Winter 2000/2001

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Remnants of Christmas

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Natalie, Nicolas and Emily were watching the sunset on Christmas Day at Lisa's in Benicia.

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Nic's Birthday Party

(the theme was Toy Story)

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As you can see, it wasn't necessary to put balloons out so people could find the place.

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Alena, Clarice and Shannon.  Emily is jumping in the background. 


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The gang sings Happy Birthday.  Daddy, Rosy's sister, Eme and Buzz Lightyear in the background.

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Logan says, "Make a wish, Nicolas!"

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Spaceship cake tastes pretty good!

The kids who came to the party:  Nicolas, Logan, Katherine, Harrison, Clarice, Ryan, Allie, Oli, Natalie, Emily, Grant, Shannon, Christopher, Sophia, Alena, Antony, Anthony and Tommy
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Waddy Bear and Mrs. Linda wishing Nicolas a Happy Birthday at school.



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Other Stuff

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One of Natalie's more interestng outfits.

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I love when the kids play together so nicely!

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This is what I see every morning.  Daddy stumbles out of bed, Nat and Nic are waiting and follow him while he goes about his business.

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