St. Joseph's Alumni

 St. Joseph's/Presentation Reunion

Saturday, May 1, 2004

4:30 Mass St. Joseph's

No host dinner to follow at the Doubletree in the Berkeley Marina


Sunday, May 2, 2004

9:30 Mass at St. Joseph's

Family Event



Kathy and her daughters, Dominique and Yvie

Kathy and her family, John, John III, Dominique and Yvie

Michelle and Lucien's Wedding

Reunion at Pam's, December 28, 2002

Have you guessed the BIG news, yet?  Remember these two characters?   Well, 30 years later, Michelle Fleury and Lucien Freeman have announced their engagement!!


 They are to be married in February.  Basically, Lucien was supposed to meet with John, John didn't show, Lucien hung out with Michelle instead, and the rest is history!!  Thanks, John!!

We had a great time at Pam's.  Susan, where the heck were you?  Here's everyone before Larry showed up.

Lucien, Michelle, Timmy, Sue, Patsy (Juliette)

Rosy, Art, Bev, Pam, John


And how thoughtful of Mike Peterson to put in an appearance via Ma Bell!  We expect you and your bride at the next one!


Lucien and Michelle ran into ... Patsy (Madero) at a Giant Burger and told her about the reunion.  Here she is with her 5 month old daughter, Juliette.  Doesn't Patsy look exactly the same? Great shirt, SHMEE! Lucien checking out Timmy's portfolio.
Big John Still gorgeous Michelle and John (gorgeous, too!) Pam, thank you so much for hosting!
Sue and Tom (Cooper was home with Grandma) Pam's son holding Patsy's daughter. Bev and 'Art'
Burt Reynolds? Sue, Tom, Pam, Larry, Bev Shmee, Bev and Juliette

Had to get one of everyone when Larry showed up. 

Larry, Michelle, Bev, Lucien, John, Sue

Art, Timmy, Pam, Rosy, Patsy

Us and our 'others' who were brave enough to join us.

Larry and Mel (ody or anie? -- sorry, I'm lame) Timmy, Bev , Art, Bruce and Pam, Sue and Tom, Patsy and Juliette, Michelle and Lucien, John (Becca made a brief appearance), Rosy and Mike

  What a great sport!  Larry's girlfriend came to our reunion on her birthday!  I wonder if she's 44, too?!  
  Sue had these to share:  
These were taken at Montclair Park just before Kathy and her family left for Morocco earlier this year.

Kathy, of course, on the left.  At right, Kathy's daughter Evie, husband, John (right?), Kathy, Sue, Cooper and Tom

  More to share:  

This is Michelle's lovely daughter, Ashley. 

  Lucien Sr. WHO?  Hello, Lucien Jr.!  
  Will update as I get more information and pics.  

More silly stuff:

The general consensus was that Sr. Catherine was the meanest teacher, Mrs. Loo the weirdest, Sr. Benigna the nicest and Mrs. O'Connell the best (excpet to me, I guess).  I liked Sr. Margaret Patricia.  Mrs. Ramos had the nicest legs, but then so did Sr. Benigna.  We would have been at Jill's (2nd Grade) house instead of Pam's if she would have continued at St. Joe's.  Timmy threw an eraser at Mrs. Winans head during art.  She quit and Timmy's mom substituted.  Andy Laudrech, Pat Laudel, Michael Lewis, David Martinelli.  Did Mrs. Ramos cut Donna's hair? 


Reunion at Bev's,  June 14, 2002

St. Joseph's 1972










Check us out in 2002!

Larry, Timmy, Theresa, Beverly, Pam, Julie, John, Sue, Rosy



More from Donna:

What was up with Sister Catherine's deal -- the Campbell soup labels, grocery store receipts, coupons from the Sunday paper?  Was that a scam and we just had no idea?  :-)

Some sentiments from Michael Peterson: 

What a kick to see all of the old names, pictures and seeing the faces now. I suppose we all have our memories of what people were like and how they were. I imagine that stays imbedded as time goes by and we forget people change, grow, become who they are as an adult (and sadly die as well). I remember vividly many things about Saint Joseph's and I laugh at how serious we took things then that were really not very important in life but back then it was very serious to me. Very awkward ages to be for sure, at least for me. It is great that you guys are keeping in touch with all of us and taking interest in our lives. I wish I could have made it up to the festivities. Did someone give John steroids? I know I have seen him as an adult and do not remember him being so big. Good to see Tim Smith and Arthur Serna again, I wonder once in a while about those 2 guys and what they became in life and how they are doing. No surprise that Lucien and Donna are successful people, they always had good minds and a determined focus even in grade school. It is nice to see Sue with a new family going. I missed out on the fun- I hope to make the next one. Lets see if we can find out where the missing few are and get them back in touch- it is good for the soul. All the best to St Joe's class of 72! Sorry I do not have a scanner, I would at least attach a picture of me and my bride (Almost 10 years already)!  Mike Peterson

