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March 27, 2011

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Green Card

March 27, 2011

My Honey Bunch said his company needed him to be at a meeting in their Bahamas location.

Hmmmm, could I get over my 'Leaving the Country Phobia' and go with him? NOT.

This caused me to wonder when my Green Card was going to expire, which caused me to wonder why the heck I haven't gotten around to becoming a citizen (Zumba?), which caused me to panic, which caused me to go look and see when I renewed it last (2007, phew!), which caused me to remember my short story about renewing it, which caused me to look for it, which caused me to read it again, which still cracked me up. (Taking deep breath from my too long sentence.) So I thought I'd share it with you again. Enjoy!

Green Card, A Short Story

The Saga Continues

Orange Hair

March 27, 2011

Natalie has been bugging us to color her hair. She got some red stuff a couple of weeks ago and made a giant mess so Mike banned her from coloring her hair without supervision. Then he does this and in the middle of working on White Room! What a guy!


Not exactly the color she was looking for. Apparently, when you bleach hair that's been colored red, um, it turns orange. She looks like The Joker. I asked her if she WANTED to look like one of the characters in The Incredibles. She said yes.


She loves the effect, though. Then someone pointed out that you're not supposed to have unnatural hair colors in school. Oopsie daisy. I wonder if Ms. Principal will let it slide since I do their web site, eNews and directory?


I then remembered that I went through a bleaching phase when I was 17. Not quite as vibrant as Nat's.


It also reminded me of this sweet picture from 2000. What a guy!


White Room

March 27, 2011

We decided to put in hard wood floors. Mostly because I can't stand the smell. The stinkin' cats decided they like 'marking' carpet. And by 'marking' I mean peeing. Stinkers. We consulted a local designer and she basically validated our ideas. Expect for my Honey Bunch's giant sectional with all the sections reclining idea. She was having no part of that. We're putting in (and by 'we' I mean my Honey Bunch) new base boards and crown molding. We're getting rid of the old window treatments and putting frames around the windows with new honeycomb type shades.

By the way, if anyone wants the old valances, drapes, vertical blinds and all their hardware, you are welcome to them! They're old and outdated but in really good condition. Some crafty person might want to put a nice new fabric on the plain box valances, eh?

Moved the entertainment center to our room.


Kitteh does not care for all this activity.


I think my Honey Bunch decided to do this just so he could buy scaffolding. He's putting in those receded light thingies, too.


She really is miffed with all the activity.


So this is what our living room is going to look like while my Honey Bunch does the work. He estimates it will take him 4 to 6 months. Hmmmm. I'm keeping the number our local designer gave me for a Handy Man.


Back to the original big, white room. We REALLY are going to paint this time! My designer friend has given me paint colors at least 3 times since we moved here in '98.


My Honey Bunch on his scaffolding.


Hs Lordships

March 21, 2011

Yesterday, Nat and I met my sisters at Hs Lordships to celebrate my sister, Nena's birthday, which by the way is on St. Patty's Day. My older kids, Mot and Lina came by, too as did Nena's husband, Bob. We ended up heading over to my sister, Boobie's house for a bit and distributed some of my mom and dad's things that were retrieved from their trip to Mexico. I took too many pictures to post here. If you want to see the rest, go to: The password is: january

I can't remember the last time I was at Hs Lordships. I think it might have been an IBM event in the early 80's! The view from our table (and most tables) is spectacular.


The Sunday Buffet Brunch menu was off the hook! I was just standing there in a daze wondering where to start. Eggs Benedict, scrambled, sausage, bacon, French toast, chicken, potatoes, fajitas, sushi, crab, ribs, roast beef, salads, sweet bread, churros, flan, salmon, chocolate fountain, fruit.

Off. The. Hook.


Mot. He was just passing though on his way to his friend, Plinio's wedding.


The oldest sibling, Eme's Baptism announcement from December of '57.


The paper where my mom was trying out names for the youngest sibling, Boobie, in 1973. It ended up being Zara Alicia. Lucky it wasn't Chia (pronounced Shaya)!


The oldest's first haircut (hair in the envelope)!


A letter from my mom to her four daughters. My dad had it.


My two daughters. My youngest, Nat, 13 and my oldest, Lina, 35. Love you girls!


Wonderful day!


