First Day of School

September 3, 2003



Teeny Tiny Tony and the Bug are ready for school.  Even though there were thunderstorms throughout the night, the kids were up and ready to go!







Dawn and Bradley are early...



Gina, Jordy and Hank can't wait...



Sara is still a little sleepy.  Good thing big brother, Danny, is the one going to class.  Here they are in front of Room 14 with mom, Anne.







Here come the Siegrists (and a Childs).  Cheryl, Jake, Jared and Gary.







Scott is finally in the same school as his brother Grant!  Here's Deborah depositing the boys.






Nat walks up to her new class.  Room 9...


...and finds a couple of old friends.  Here she is with Hank.  Wendy and Sandy look on.











Natalie meets Mrs. Alamillo.




Across the court in Room 14, it's 1 minute after 8 and Mrs. Fuller's class is in full swing.






Back at the Multi Use Room, the Welcome Back Coffee is in progress.  Here are Candace, Ann and Johanna.


Cecilia, Janet and Kris.


Mary, Ann (again) and Kathy.









Mrs. Alamillo brings the class in to show them the deal on lunch.


She shows the kids how to find their lunch card to use when they buy lunch. 


Nicolas' class files into the lunch room.







Nic's not buying on the first day.  Here he is with Shane and Grant. 



Nat bought on the first day since she's a big First Grader now.  Taylor is showing her chips. 

    Welcome Back!