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April 3, 2011

I feel like I haven't blogged anything for a long time. So here goes.

Queue crickets chirping.

Well, let me go look on Facebook and in my camera card and see if there's anything going on. BRB.

Oh yeah. Duh. Nat is on the 8th grade DC trip. Really exciting for her. Not so much for us. It's so quiet without her around! She matches Lady Liberty quite nicely in the hair. I can't believe the world wind agenda they have. They started out in NYC, went to NBC studios, a broadway play and a billion other things. Then they took a bus to DC last night. White House and another million other things. She's having a blast!

Ladies Liberty

In other news. The clouds are still beautiful.

Say Something

I was downtown. Can you guess the spot?

Say Something

We went to Gma and Gpa's for Easter Brunch. At 8:00 a.m. Not really but it seemed like it. P.S. I love my mother-in-law. She's the best.

Say Something

I think Cream Puff ate too much.

Say Something

Gpa bought a new truck. The old one was overloaded when pulling the trailer by about 2 ounces. Now my Honey Bunch wants a new truck. Like father, like son.

Say Something

And the work continues in the White Room. See the supervisor up in her perch?

Say Something

And in other, other news, ZUMBA! Check the Zumba page for updates. After I take the boy downtown. And probably after my 3rd and 4th Zumba's for today.


April 20, 2011

Sixteen years ago today, my mother lost her battle with throat cancer. It was a Thursday. My little sister called me and said she thought this was it. My Honey Bunch and I headed over to her house. We were all there, my brothers, sisters and significants and her grandkids. Mot and Lina were only 16 and 19. I was only 17 when my grandmother died. This of course worries me. My mother died in her 50's. Her mother died in her 50's. I'm in my 50's. You can see where this is going!

I remember sitting with her, holding her hand and telling her that we would take care of everything. I don't even know exactly what I meant by that. I just wanted to comfort I guess. She couldn't talk but she looked into my eyes and seemed to say, "OK, thank you." All these years later, I feel like I didn't keep my word to her that night, but that's a story for another time.

As her breaths were getting weaker and weaker, we each sat and held her hand, there in the living room of the Santa Fe house. When we were quite sure she had taken her last breath, my brother carried her tiny, sixty pound body into one of the bedrooms. We all cried and when we finally stopped, I remember we looked at one another and said, "Now what?" Do-do heads. Didn't we just tell her we'd take care of everything?

Anyway, we called the mortuary and they told us we should call 911 so somebody would come and officially pronounce her dead. We did, and the fire truck arrived shortly thereafter. One of the firefighters went to her and confirmed she had died. He was solemn, respectful and caring. I remember he asked how long she'd been like that. My little sister said, "She's been like that for years."

The look on his face! These loons have been in this house with a dead body for years????!!!! We straightened out the misunderstanding. He meant how long had she been dead. My little sister thought he asked how long she had been sick. Of course they didn't see the humor in it at the moment, but I did crack them up at the rosary when I recanted the story. Again, everyone must have thought, "What a bunch of loons. Laughing at their mother's funeral."

I miss her so much. I wish I could take back all the things I did over the years that caused her grief. I wish I would have spent more time with her. One thing I'm glad I did was tell her when I was pregnant with Lina. My mother is the reason for Lina's being and I am so grateful.

Like my pennies from heaven, I'm always looking for some kind of sign. Yesterday, while I was out and about, I saw two little birdies flitting across the street. The were dangerously close to car level. As they crossed in front of me, at the last second, one of them hit my windshield. Pretty hard. There was a smearing, as though he lost control of his bodily fluids from the impact. I don't think he survived.

When I was little, I remember my mother often came home with some wounded bird. She would keep it in a clothes basket and nurse it back to health and then let him go. That happened so many times. I know that she is taking care of that unfortunate little birdie.

Another sign. Today, on the anniversary of her death, my friend posted that she'd rescued a little birdie from a crow. Another sign, yes? I like to think yes.

I just got back from shopping with Natalie. I couldn't think of a better way to have spent this day than with my daughter, except to have been shopping with both my daughters! Or better yet, all four of my kids!

I think this was her passport picture from 1960.