March 21, 2011

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I'm still here! I've just been submersed in Zumba events, getting Zumbafied (Certified to teach Zumba), attending Priscila Sartori's event at Cocomo's and Beto Perez' (creator of Zumba) Master Class. I'll post all of that exciting stuff over on the Zumba page, though.

In other news, I happened upon this group on my way to BART. Just another day in The City. The City of Gotham, that is.

Batman Robin Joker

Also found this rather amusing. An anti-war protest going on on the sidewalk while a foofie wine tasting was going on in the window above. Yes, I know, I'm easily amused.


Down in the Montgomery Street station I saw these payphones. I thought, really? They still have those? THEN, I saw someone USE one! I didn't want to take her picture though. She looked like she might kick my behind.


Nic is in yet another band. They're supposed to perform at Redhouse shortly. Here's a band photo I took for them. I wonder what their name is?


Sudden Death. Again

March 14, 2011

To whom it may concern. Again. (See previous Sudden Death):

If I should die suddenly without any explanation, please ask the coroner to check my lung for an edamame.

Do you watch House? A couple of weeks ago the story was a boy's lung inexplicably collapsed. They showed the lung being coughed up as I was squirming and covering my eyes. I know it's not real, but still. Anyway, House discovered the kid had swallowed a pea whole and it had gone down the wrong tube, blah, blah (medical terms sound like math terms to me, too), and had rotted and caused an infection in his lung.

Nat and I had Sushi on Saturday and shared an order of edamame. My braces still don't cooperate sometimes and I passed a whole bean. Of course, I can't stop thinking about that House episode. Every little thing I feel, I imagine must be something collapsing because of the rotting, whole edamame bean.

Next up, I think I'll list all my phobias. That'll be an all day job.


The Hypochondriac With The Vivid Imagination. Again.

My Mother, The Alarm Clock

March 13, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a spaz who missed a flight because no one told her about the time change. OK, it was me.

IBM was sending me to Atlanta for a class. I had to get there that day. There was only a first class seat left on the next flight so I had to find my boss at home to get approval to spend the money for first class. Needless to say, it was a fiasco getting me there. Hmmm. I wonder if that was the same time I got to Atlanta, my driver's license had expired and I couldn't get my rental car? Spaz.

Anyway, ever since then, my mother always called me on time change day. I still miss her calls.


This morning on my way to Zumba, I looked at my car clock. It was only 8:00. Crap, I'm an hour early! As my brain started clearing, I remembered it was time change weekend. My mother hadn't called me, obviously. How had I woken up on time? And headed to Zumba at the right time?

It was my smart alarm clock. It changed its own time! All the 'smart' things automatically update themselves. How ultra helpful is that?! (Not, that I'm calling you 'dumb', Silky.) Or maybe I'll just pretend my mom did it. Thank you, Mom! I miss you!

Speaking of family members that are no longer with us, it was three years ago today we put our old ancient doggie down. I miss you too, Chub!



Ruined Cows And Other Random Musings

March 10, 2011

I took Silky in for a car wash. It started raining before I could get him safely back into the garage. Oh well. He was filthy. He needed the bath.

Silky is my car, in case you were wondering. Why is Silky a boy when most people refer to their cars as 'she's' and 'beauties' you ask? Well, you see, the nurturing person in this household is my Honey Bunch. Hence, all the important things are boys.

Take the rubber duckies for instance. When Nat was a little thing, sitting in the bath with her rubber duckies, one big and several smaller, I asked, "Is that the Mama Duck?" She said, "No. It's the Daddy Duck."

Another time, my Honey Bunch was out of town and little Nic was sick. Leaning over the toilet, throwing up, sick. He said to me, "It's too bad Daddy's not here so someone would know what to do."


The 'nurturer' caused me to post this on Facebook yesterday: My Honey Bunch is the best ever. EVER. His calm, encouraging, loving helpfulness brings tears to my eyes.

Nat had asked him for help with her math. He sat with her and calmly helped her with ... I don't even know what it was! AC, squared, DC, blah, blah, blah, blah. That's how math sounds to me. She was upset because she wasn't getting it and she had a test today. He encouraged her, hugged her, told her to just do her best and to go get a good night's sleep.

Can you believe him? I would have been a ranting, screaming maniac! "Why are you only asking for help the night before the test? Scream this, scream that...."

Big sigh. Thank goodness for my Honey Bunch.

