Christmas 2003

Brunch at Lisa's

Present opening at Lisa's.





Christmas Eve

Lina and Boobie came by on Christmas Eve.



Here's Lina and Boobie (and the dog)







Daddy and the babies.


The Kids get to open a present on Christmas Eve.


Chivie's best friend, Boobie.



Christmas Morning

Hey, these weren't here last night.


No, they weren't...Santa came!!!


I got a Picachu!

...and a barn...


I got a giant toilet brush!  No, actually it's a cleaner for Sharky. 



Christmas Day at Grandma's

Nat, Nic and Em opening presents at Grandma's. 

Kris with her present, Mick!






George and Lisa.


Daddy and Nic having a quiet moment. 






Kristin and Mickey off on their train trip!

Em, Picachu and Nat. 

Daddy and Mama.