Room 1 Mother's Day Tea

May 9, 2003



Mama and Tone leaving for the Mother's Day Tea.









Lynn, Ann, Kim, Mary, Jayne, Gina, Wendy V.



The mommies all get to wait till the little ones come to get them.

Wendy R, Patti and Danette




Carol and Denise







Lidia, Marie, Kris and Gabriela








Natalone comes out to escort me inside.







Lidia (Joseph), Mary (Dominic), Kris (Kyra), Suzie (Katie) and Rosy taking pictures (Natalie)


Gabriela (Emily), Lynn (Alyssa), Gina (Hank), Denise (Jenelle) and Danette (Jared N.)


Carol (Brad), Lisa (Kevin Y.), Kim (Liam), Patti (Melayna) and Wendy V. (Jared V.)








Mrs. Starbuck for Cina (Andy), Marie (Kevin M.), Wendy R. (Haylee), Ann (Ryan) and Jayne (Brittany)









Top Row: 

Joseph, Jenelle, Brad, Ryan, Katie, Jared V., Haylee, Melayna

Middle row: 

Jared N., Brittany, Hank, Andy, Emily, Kevin Y.

Bottom Row: 

Natalie, Kevin M., Alyssa, Dominic, Kyra and Liam







Mrs. Starbuck and Mrs. Coverdale with the children.


I'm going to send myself to you!


Great performance and the mommies didn't even use up ALL the kleenex!