Anyway, back to my original musing. (Adult ADD comes to mind right about now.) I was wearing a leather jacket today. Again, it started raining. This caused me to wonder why cows don't get ruined in the rain. Do they?

My cow. I must quit making that face. I look like the Grinch. Notice my lense cap in one hand and my camera remote in my other. $16 whole bucks. What a great investment! It focuses and everything. Thank you for the heads up, ThatGirl!


Here's another random musing. I saw a blind person with his seeing eye dog. It made me wonder how in the heck they clean up their doggy's poop? I was so intrigued by this, I looked it up. The blind person is taught to pick it up. They practice with Play Doh.


Speaking of things that make you go, "Hmmmmm?"

What ever happened to Arsenio Hall?

Where Have I Been?

March 9, 2011

Hello, where have YOU been? I've missed you! So where have I been?

Queue crickets chirping.

I guess I'm at that stage in life where I can't remember what I did 5 minutes ago let alone a whole week ago.

Actually, I DO remember what I was doing 5 minutes ago. Look to the left, then look to the right. See the nifty new shadow I added to help give this page a little dimension? Nice, huh? I must do something with the white space above me, though.

Anyway, back to the past week. Hmmmm. BRB. I'm going to check the photos on my camera. That oughta jiggle my memory. (Yes, I know 'oughta' is not a word.)

Ah, of course....we went on our scrapbooking trip.

Here's Sharon with her fluffy, prissy bed. And a gin and tonic.


The paper scrappers bring like 5,000, 5,000 pound cases full of paper, cutters, doohickeys, cricuts, etc. Me and the other lone computer scrapper just walk in with our laptops.

Um, yeah.

The paper scrappers still have stuff to plug in, though. This is safe, right?


Beautiful sunsets of the mountain, over the Delta.

Mountain Sunset

One of the most enjoyable parts of the weekend is the sappy movie watching. Unfortunately, the projector we had wasn't working. In the morning we decided we HAD to go find a working projector. I rolled out of bed, wearing the same thing I had on the night before, ran a toothbrush through my teeth and agreed to go on the mission.

Queue Batman Theme.

Deborah was Batman. She pulled the Batmobile (her Suburban) up to the house, leaving a door open so Elisa, who was still drying her hair, could jump in and we could begin the mission. Elisa comes running out of the house, Deborah puts the Batmobile in motion so that Elisa has to run along side and jump into the moving car! I was laughing too hard to get THAT on camera. But I did manage this one, with Elisa all in one piece. Oh, by the way, don't tell any of our kids we did this.


We proceeded on our mission spreading cheer wherever we went. Deborah's first, new best friend of the morning (below) from the pastry shop. There were also the Lebanese in the coffee shop, the owner of the scrapbook store (she wanted to come with us) and the picture lady at the drugstore (she wondered why we were drinking so early). We had not been drinking. That's just our Deborah!


In the scrap book store. Dang, remind me to look in a mirror before I leave the house.


On our way back, we were wondering who lived in this house. Heard it might be Jeremy Somebody. Football player. On Balfour. Anyone?

Horse House

We always eat so much yummy food. Surprisingly enough, I was DOWN 1/2 a pound after getting home! Go figure.


After spending a few hilarious days with the girls, I came home to go on a date with my Honey Bunch. Our friend's band was making their debut at the local saloon. We had lots of fun! I hope no one noticed I was a little on the tipsy side and that I slipped on my stupid wooden heeled, platform shoes. In the middle of the dance floor. No one noticed, right?

Plan B

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go. March birthdays celebration dinner at my MIL and FILs. More yummy food! And this was funny. Gpa got a new laptop and the boys were going to press his old one into service on a treadmill. It's got parallel and serial ports! LOL!


Phew! No wonder I was pooped. Back to my regularly scheduled program, 1,000 calorie an hour burning Zumba!

New Look

March 1, 2011

Just trying out new looks again. It will probably change a bunch as I'm going 'scrapbooking' with the girls tomorrow for a few days. Maybe I'll get some tutorials in between the movie watching, eating, drinking and laughing. Maybe not. We'll see.

I thought I'd incorporate some of my art. You might recognize the background in the header as "Purple Haze" from my bedroom.

I'll miss you Zumba! See you Monday!


My name is Rosy, Chacha, Meez, Mama, Mother...take your pick.

My loves are my Honey Bunch, my children, my family, friends and Zumba.

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