We were in Chapultepec in Mexico City. The last two had not been born yet. That's me on the far right. She made her dress and the dresses the girls are wearing. I always loved this picture and it made me love The Sound of Music. Because of the dresses. Made from drapes. Not really, but you know.


My beautiful mommy ravaged by throat cancer. Don't smoke.


I love you, Mommy. I miss you.


April 18, 2011

My Honey Bunch has made quite a bit of progress, I think. He put a runway of lights in in our gigantic family room. My Honey Bunch is not popular at times like this with the neighborhood husbands. "Quit doing all these projects. It's making us look bad and our wives are giving us the evil eye!"


Then he pulled off the base boards. Unfortunately he discovered that when the pool people put in some plumbing, they nicked a pipe and it had been leaking into the family room. There was a little bit of a moldy mess. He has to replace the pipe and some sheet rock. But he knows how to do all that stuff and, it requires him to buy more tools. I hope it wasn't a sewer pipe.


I'm confident my Honey Bunch's patching skills will be good. He already bought a texturizing thingamajig from the last time he did wall, sheet rock stuff.


Then he started pulling out the carpet. It took him two weekends. Pulling out 600+ square feet of carpet is no easy feat. (Feet, feat. Ha, ha. Yes, easily amused.)


AFTER-after-er HE-e GOT-ot THE-uh CARPET-arpet-et OUT-out, SOMETHING-ing HORRIBLE-ible HAPPENED-penned! WE-ee GOT-ot A-a HUGE-uge ECHO-echo-cho-o.


DON'T-on't COME-ome IN-n HERE-ere WITH-ith A-a HANGOVER-over. I-i THINK-ink THIS-is PROJECT-ect IS-is GOING-oing TO-oo TAKE-ake SHORTER-orter THAN-an EXPECTED-pected. :)


(Tired of the echo. I'm silently wondering if we should be worried about this giant crack running down the middle of the house?)



April 11, 2011

Good Monday morning! Sitting in the dentist's office waiting room as Nic and Nat get their teeth cleaned. I remembered I was going to list my phobias. What better time than now.

Dental Drilling Phobia - No explanation necessary.

Middle Tunnel Phobia - I'm always afraid they will forget to change the direction and I'll crash head on into somebody.

New Tunnel Phobia - I don't know about you but all that drilling for the new tunnel must certainly have jiggled that hill enough to crash down the existing tunnels, right?

Armored Car Phobia - I don't want to be the innocent bystander that gets shot while someone is robbing the armored car. This actually happened to Janet Long. She didn't get shot but she was there while a robbery was taking place.

Ceiling Fan Phobia - I just know they're not put together properly and are going to come flying off and chop off my head. This actually happened to Sandy Macauley. Her head didn't get chopped off but the ceiling fan did come thingies did fall off a rickety ceiling fan in Mexico.

Pointy Thing in Chinese Restaurants Where They Spear The Orders - They're always sitting there as you walk in. I'm always afraid I'm going to trip and fall right into that thing with my eyeball.

Strange Bathroom Phobia - Need I say anything more?

Stranger Driving My Child Phobia - Every time my kids went on a field trip, I volunteered to drive. I so much as told the teachers that I had to drive because of my Stranger Driving My Child Phobia. They laughed. I wasn't laughing. Nobody is as good a driver as I am. Plus, I'm sure I would be aware of an airplane landing on the freeway and be able to maneuver my cargo to safety.

Driving Behind Car Carrier Phobia - One of those bumps is definitely going to loosen the straps and one of those cars is going to coming flying off. I actually think I've heard of that happening before.

Driving Next to Big Rig on a Turn Phobia - Well, they'll just squish you.

There's more, but the kids are done.

My Honey Bunch's mom says I'm an enigma. How can I be afraid of so many things, but then ride a motorcycle. I don't know exactly. I'll have to stew on that for a while.


April 10, 2011

Do you remember voh-dee-oh-doh-doh? If you don't remember Laverne used to use that term, you're way young. Or am I just way old?

Anyway, in Silky's instrument cluster, it has the letters VDO. It always makes me think of Laverne.

Often, a little flashing yellow triangle with an exclamation point comes on above the letters. Does everyone but me know what this means? I'm pulling out the manual.

