Thanksgiving 2002


Hosts:  George, Lisa, Emily and Penny

(Pat and Amanda were at the alternates)

Guests:  Ray, Karen and Maggie

Mike, Rosy, Nicolas and Natalie

Mickey and Kristin

Uncle Doug and Aunt Phyllis

Cousins Scott and Fran


We arrived at Lisa and George's bright and early so that the boys could go on what turned out to be a 33 mile bike ride.  Lisa and I puttered and prepared our dishes while the kids played video games. 




Emily and Nic playing a game.

Nat waiting for her turn...

...and offering morale support.




The kids took a break from the

video games to play soccer. 

They made Penny go inside,

though.  Penny had all the moves,

she stole the ball, head butted it,

etc.  They didn't like that.

The bikers return from their 33

mile bike ride.  Aunt Phyllis wishes

she could have joined them but

didn't have her bike.

Grandma Karen, Mike and Kristin enjoying yet another day in

Paradise or a beautiful California

Thanksgiving Day. 




Kristin, Mickey and George. 

From left clockwise, George, Uncle Doug, Aunt Phyllis, Grandpa Ray, Grandma Karen, Mike, Kristin and Mickey.

More video games.  Natalie gets a turn. 




Scott (and Fran) finally arrive. 

They got stuck in traffic.  Scott

meets Mickey with Kristin

looking on. 

Fran, her mother-in-law, Phyllis

and mine, Karen. 


Mike and his little sister, Kristin.

OK, this time don't make a silly face. 

Me and my Honey Bunch. 


Being the Head Chef In Charge, Scott gets the turkey carving honors. 

Fran chatting with Phyllis and little brother, Ray. 




"Why doesn't anyone drop any food around here?  Maybe I should lay here and trip them!"

"Yeah, why not?  Drop something, drop something..."




Watching the Pro.

Lisa and her big brother, Mike. 

Kristin gets in on the video games.




Dinner time!  But I want to sit by Kris.

But I want to sit by Bug.

OK, this works.





Phyllis with son, Scott, and his bride, Fran. 





Now Daddy gets in on the video


"Still nothing!"

Nic must be winning!





Ray and Karen.

Doug and Phyllis.

Mickey and Kristin.





Grandpa Ray takes over Lori's tradition of napping at family events. 





The girls start slicing pies.  Lisa,

her mommy and her Auntie Phyllis. 

Thanks, Auntie Lisa!

Yum, pie!





And yet more video games. 





Fran and Scott.

George and Lisa.  Thank you for hosting!





The whole sha-bang. 

Penny and Maggie on the floor.

Mick, Kris, George, Lisa, Ray

Nat, Nic, Em, Karen

Scott, Fran, Mike, Rosy, Phyllis, Doug