Thanksgiving 2001

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We started the day baking breads.

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The Shockley's arrive and the kids start pairing off.  Here are Alex and Nic at the computer.

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Mark and Elizabeth watching the Packer game.

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Natalie and Andy went off to watch Shrek.

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Henry was attached to mommy.

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The Granddaughters, Natalie, Amanda, Emily and Elizabeth.

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he Grandsons, Andy,   Pat, Henry, Alex and Nicolas.

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Geoge and Marian

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Kristin and Lori were telling stories they had not yet shared with their parents.

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Kris and Mickey

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Elizabeth eating Auntie Lisa's jewelry.

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Amanda holding her little cousin.

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Mom and Lisa

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We got the kids served up first.  There's Alex, Nicolas, Henry, Emily, Natalie and Andy.

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Switch, Emily, Natalie, Andy, Alex, Nicolas and Henry.

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Dinner was great!   We started with a yummy pumpkin soup made by my yummy Honey Bunch.

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Mark, Lori, Marian (Mark's mom), Dad (Ray), Lisa, George, Patrick, Amanda, Kristin, Mom (Karen), *Rosy*, Mike

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