Here are some memories Donna  Auguste had to share: 

Just looking through these messages and all of the familiar names is an amazing walk down memory lane. Ask Megan if she remembers our bird-scouting adventures -- she borrowed her brother's binoculars, we got a "birds of northern california" book from the library, and we were on the job! And ask Rosy if she still carves funny little faces in her orange peel before peeling her oranges. I never had any fingernails so she carved funny faces in my oranges too. Those cool geography maps in sixth grade where the light bulb came on if you matched the right city/state and country/capital. Zillions of sleepovers at Rosy's, Kathy's, Bev's, Maria's, and anyone's house where the moms could put up with all these giggling girls.

I was surprised and sad to learn that several of our classmates have passed away. I hadn't really thought about that possibility until I started reading the messages. And Thalya can count on my prayers for her husband, Mark. A lot of years have gone by since those days at St Joseph's, but I remember everyone with lots of love just like it was yesterday.

I won't be at the reunion, but I will be thinking of you. Have a great time. And if anyone in the gang is into gospel music, please encourage them to visit my website,, because we sell gospel music to support our global outreach ministries. In fact, if you send me your physical mailing address, I'll try to send you a bunch of LLR baseball caps before the weekend. Take care, fi


Some memories Michelle Fleury had to share: 

I really enjoyed the website and it brought back so many memories.... here are some that I can remember...Gregory Garette (he sucked his 3 fingers), Rolling our skirts way up above our knees, Aaron, Lucien and Wayne in a talent show singing and dancing to Hot Pants in the Summertime, Lucien and Michelle's first date (double date) to a concert at the Oakland Coliseum, in Mrs. O'Connell's class studying our geography with that large electronic board, matching the city with the state, competing with each other on teams, spelling bee's in Ms. Ramos' class, eating sour grass and more.... Please pass this on to the others.   Michelle

Something silly Rosy remembered:

Rebecca, remember this:  Becca can't make no dust, Becca can't make no smoke.  All is she can do is dookey on a stick and lick it up and shut the door and tell Mama I'm a baby.  I remember your brother, Bruce, singing this little song one day while you were trying to sweep the house! 


Those who almost joined us or wanted to but couldn't or that we at least contacted!

Susan Wetton, Michael Peterson, Thalya Gooch, Rebecca Beasley, Mary Winans, Michelle Fleury, Megan Wong, Joanne Harris, Dino Blackburn, Maria Donom, Lucien Freeman and Kathy Williams

We expect to see everyone next time!


Those who are no longer with us: 

Madeline Fernandez

Paul Prado

Daryl Johnson

Steve Alley

Nicky Mamaril

And Arthur wanted to know who put the hex on the Filipinos!


Dennis Engalla, Susan Wetton, Michael Peterson, Julie Horne, Arthur Serna, Rosa Ayala, John Bowman

Johnetta Wimberly, Nicky Mamaril, Thalya Gooch, Aaron Turner, Rebecca Beasley, Mary Winans, Chris Gormley

Virginia Gee, Paul Prado, Michelle Fleury, Wayne Marshall, Daryl Johnson, Megan Wong, Billy Dowling

Joanne Harris, Kirk Millet, Pam Rodriguez, Timmy Smith, Kathy Williams, Dino Blackburn, Maria Donom

Lucien Freeman, Eric Mitchell, Larry Gray, Ron Miller, Steve Alley, Sue Herrenbruck

Theresa O'Leary, Father O'Donnell, Beverly Kelleher, Madeline Fernandez

Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry


Little sister, Joanne.  Joanne also remembered some choice tidbits, like the first time she tried a cigarette -- with Kathy Horne!


Julie's family with Bev.  Robert (10), Lorenzo, Bev hugging William (8) and Julie


Bev's husband, Steve.  Thank you for being so gracious and allowing us to take over your home!


Big John (finally grew into that name!) and Sue.  Sue's husband, Tom. 


Sue's husband, Tom, holding their little guy, Cooper.  Steve and Pam's husband, Bruce.


