




Kindergarten Open House

April 17, 2002

The docent, Nic, gives Daddy a tour.

And Natalie, too.

Here's where we...





...and this is the yard where I play kickball.




Nic's Easter Party

March 29, 2002

Hey look!  Bunny tracks!

Easter feast.




Nic in Class

March 25, 2002

Me doing the mail, peeking at class.


Nic working.



Merry Mouse

December 14, 2001

All the little mousies.






Back:  Samantha, Janna, Haleigh, Kasey, Erin, David, Logan, Kimberly, Hunter, Brandon, Nicolas, Kevin, Clayton

Middle:  Alec, Blake, Justin, Emily, Kyle, Kristina, Brittany, Ryan, Valerie, Taylor, Ben, Lindsay, Steven

Front:  Catherine, Kassidy, Megan (behind Lisa's head), Myles

Missing:  Graham




Samantha, Alec, Janna, Blake

Justin, Haleigh, Kasey

Emily, Erin, Kyle




Nic, Kevin, Valerie, Clayton

Nic, Kevin, Valerie

More mousies.






Mrs. Coverdale, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Starbuck getting Holiday Gifts from the class.




Halloween Parties

October 31, 2001

The Queen, Princess and Buzz are ready for Halloween!


Alec, Nic and Kyle




The Three Blind Mice

Kindergarten Halloween Parade

David, Nicolas, Blake and Kasey




  Back to the Preschool...  

This was back when Nat's face was still zipped.  Rachel, Natalie, Brooke, Cambria, Nazaneen, Katelyn



Back:  Nazaneen, Brooke, Fatima, Shaina, Katelyn, Cambria, Samantha, Sara


Front:  Smriti, Rachel, Natalie, Marisa




Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

October 24, 2001

A beautiful fall day at the Pumpkin Farm.

Blake and Nicolas

Picking our pumpkins.