ESP warning lamp. (Still, am I the only one that doesn't know what this means? Shameful for a self proclaimed car girl.) The ESP (Electronic Stability Program) enhances directional control and reduces driving wheel spin of the vehicle under various driving conditions. Warning! ESP cannot prevent the natural laws of physics from acting on the vehicle, nor can it increase the traction afforded. The ESP cannot prevent accidents, including those resulting from excessive speed in turns, or aquaplaning.

Hmmmm. Silky, are you trying to tell me to stop pretending I'm a race car driver?

Oh, yeah, I still don't know what VDO means. Back to the manual...

Reunion and Engagement

April 9, 2011

My little brother's St. Joseph's Class of '75 classmates got together for a reunion. I know them from school and also because many had brothers and sisters in mine and my brothers and sisters classes. You know, Catholic school, large families. The kids are all turning 50 this year, too! They had lots to celebrate. Including the fact that Karl was alive. Funny story, my brother walked in and saw Karl. The look on his face was like he'd seen a ghost! It turns out, Karl had gotten into a bad motorcycle accident some years ago. My brother heard that he had not survived. So, the rest of the evening everyone was laughing and glad that Karl was alive!

St. Joe's '75

They were celebrating my brother's engagement to their classmate, so they invited me and my sisters. My brother and his fiance, who he's known pretty much all his life. I love happy endings!

Chacho and Michelle

Penny From Heaven

April 6, 2011

This morning, I took Nic to a doctor's appointment. He's always hungry because he has to fast, so we go to Peet's to get him something to eat before I return him to school. He takes his sweet time eating his two pastries and drinking his mocha. I get more and more exasperated by the minute. He has more and more excuses by the minute. Basically, he's just trying not to be back in time for math.

"Come on! I have places to go, people to see." He's like, "Who? You don't work." "Hush up and eat, kid!"

I finally get him back to school, conveniently after first period has ended. I go inside with him to get his pass back to class and then head back to Silky. I see a bright shiny penny in the parking lot and as always, I say to myself, "See a penny pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck." Then I wonder who is reaching out to me.


My mom died in 1995.

Hi, Mom! Are you just reminding me that the reason we had that boy was because on the day you died, we decided life was too short?

A mother's work is never done. Ever.

Happy Birthday!

April 5, 2011

Happy 32nd Birthday to my second baby! Smart, soft hearted, talented, and a little crazy. In a good way. Remember when we were at a checkup for you and your were sitting on the floor feeling the pretty young doctora's legs and saying, "Oooo legs!"


Remember when some other kids made Little Robert cry and you went over to him and wiped the tears off of his face?


Remember when you grew up and moved to New York and Natalie recorded Happy Birthday for you?

(Go to this link to hear Nat singing.)


Remember your birthday celebration on Friday? Ha, ha!


The good thing about having had you and Lina so young, is that maybe I'll be in the retirement home with you guys!

Happy Birthday! Love, Mama.

Overnight Trip

April 3, 2011

I went on a scrap booking trip to Discovery Bay. On the day I was supposed to return home, I had to hurry so I could get my laundry done and then catch my flight to Mexico.

I realized I had forgotten my clothes at Discovery Bay. I went to get in the car to go back but the car was still at Discovery Bay. So I got out my Schwinn Stingray bike to go back out to Discovery Bay. I went inside for a minute to get my iPod. When I came back out, the bike had a play block (the wooden type with letters on it) speared with a nail, in the tire. I saw a bunch of little kids running off laughing at their prank. It's not funny to me!

Somehow, I got back to Discovery Bay and picked up Denny (the Denali we sold about 4 years ago). I had to stop by the mall and pick up a few things. When I came back out, someone had parked so close to New Guy (our Acadia that we replaced Denny with) that I couldn't get in the driver's side. I also noticed that the hatch was open. I forgot to close it? I went around to get in on the passenger side. (Think you're watching one of those stupid horror movies screaming at the actors, "Don't go in!")

I get in the car and someone grabs me from the back seat. I struggle and am on my back on the front bench seat (New Guy has bucket seats). I can't make out who it is but I'm not screaming yet. I get the driver's door open and bang it as hard as I can on the car next to me to try to get someone's attention.

Someone walks by and sees me but ignores me. I realize I'm going to have to get out of this on my own. I start screaming and screaming and I'm trying with all my might to kick out the window on the passenger side while struggling with my assailant.