Pam, John, Julie and Rosy


Theresa and Sue



Tim almost didn't recognize Theresa



Julie and Larry


Julie, John and Tim



Arthur shows!  John and his girlfriend, Becca, look on. 


Before and after.  Arthur sent us this picture but then confessed the tattoo was a fake!



Hey wait...Timmy and Arthur used to be the same height and Larry used to be much taller than John!


Pam showing off her handsome boys.


Remembering something silly.

More memories:  Debbie Morrison, Sherry Hall.  Loony parents accusing us of smoking pot.  Larry's first kiss at 17 to Leigh Ann Kendall!  Beverly smelling good.  Theresa being so tall.  The boys across the street from Bev's house.  Al Green, Earth Wind and Fire, Timmy loving then and now: What You See Is What You Get.  

Fi, this one's for you!  Thank you! 

Leave a Little Room

  Things about us  
Julie is married has 3 boys (24, 10 and 8) and lives in Hawaii.  Rosy is married has 2 girls (26 and 4) and 2 boys (23 and 6).  Pam is married and has 2 boys.  Larry, single, no kids.  Tim, single, no kids. John 1 girl and 1 boy (who looks just like him!), girlfriend, Becca.  Bev is married and has 3 boys (15, 13, and 11).  Arthur, single, no kids -- that he knows of!  Sue is married and has 1 adorable baby boy (10 mos).  Theresa is married and has 3 girls and farms near the Oregon border!  Grandma Kathy is married has 1 boy (19 who has a 2 year old) and 2 girls, (18 and 4?).  Lucien is single and has 1 son (21).  Susan is married and has a daughter (4).  Dino has a 10 year old daughter.  Michael is married, no children.  Michelle is single and has 1 daughter (17). 

I'll update this part as I confirm information! 

 May 19, 2002 at Rosy's

We missed those of you who couldn't make it but we hope to see you next time!   We expect to see those of you who almost made it next time, too!


 Here's everyone!  Lucien, Bev, Sue, Cooper, Tom

Nicolas, Natalie, Rosy Mike



 Nic and Nat showing Lucien their rolly bugs.


   Mike chatting with Cooper.  Sue on the right.


Graduation Party at Lucien's 30 years ago.  Starting from the left, I can make out Rebecca, Susan, Bev up top, Madeline, Megan, Thalya, Johnetta, Tim, Paul, Lucien, Wayne?, Michelle, Kirk, Dino, is that Rhonda?, Arthur, John and Sue.  I guess I took the picture. Here's one you can laugh at, though.  Me and Kirk dancing.  Is that Johnetta and Eric?  

How about this...Rosy, Bev and Pam.  Is that Papa Dowd on the right?  Why did we call Billy Dowling Papa Dowd?


  30 years later...  

 November 2001

rosyandbev.jpg (1081293 bytes)

I got to see Bev last week! Of course, she looks fabulous!

I also got the opportunity to visit with Sue earlier this year.
suetom.jpg (121010 bytes)

Tom and Sue Dodd

dodds.jpg (382448 bytes)

Tom and Sue welcomed their son, Cooper, on August 18.

November 1999 at Rosy's

Would you believe.....

rosy.jpg (114318 bytes) lucien.jpg (99921 bytes) bev.jpg (105775 bytes)

Rosy, Lucien and Bev?! Above in '72 and below in '99.

three.jpg (448766 bytes)

Actually, I think we all look the same!!

Well, what a blast it was to visit with Lucien and Bev! I couldn't believe all the things we remembered...what a crack up. Do you remember.......... Mrs. Loo? Mrs. Ramos? Lucien having a crush on Mrs. Ramos? Pat Laudel getting expelled? Sr. Benigna letting us dance in the back of the classroom? Liking Mrs. O'Connell? Hating Mrs. O'connell? All the girls having a crush on Larry at one time or another? Ricky Lewis (4th grade)? David Martinelli (4th grade)? Neville Brandt (5th grade)? Carlos Betia (6th grade)? Sherry Hall (7th grade)? Kathy and Steve? Eric and Theresa? Lucien and Michelle? Daryl and Joanne? Rosy's crush on Daryl? The Talent Show!!!!! Johnetta and Michelle singing 'Wanted, young man single and free....." Kissing in the bushes between the church and the school? Kissing in the basement at Rosy's mom's house? Kissing in the tunnel at Live Oak Park? The three graduation parties?

Guess who Lucien ran into?

And look who else he found...Freshwater Bios

Here's another view...Women in Science

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