May 1, 2004

St. Joseph's Alumni Reunion

Berkeley, California


Hi everyone!  Sorry I've taken so long to get these on.  I will probably have more to add.....  The eight who made it were:  Susan (Wetton), Sue (Herrenbruck), Bev (Kelleher), Larry Gray, Arthur Serna, Rosy (Ayala), Donna (Auguste) and Maria (Donom).  There were also some Teachers you'll recognize.  I didn't get a good picture of him but remember Bill, the blind man?  He was there, too! 


Lito Chua, Susan's (Wetton) husband, Bev, Sue, Larry, Arthur.



My brother, Little (Manuel), and Beverly.  He's 10 years younger than us.  Bev used to come over and feed him his baby food!



Susan, Sue, Donna, Larry, Arthur.



I think everyone looks the same!



My brother, Little, finds his second grade teacher, Sr. Denise.  We didn't have her but my younger brothers, sisters and my two older kids had her. 



Charm (Maria)



Larry chatting with Steve and Bev Croshal.



Remember the character with Larry?  Mr. Kelleher!



Remember Donna's mom (far left).  Donna on the right and her stepson, Dave, in the middle. 



Donna, her husband, Dave -- they got married last Christmas!!  Remember Donna's beautiful sister, Karen?  That's her on the right with her friend. 



Art chatting with Charm and her husband Ben.  They were celebrating their 20th Wedding Anniversary!



Tom and Sue. 



Lito and Susan.



My brother, Little, and my sister Nena (Maria).  She was five years behind us. 



My sisters, Zara (Boobie) and Celia (Eme).  Eme was one year ahead of us.  Boobie wasn't even born till we were in the 10th Grade so most of you have never met her! 



Remember Bev's sister, Lorraine?  Here she is with her husband. 



Who could forget Lolly and Bob!



Larry's younger brothers, Paul and Carl. 



OK, here's the best one -- us and...Mrs. O'Connell!!!


Donna, Mrs. O, Bev, Susan, Larry, Maria, Arthur, Sue and Rosy. 



Now I don't remember this one...she was a fourth grade teacher after Mrs. Loo?  I forgot her name...can someone refresh my memory?



Here we are again...



Mr. Gray on the left. 



The 4th Grade Teacher, my brother, Little, and Jason Landeza (a few years behind us) now Father. 



Donna chatting with Mrs. Herrenbruck. 



OK, if anyone has pictures to share, please send them to me!!