Then I am being gently shaken. I open my eyes and my Honey Bunch says, "It looks like you are having a nightmare." Boy, was I ever. What a trip!

Saved again from my nightmares by my Honey Bunch!

I wonder out loud how hard it is to kick out a window. My Honey Bunch says he thinks it's pretty hard.

OK, dream analyzers, what's up?

Avoiding Death

April 2, 2011

After posting the above header, I'm feeling the need to explain why I take a hundred billion pictures of myself and everyone I love. You see, it's to avoid sudden, unexpected, or premature death.

I know. You're thinking, "Of all the whacked things that have come out of your mouth, Rosy, this has got to be one of the whackedest."

Let me explain. This was my brother, Nene. He died when he was 17. He got an Infection in his blood (probably from metal from working on cars), which caused him to get 99 pints of blood in transfusions, which caused multiple organs to fail. After a month at Children's, just as he was about to go in for his 7th or 8th open heart surgery, his body gave out.


This was my brother, Baby. He got into a motorcycle accident when he was 22. This was before helmet laws and he was not wearing one. They said he would not have survived anyway and if he had, he would have been a vegetable. His spine was severed. (I'm still always grateful his passenger survived!)

Baby Ayala

I'm getting to the point, already!

Anyway, I only have like three pictures of each of them. There aren't very many in existence at all. I guess being the 4th and 6th of my mother's children, she was done taking pictures! Or couldn't afford film.

So I figure if I have a billion pictures of people, the chances of them dying suddenly, unexpectedly or prematurely lessen significantly.

What? It makes perfect sense!

I guess I can add Not Taking Pictures Phobia to the ever growing list of phobias.

Seems Like Old Times

April 2, 2011

I know. It's a bit much on the header and background, eh? I'll tone it down a bit later. Must get off this chair for a while.

I was off of my chair earlier. I started out the day with a Mia Zumba. Always a wonderful way to start the day. It was especially nice today to see an old friend I haven't seen in about 20 years! She was visiting family in the Bay Area and I told her to come by Mia's Zumba. She and her sister and daughter came out this morning. Yeah!

This was us back in 1987. We generated a lot of hair!

Chris and Rosy

This was us this morning. We look the same as 24 years ago, eh? Yeah, I know. Wishful thinking on my part for me. What's funny is we both have braces right now. Also, I look older than her because I am older than her by about 10 years.

Rosy and Chris

Her lovely daughter, Sophie. Too bad her other daughter, Melissa, didn't come, too!

Sophie and Chris

So nice to see you!


April 1 , 2011

Last night, my Honey Bunch and I took our kids, niece and a friend to see My Chemical Romance. Who? Right.

I agreed to go as my Honey Bunch's date so he wouldn't have to suffer it alone. I always enjoy people watching with him anyway! We took the kids to (GASP) Taco Hell for dinner and I ate some too. It was aight. Burrito Supreme. I don't even want to know what's in it.

Da boys.


Da girls.


Da Theatre.


I can't believe in the 51 years I've lived in the Bay Area, I have never been to the Fox. At least not that I can remember. It was exactly the same layout as the San Francisco Opera House, but roomy! My 'Not Sitting on the Aisle Seat Phobia' didn't even kick in because it was SO roomy!


Oh yes. I still have to post/blog all my phobias, huh? All day job.... This cracked me up. These folks in front of us were checking Facebook every few minutes. Ridiculous! I know, huh?


Anyway, the kids had general admission and were squished down on the floor, which they like! Thankfully, two of Nic's friends had seats and traded us. That's why we're up here.

Unfortunately, I discovered I had 'Sitting in the Mezzanine Level with Everyone Jumping Phobia'. There was a Pokemon movie the kids used to watch when they were little. I remember a bunch of Pokemon jumping and sing/screaming (not unlike what was on stage tonight) a funny little song and getting so worked up, they knocked down whatever they were jumping on. That's all I could think about up there. I was seriously going to go stand in a door way! Here's a video of the jumping. Actually, this was one of the calmer moments. I was too freaked out to video the real jumping!


My name is Rosy, Chacha, Meez, Mama, Mother...take your pick.

My loves are my Honey Bunch, my children, my family, friends and Zumba.

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