Mrs. Coverdale's Christmas Party


Nic and Nat are ready for the School Christmas Parties.  Nic is not happy about taking a picture, as usual. 

Nat shows off the gingerbread house she made in class a couple of weeks ago.









Mr. Steve helps the kids at one of the stations.


Singing carols with Mrs. Coverdale.


Look at Haylee!  She's having so much fun!



More singing.


More fun!





Siblings are treated so kindly in Mrs. C's class.  Here's Vincent (Dominic little brother) and Emily (Kevin Y's little sister).


Some of the mommy helpers.  Carol (Brad), Marie (Kevin M), Ann (Ryan), Denise (Jenelle) and Wendy (Haylee).


Kyra and Melayna give the same toothy smile.





More mommies.  Mary (Dominic), Wendy (Haylee), Carol (Brad), Marie (Kevin M), Ann (Ryan), Denise (Jenelle), Lisa (Kevin Y).


Mrs. Starbucks little star, Maddie.



Maddie with another sibling, Donna, Haylee's little sister.




Emily, Brittany and Krya





Denise presents Mrs. C a gift from the class.


Feasting begins.  Melayna, Hank, Ryan, Kyra and Jared.



Haylee, Natalie, Emily and Liam.


Brittany, Brad, Jenelle and Kevin Y.


Kevin M, Katie (Maddie) and Dominic.

Emily and Nat.





Nat and Mrs. C.


Now the little stink gets to go to Mrs. Fuller's party cause her playdate was sick!








Mrs. Fuller's Christmas Party








Mrs. Fuller and kids.


Here are the snowmen the children made.








The Christmas Tree Craft Table.


Another craft table.






In this one, the kids were supposed to draw as directed...with their eyes closed!


It was pretty funny.


Tone was so well behaved in Mrs. Fuller's class!






Christmas Tree Craft Table.




Megan, Austin and Shane.






Grant and Kris


Clarice and Riley


Nic and Shane doing their no looking snowman.








Grant presenting....Christmas Trees!